12 Best Outdoor Furniture Covers for 2022

Last Updated on August 5, 2022

If you want your patio furniture setup to keep its stunning appearance for years to come, investing in the proper outdoor furniture covers is an absolute necessity!

Far from being a convenience just to keep the rain off of material that’s not waterproof, a really great outdoor furniture cover will help maintain the quality, color, and texture of all your outdoor furniture. After investing in a great furniture set, it’s in your best interest to get your money’s worth out of that furniture by investing in outdoor furniture covers, too.

For today’s guide, we tested and considered the top brands in outdoor furniture covers available today — all to bring you our insider’s scoop on getting the best outdoor furniture covers for the money. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to get the best value covers for all your patio furniture.

So when you’re ready to protect your patio furniture investment, let’s get started!

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Our Top Choice

Amazon Basics
  • Accommodates 3-seater sofa
  • Made of woven polyester fabric with a laminated PVC undercoating
  • Weatherproof and resistant undercoating
  • Locking clips are a great bonus




Amazon Basics 3-Seater Deep Lounge Sofa Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

Amazon Basics 3-Seater Deep Lounge Sofa Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover


  • Works great on big modular seating patio sets.
  • Heavy and sturdy.
  • Stands up to extreme heat and rain.
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Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof Patio Sofa Cover

Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof Patio Sofa Cover


  • Totally rainproof and windproof.
  • Heavy duty construction and material.
  • Stylish and good looking.
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Classic Accessories Veranda Patio Table And Chair Set Cover

Classic Accessories Veranda Patio Table And Chair Set Cover


  • Great protection for patio furniture.
  • Very nice quality and design.
  • Very large and versatile.
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chair protection

How to Choose the Right One?

The necessary first step in choosing the best outdoor furniture cover may be almost too easy to figure out: You’ll need to know what furniture are you covering? Because outdoor furniture setups come in a variety of shapes and sizes, your covers will, too. At the same time, make sure that it will compliment your other outdoor furnishing like rugs and curtains.

As far as quality of outdoor furniture covers goes, though, keep these three things in mind while you shop:


All of the products we tested were made of either durable, long-lasting synthetic materials, or natural fabrics with a specially-treated exterior. While natural fabrics may have a softer, more elegant appearance, we generally recommend going for the rugged toughness of polyester covers.


The last thing you want from an outdoor furniture cover is to be worrying about where it is in a storm. But if you don’t get a cover that’s sufficiently heavy, any strong wind might lift your cover off and ruin your furniture. So, whenever you’re choosing outdoor furniture covers, the heavier the better!


Are you looking for one cover that can take care of your entire patio set, or individual covers for each piece? Both options have their pros and cons

One large cover will generally cost less, but can allow for condensation and mildew over time. Plus, wind gusts are more likely to be able to use it like a sail and knock furniture over.

Individual covers will cost you more overall, but offer a greater degree of protection from the elements and are unlikely to come off in the wind.

12 Best Outdoor Furniture Covers Reviews This 2022

1. Best Overall Outdoor Furniture Cover – Amazon Basics 3-Seater Deep Lounge Sofa Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

Amazon Basics

Why you’ll love this:

No patio is complete without a comfortable sofa — and no outdoor sofa should go without a durable sofa cover. In this case, Amazon Basics has come up with a perfectly rugged cover for 2- or 3-seat sofas at an absolute steal of a price! If your sofa measures under 78” long, this should be your first choice for a cover.

Woven polyester fabric is laminated with a polyvinyl coating to weatherproof this admittedly light cover. Thankfully, easily adjustable straps keep it from having problems because of its light weight, and interlocking seams add to its strength and durability. For the price, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better sofa cover.


  • Fantastic price
  • Durable polyester construction with reinforced seams
  • Weatherproofing keeps water off of your sofa
  • Adjustable straps make for a custom fit


  • Waterproofing degrades quickly
  • On the small side
  • Fabric is not very heavy

2. Runner Up – Duck Covers Ultimate Patio Sofa Cover


Why you’ll love this:

While the Amazon Basics sofa cover listed above will do the job for most sofas, all at a steal of a price, we absolutely love the Duck Covers Ultimate Patio Sofa Cover as an upgrade. Available to fit sofas up to 104 inches long, you’ll never worry about whether your patio sofa is safe and sound as long as it has a Duck Cover over it.

