9 Best Outdoor TVs For Entertainment Use

Last Updated on April 12, 2022

A great way to maximize your outdoor living space is by adding an outdoor television.

If you love entertaining in your backyard or on your patio, you’ve probably considered a television for your outdoor entertaining space. With more and more people turning their backyards into relaxing and living spaces anytime of the year even during summertime, outdoor televisions are becoming more and more popular. 

They allow you to entertain guests, or spend more time outdoors, without giving up the luxuries of your living room.

Your standard TV isn’t made for use outside. If you are considering a TV for your patio or backyard, you need to carefully consider the product you hang in your outdoor living space. The same with other appliances that are built for outside use like outdoor misting fan, outdoor floor fan and more.

While they will cost you a bit more, we recommend that you invest in an outdoor TV, for your backyard entertainment. They come with features like low-glare screens, larger viewing angles, and watertight housings. They are built to be exposed to the elements, and will provide better performance, all around.

Our research has led us to the SunBriteTV Weatherproof Outdoor 65-Inch Veranda. This TV has amazing 4K picture quality, and is brighter than your standard indoor TV for better viewing in a variety of light levels. It is our pick for the best outdoor TV on the market.

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LG Alexa Built-in 55″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

LG Alexa Built-in 55″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV


  • Easy to mount with 200mm x 200mm VESA mounting Pattern
  • The 4K wide viewing angle keeps you captivated anywhere on patio
  • Compatible with all streaming services and AirPlay 2
  • Alexa is built-in
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Sony 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Sony 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV


  • Multiple ports for versatile connectivity
  • All of the Smart features you could ask for
  • Picture quality is noticeably more clear, colorful with deep blacks
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Our Top Choice

LG 55UM7300PUA Alexa Built-in 55inch
  • Comes with quad core processor
  • High quality image
  • It’s up to 50% brighter than indoor TVs

How to Choose the an Outdoor Television?

Keep in mind that although they do have specific features that make them functional and durable in outdoor living spaces, outdoor TVs are different than indoor TVs.

So, before you shop, here are the features that you’ll want to look for in an outdoor TV.

Water Resistant Vs. Waterproof 

Many people think that these two terms are the same, but they are actually very different. Waterproof TVs will be functional, even if they are completely submerged in water. 

Water resistant TVs can handle being wet, and probably will be fine with some heavy rain, but submerging them will result in irreparable damage.

Pick the option that you think will best fit your outdoor patio. If your TV is covered by a tent, roof or deck, water resistant may be fine. If it’s going to be out in the open, we strongly recommend waterproof.


Know your environment. Some TVs, even though they are considered outdoor specific, may not do well in certain weather or environmental conditions. Some will recommend different connectors to reduce corrosion or build-up of deposits in high humidity or salty environments.

Some TVs will only perform well under a particular range of temperatures. If you live in a colder climate, look for a TV that has an internal heater that will keep the inside of the TV warm and dry when it’s cold and snowy. 

Full Sunlight vs. Shaded vs. Partial-Shaded 

Lighting is another consideration that is important when you are looking for an outdoor TV. Sunlight can be hard on screens, and direct sunlight can make it challenging to see the picture. 

Outdoor TVs come with different light requirements that make viewing them in a variety of light levels better. We recommend to get the covers to help with too much sunlight.

Full sun, full shade and partial-shade TVs are meant to hang in the light level specified. Hanging a shade TV in the sun will result in difficulty viewing the picture. 

Before you buy, know exactly where you’re hanging your TV, and get the right light level, for best viewing.


Outdoor TVs, like indoor ones, come in a variety of sizes. Consider the space you have to hang the TV, the size of your entertaining area, and how many people will be watching. If your space is small, a 75” TV might be a bit much for your space. If you prefer a cinema like screen then an outdoor projector is the perfect alternative.

Picture Quality

Look for screens that are made from anti-reflective, high-tempered glass. This combination will result in a better quality picture than other options. This screen type will also be more durable, and provide better picture quality in the sun.

To further enhance the picture quality, make sure the TV you select has options for changing picture attributes like brightness, color and definition.


Outdoor TVs, beside the features that protect them from the elements, do have many of the same qualities as indoor TVs. 

Features to consider include: resolution, inputs and outputs, brightness, functionality with accessories, “smart’ options, antenna signals and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Top 9 Outdoor TVs Reviews for 2022

1.  Best Overall – LG Alexa Built-in 55″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

LG Alexa Built-in 55" 4K Ultra HD

Why you’ll love this:

The 55’ Smart LG UHD TV 4K is the perfect addition to any of your entertaining spaces. It comes complete with Full HD screen that gives a perfect picture in a variety of light conditions. 

This LG features quad core processing that adjusts the picture and sound with each scene. It is also Google and Alexa enabled, so you can skip the remote control and use your voice to control your TV.

The wide-angle screen provides good viewing from many directions, and the anti-glare screen allows you to easily see the picture, even on a sunny day.  This TV, however, is not outdoor specific, so you’ll need to purchase a weatherproof case for added protection.