The fabric on every Duck Cover is completely waterproofed, and a seam sealing tape means there won’t be a hint of moisture on your sofa. The addition of a UV-resistant coating keeps your cover looking like new for longer. Add that in to an excellent custom fitting system and generous two-year warranty, and it’s easy to see why this cover makes a great upgrade for your sofa.

Weighing in at nearly 6 pounds, it has all the heft and durability that you could want in a sofa cover. If you have the extra money in your budget, definitely consider upgrading to the Duck Cover from the Amazon Basics listed above.


  • Huge coverage area can fit any sofa
  • Completely waterproof
  • Highly resistant to fading
  • Well-designed custom fitting system is simple and easy to use
  • Two-year warranty ensures it’s a good investment


  • More expensive than most sofa covers
  • Does not entirely cover legs/wheels

3. Best Extra Large Combo – Classic Accessories Veranda Patio Table And Chair Set Cover

Classic Accessories Veranda Patio Table And Chair Set

Why you’ll love this:

If you’re looking for just one patio cover that can take care of everything you own, this extra large combo cover from Classic Accessories is the perfect choice. Featuring a heavyweight Gardelle fabric and water-repellent and resistant undercoating, it’s incredibly durable and able to protect all of your patio furniture from whatever the elements might throw at it!

Air vents are a key feature that contribute to the Classic Accessories cover becoming our #3 pick. This prevents any unwanted flyaway during stormy weather, where other patio covers might fail to protect your furniture. Click-close straps and elastic adjustment cables allow you to customize the fit for any furniture that’s on your patio.


  • Large enough to fit an entire patio’s worth of furniture
  • Excellent durability from synthetic fabric
  • Fully water repellent, inside and outside
  • Customizable fit for any amount of furniture


  • Water can pool in the center during heavy storms

4. Best Stackable Chair Cover – Classic Accessories Veranda Stackable Chair Cover

Classic Accessories Veranda Stackable Chair

Why you’ll love this:

Stackable chairs are a standby for patio furniture setups, but finding a cover to accommodate them can be quite tricky! That’s why we love the Classic Accessories stackable chair cover. No other chair cover we reviewed offered the same combination of durability and ease of use, making it an easy and affordable choice for any home.

Designed with water-repelling PVC undercoating on a synthetic fabric material, these chair covers will easily keep water off of your furniture. Able to fit a stack of up to 6 chairs, they’re also equipped with air vents to prevent lifting during high winds. Overall, they’re a fantastic choice for anyone with a simple patio setup.


  • Large enough to fit an entire set of outdoor chairs
  • Double layers of waterproofing ensure no leaks
  • Air vents prevent blowing off in storms
  • Elastic cord secures chairs with a custom fit


  • Water can pool on the top during heavy storms

5. Best Value – Classic Accessories Veranda Patio Umbrella Cover

Classic Accessories Veranda Patio Umbrella

Why you’ll love this:

Your patio umbrella covers your patio — but have you ever thought that it might need a cover, too? If you want to keep all of your patio furniture looking its best year after year, an umbrella cover is essential in preventing the sun fade that damages most patio umbrellas.

Made of durable synthetic fabric, the Classic Accessories patio umbrella cover is coated with a water repellent material both inside and out. Customizable sizing features help it fit your specific umbrella perfectly, and air vents prevent unwanted problems during high winds.


  • Fits all common sizes of patio umbrellas
  • Protects from sun, wind, and water damage
  • Air vents prevent being blown off in storms
  • Customizable fit with elastic hem cord and easy to use straps


  • Only for umbrellas

6. ULTCOVER Rectangular Patio Heavy Duty Table Cover


Why you’ll love this:

Big enough to cover almost any patio table and chairs, heavy enough to weather any storm, and made of durable polyester canvas, this pick is serviceable in every area. ULTCOVER really has done an amazing job with this heavy duty outdoor furniture cover, a perfect complement to any patio furniture setup.