What We Liked

  • The 4K wide viewing angle keeps you captivated anywhere on patio
  • Compatible with all streaming services and AirPlay 2
  • Alexa is built-in
  • Low price point

What We Didn’t Like

  • The lack of deep black levels makes it harder to watch at night
  • Not outdoor specific, protective frame needs to be purchased

2. Runner up – Sony 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Sony 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD

Why you’ll love this:

Sony is making some of the best picture quality TVs on the market. The Sony XBR65X900F is no exception. It has outstanding picture quality, with vibrant colors and deep blacks. With this TV you’ll experience a great picture in a variety of light levels. 

You’ll pay a bit more for this TV than others on our list, but the extra money is well spent thanks to Sony’s built in app store, and Google Assistant. It is a great looking TV as well, so it will fit in any décor, and will transition easily between your patio entertaining to your living room.

If you’re planning on keeping this TV outdoors year-round, make sure to purchase a weatherproof case for added protection from the elements.

What We Liked

  • Multiple ports for versatile connectivity
  • All of the Smart features you could ask for
  • Picture quality is noticeably more clear, colorful with deep blacks
  • Can add a quality sound bar seamlessly

What We Didn’t Like

  • More expensive than TVs with similar image quality
  • Voice control and Smart TV features can sometimes be slow to respond.
  • Not as wide angle as we like

3. Best Outdoor Television for Night Use – LG 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

LG 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED

Why you’ll love this:

If your outdoor entertaining goes late into the night, you’ll want your outdoor TV to have a great picture when the sun goes down. The LED OLED TV is the perfect answer.

The powerful LG processor in this TV adjusts the picture and sound for a variety of scenes and entertainment options, ranging from movies to sports. This TV is also a great option for moving your gaming console outside.

This great looking LG TV features Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for the best picture and sound you can buy on a television.

Again, just remember, unless you’re planning on taking down this TV when the weather is bad, make sure you also purchase a weatherproof case to provide good protection when the weather turns.

What We Liked

  • Actually decent sound
  • Comes in 3 sizes to fit the area
  • Image remains accurate when viewed from the side.
  • Delivers an amazing night time viewing performance

What We Didn’t Like

  • VESA 300mm x 200mm wall mount pattern might be an issue for some
  • Has the risk of permanent burn-in with static content

4. Best for Bright Settings – LG Nano 9 Series 65″ 4K Ultra HD

LG Nano 9 Series

Why you’ll love it:

The LG Nano series has one of the most real-life pictures on the market. This television, just cannot be beat with a 4K full HD, LED screen, and LG’s NanoCell™ technology makes an extra crisp picture and vivid colors. 

The LG Alpha7 processor chip also improves image quality from color to movement, giving you a great entertainment experience every time. 

This TV is perfect for your larger viewing area, like your backyard or pool-side. It has a wide viewing range, thanks to the IPS panel, so you’ll experience the outstanding LG picture, no matter where you’re sitting or standing.

This TV also comes with a ton of great apps, so you can quickly and easily connect to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or other streaming services for a variety of entertainment options. 

It also has ample inputs, so you can install your BluRay player, cable box and gaming console, with ease. One other fun feature this TV comes with is the LG Magic-Remote. Use voice commands through the remote to control your TV without ever hitting a button.

What we liked

  • Full array dimming feature works great for bright sunlight
  • Provides great color accuracy and shows a spectrum of rich colors
  • All of the Smart features of more expensive TV’s
  • Apple HomeKit included- with the app and Siri, easily control your TV using your iPhone, iPad or HomePod

What we didn’t like

  • Black levels and contrast are lacking
  • Built-in down-facing speakers not great sound
  • Some backlight bleed from bottom and side viewing angles

5. Best Large Outdoor TV – SunBriteTV Weatherproof Outdoor TV


Why you’ll love it:

Coming back to SunBrite seems logical for our favorite large size TV. Like the other SunBrite TVs that we’ve reviewed, this TV is made for the outdoors. 

This giant 75” TV comes fully encased in SunBrite’s weatherproof aluminum cover which fully protects your TV from the elements. This beast also features 4K full HDR viewing, so it is perfect for your covered patio, or deck.

 It has plenty of inputs, in it’s weatherproof media hub, for easy plug-and-play addition of accessories ranging from game consoles to soundbars. 

Sunbrite’s screen technology makes their TVs 50% brighter than others, so you know that they will be easy to see even when the sun is bright.

And because it comes fully encased in SunBrite’s powder coated aluminum case, this TV can handle sun, rain, snow, and even the worst summer bugs you can throw at it.

What we liked

  • It’s big, rugged and weatherproof
  • Excellent display with bright colors
  • Solidly built for outdoor abuse
  • Perfect, large TV for covered patio

What we didn’t like

  • It’s pricey and challenging to mount
  • Would have liked more inputs
  • Not good for any sunny areas

6. Best Weatherproof 4K TV – Séura Shade Ultra HD Outdoor TV

Séura Shade Ultra HD

Why you’ll love it:

This TV is truly made for the outdoors. The Séura Shade Series outdoor TV is ready for any weather you can throw at it, and provides a great 4K Ultra HD picture even in the coldest of temperatures. 