By incorporating structured air vents on the side of their cover, Ultcover took care of the most common complaint with large furniture covers: Blowing away in heavy winds. The vents let enough air through that the cover will stay firmly in place during even heavy winds and storms.

Though the 600D weight polyester canvas would be plenty to ensure the durability of this particular cover, it also comes with a fantastic 3-year warranty. With a 100% coverage, waterproof and breathable design, it’s an excellent option for almost any patio.


  • Big enough to cover even very large furniture sets
  • Completely waterproof, but breathable enough to prevent mildew
  • Super heavy, durable canvas construction
  • Air vents keep it from blowing away in high winds
  • Fantastic 3-year warranty


  • Not a great fit for circular tables
  • Significant investment

7. Best For Round Tables – F&J Outdoors Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover


Why you’ll love this:

Boasting a huge 110 inch diameter, this circular patio table cover can easily fit 4-8 chairs under it as well. Its heavyweight fabric is coated with waterproofing and UV resistant materials, giving it great resistance to tearing and fading.

By incorporating an elastic tightener and 4 adjustable buckles, this furniture cover from F&J Outdoors can be customized to suit any size of round table. Two handles make it easy to position and carry, as well!

Overall, F&J Outdoors Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover is an excellent option for covering any round patio table and chairs while on a budget.


  • Can be customized to fit any round patio table and chairs
  • Heavy fabric and secure fit make it safe during high winds
  • Waterproof and fade resistant for long life
  • Easy to move and set up


  • Only fits round tables
  • Waterproofing and fade resistance diminishes after about a year

8. Best Sectional Cover – Classic Accessories Veranda V-Shaped Sectional Sofa Cover

Classic Accessories Veranda V-Shaped Sectional

Why you’ll love this:

Sectional sofas are both one of the most versatile pieces of patio furniture you can choose, and one of the most difficult to find coverings for. Classic Accessories is our preferred choice for the ever-popular outdoor sectional, as it comes in four customizable sizes.

With its tight weave, durable stitching, and waterproof coating, at first glance you might be able to mistake this fabric for a synthetic. In fact, it’s just a well-protected natural fiber cover — one of the best we’ve found. Click-close straps snap around legs to secure the cover on even the windiest of days, and an elastic cord lets you fine-tune the fit to your specific sofa.

We love the addition of air vents, both to reduce condensation and to prevent getting caught by gusts of wind. In short, it’s the cover of choice for your furniture and outdoor sectional.


  • Customizable size options make it a great fit for any sectional
  • Durable, heavyweight construction
  • Air vents reduce condensation and prevent wind lofting
  • Weatherproof coating keeps it looking great for years to come


  • On the expensive side
  • Only fits sectionals

9. Best Loveseat Cover – Vailge Heavy Duty Patio Bench Loveseat Cover

Vailge Heavy Duty Patio Bench Loveseat

Why you’ll love this:

Loveseats fall into the middle ground between a sofa and a chair. So should you buy a sofa cover or a chair cover for your outdoor loveseat? Answer: Neither! Go for this specially-designed loveseat cover, and ensure a perfect fit that will keep sun and rain off of your loveseat at all times.

The heavyweight 600D Oxford fabric has been double waterproofed in this excellent cover from Vailge; once on the outside, and once on the inside. This means that even the seams have been waterproofed, and makes it ideal for very humid or rainy climates.

But this complete waterproofing is also backed up by two air vents — making both for great circulation to prevent mold and mildew, as well as negating any chances of wind gusts taking it off of your furniture. Customize the fit with easily adjustable cord locks, and your loveseat will be safe and sound even in the worst of weather.


  • Perfectly sized for loveseats, benches, and small sofas
  • Heavy and durable fabric and seams
  • Completely waterproof, inside and out
  • Vents prevent mildew and gusting winds from causing problems
  • Easy to adjust for a custom fit


  • On the expensive side
  • Does not cover legs or wheels

10. Best for Chair Cover – Vailge Patio Chair Covers

Vailge Patio Chair

Why you’ll love this:

The same company that made our absolute favorite loveseat cover has done it again with their patio chair covers! Yes, Vailge has included many of the same features that made the previous product so outstanding into this 2-pack for covering patio chairs, too.

Heavy Oxford fabric has been thoroughly waterproofed both inside and out, as well as treated with a UV stabilizing solution to prevent sun fading. Big, padded handles make each cover easy to put on and take off, and quick-adjust cord closures let you customize the perfect fit.

Add air vents to the whole thing to reduce moisture and wind gust problems, and you have our absolute favorite patio chair cover from Vailge. The only catch? They’re somewhat pricey for chair covers — so our next item will give you a budget option, if you need.


  • Super heavyweight and durable fabric
  • Double waterproofed for maximum protection
  • Easy to customize fit with cord lock closures
  • Big padded handles make transport a breeze
  • Air vents reduce moisture and problems with wind gusts


  • On the expensive side
  • Does not cover legs or wheels

11. Modern Leisure Basics Outdoor Patio Chair Cover

Modern Leisure Basics

Why you’ll love this:

If you’re only just starting to get your outdoor furniture situation set up, chances are you’ll want to at least put out a few chairs to sit and enjoy the warmer weather. While you may not have the budget for other furniture yet, making an investment in simple chair covers like these from Modern Leisure will help keep your chairs looking their best through this year and beyond.

Covering chairs up to 34”x27”x31”, these weatherproof and water resistant covers aren’t much to look at — but you can’t beat their price. Tie closures allow you to customize the fit for each chair, helping the covers to stay on during particularly gusty weather. They’re UV-resistant as well, helping to keep your chairs from fading in the sun.

Overall, they lack a lot of the heavy weight and strong stitching of many other patio furniture covers in this list — but are no less useful for it. An excellent option to cover your patio chairs cheaply and quickly.


  • Very small investment to protect your chairs
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant to keep your furniture in great condition
  • Adjustable ties help the cover stay on in bad weather
  • Easy to clean; just use a damp cloth


  • Lightweight
  • Seams could be more durable
  • Custom fit loosens easily

12. Audew Patio Furniture Covers Extra Large Patio Table Cover


Why you’ll love this:

Designed in a very similar style as the previous pick, but at a fraction of the cost, this extra large outdoor furniture cover from Audew is an excellent value for anyone looking to protect their patio furniture quickly and cheaply. This means that all parts of the furniture: the cushions, the leather, the interior wooden frame, and even the pillows are protected. It may lack some of the features that more expensive models do, but it’s a serviceable cover for anyone on a tight budget.

Measuring in at 90.5”x64.5”x28.5”, this huge cover is large enough to fit a table and 6-8 standard patio chairs. Coated with a waterproof interior, it’s also UV-resistant and provides complete coverage for all of your furniture. Clasps and elastic cinches ensure a tight fit, but can cause problems during high winds.

With a 36-month guarantee at this price, you can definitely afford to try this one out and see if it suits your needs.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Great coverage area
  • Durable waterproof coating
  • Tight buckling system with custom adjustments
  • Impressive 3-year warranty


  • Lighter than many covers in our review
  • No air vents to prevent wind problems


Amazon Basics

After thoroughly examining all of the outdoor furniture covers available today, we’re confident in our choice of the Amazon Basics 3-Seater Deep Lounge Sofa Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover as the best for most buyers. If you need a more customized size or a bargain price, take a look through the other reviews for covers specific to your needs.

Thank you for reading today! In this article, you learned everything you need to know to pick out the best, longest-lasting outdoor furniture cover, and why it’s a great investment for the life of your patio furniture. Good luck with all of your summertime fun on the patio! In case you need something for your grill, here’s the list of the grill covers that are available today.