This TV will work great even when the winter snow is blowing and the temps have dropped below zero!

The Séura Shade Series outdoor TV has a great picture and comes with a 50W soundbar, for outstanding sound. It mounts easily to any surface, with standard mounting brackets, and also has mounting clips for installing the soundbar. 

You’ll also be pleased to know that this TV comes with a 2 year warranty, that just can’t be beat.

What we liked

  • 2 year warranty- best on the market
  • Sound bar is loud clear and easy to mount
  • Up to 60% brighter than indoor TVs
  • Easy installation

What we didn’t like

  • Could use a couple more USB inputs
  • Not a Smart TV

7. Best Partial Sun TV – SunBrite 55-Inch Outdoor Television

SunBrite 55-Inch

Why you’ll love it:

We end our product reviews with one last SunBrite TV. This 55-inch television is made for that spot that can go from shady to sunny and is usually somewhere in between. 

The SunBrite Signature series partial sun TV, is the same great 4K UHD TV that we’ve seen before. This TV can easily move between your patio and your living room, without diminishing the picture quality. 

With SunBrite’s TruVision anti-glare technology and a backlit LED screen, this TV delivers a great picture in changing light conditions.

And remember, SunBrite TVs all come in their weatherproof, powder coated aluminum case. This heavy-duty case makes these TVs perfect for permanent installation on your patio, veranda or pool-side gazebo.

What we liked

  • Excellent 4k picture with anti-glare.
  • Can be used in partial sun areas.
  • Can handle large range of temperatures and weather.

What we didn’t like

  • Not Smart and only 2 HDMI ports.
  • Does not include speakers.
  • Higher price range.

8. SunBriteTV Weatherproof Outdoor Television


Why you’ll love it:

The SunBrite Veranda Series TV is by far the best outdoor television on the market. This isn’t just an indoor TV with a couple of extra features that make it OK, for your patio or deck. The Veranda Series TV comes in a sealed aluminum cover that makes it weatherproof, no matter where you hang it.

With a screen that is 50% brighter than your indoor television this TV can easily fit in any sunny, partial sun or shady area that it hangs in. It’s a direct lit 4K UHD, HDR screen provides a clear picture for easy viewing. 

And with installed, down-firing speakers, you’ll get great sound in your screened patio or covered porch. It can be connected to a variety of accessories, with 3 HDMI ports and a USB port, you can easily connect this television to your cable, sound system or a BluRay player.

What we like the best about this TV is that it is truly made for the outdoors. The powder coated, and well-sealed aluminum case makes this TV capable of handling any weather condition you can throw at it. 

From snow, rain, salty air, or a really hot day, this TV can take it. It really is made for permanent outdoor installation. This television can even withstand dust and the toughest of bugs!

The Veranda Series from SunBrite comes in a range of sizes for every entertaining space, but we love the 65” the best, since it provides easy viewing in both large and smaller settings. 

It’s rugged and durable, but also looks great hanging on your patio wall. This TV is certainly the best TV for your money to install outdoors.

What we liked

  • The aluminum case protects TV very well
  • It’s ample media bay
  • Outstanding picture quality
  • Compatible with Roku and Firestick and other streaming devices

What we didn’t like

  • Built in speakers are ok
  • It’s pretty heavy.

9. SunBriteTV SE 43-Inch Weatherproof Outdoor Television

SunBriteTV SE 43-Inch

Why you’ll love this:

This SunBrite TV is a modification on a television from their indoor line. Yet, it has the same weatherproof features that you can expect from a SunBrite product. This 43” outdoor TV is perfect for your deck, patio or backyard entertaining spot. Hang it in a gazebo or in your covered patio and you’re ready to entertain.

With a sealed, aluminum case, this TV is made to be outdoors. It provides a commercial grade, 4K UHD picture, so it is perfect for light ranging from full sun to shade. It also has HDMI and USB connections so that you can easily install accessories.

What we really like about this TV is that it comes with a weatherproof soundbar that can be added to the TV for a bigger sound. While this TV does have built in speakers, the added soundbar is a nice addition, and makes hearing the TV, just a bit easier. No need to buy for an extra outdoor speaker.

What We Liked

  • Easy to mount with 200mm x 200mm VESA mounting Pattern
  • The 4K ultra-HD, anti-glare, high brightness screen is perfect for outside
  • The extreme temperature function is great for winter
  • Best for partial-sun and high ambient light uses such as deck or patio

What We Didn’t Like

  • Is a bit small for large outdoor areas
  • Not a SMART TV
  • Sound bar is better, but would still hook up external speakers


LG 55UM7300PUA Alexa Built-in 55inch

Your outdoor entertainment experience can be greatly enhanced with a TV. If you’d rather be outside when the weather is nice together with a snack like preparing a salted popcorn, you’ll probably want to invest in a great outdoor TV. 

The LG 55UM7300PUA Alexa Built-in 55″ is the perfect choice for your outdoor entertainment needs. 

No matter where you’ll install your outdoor TV, the Sunbrite Veranda series TV is perfect for a variety of locations, and will give you great performance and an outstanding picture in the summer sun, in the shade of your patio and dining area or on a rainy summer day.

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