Breville Oracle Touch Review: Cafe Quality Drinks in Your Kitchen

Last Updated on August 12, 2021

Doug Stephen

Doug Stephen

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Breville Oracle Touch Review: Cafe Quality Drinks in Your Kitchen

Tired of spending money every day at the cafe instead of enjoying every last bit of your morning at home? 

Well, with the Breville Oracle Touch you can bring the delicious consistency and quality of your favorite barista creations into your home. 

Breville was founded in Sydney, Australia in 1932 by Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville. It is best known for its small home appliances like blenders, coffee machines, and kettles.

What started as a radio and min detector manufacturer was slowly and deliberately developed by the founding family over three generations to become one of the best known names in appliances in the world.

In this article we’re going to dig into a thorough Breville Oracle Touch review, lay out all the specifications, and talk about pros and cons.

Keep reading to see if the luxury of a fully automated home espresso machine might be for you!

Breville Oracle Touch Review

Breville Oracle Touch: Review & Breakdown

We love how easy the Breville Oracle is to use, and the consistency of performance achieved. It may not be the fanciest, but it has it where it counts.

Choose from 5 pre-set, popular drinks to begin with and the Breville will whip them up all at the touch of a button. And once you’re a little more familiar you can get creative and design up to 8 of your own personalized drink creations.

The ability to deliver the same great quality drink over and over is due in part to many carefully thought out design elements.

For example, it features stainless steel, dedicated water boilers for each function of the machine. While you may need to monitor water levels a little more closely because of this, the tradeoff is worth it.

After all, the perfect espresso shot is usually a solid temperature between 185-204 degrees F. But for the best froth on your milk sometimes the temperature needs to be varied slightly.

With dedicated water supplies for espresso extraction and milk steaming the Breville is able to achieve perfect temperatures for each, without interrupting or making compromises.

The professional quality steam wand is designed to create the most velvety, silk steamed milk. It does this by creating micro-foam with every steam. And where the rich mouthfeel and slightly sweet silkiness of the milk meets the strong espresso a flavor symphony occurs.

And the Over Pressure Valve limits the maximum water pressure during extraction of each shot. This precision helps prevent overly bitter shots. 

Furthermore, for the true espresso egghead Breville has integrated a true low pressure pre-infusion for their extraction process. That means the water is slowly introduced and gradually increased to expand the grinds gently and evenly.

And even extraction is the name of the espresso game! Unevenly extracted espresso has that characteristic bitter, biting quality. Even extraction results in a sweeter, mellower, frothier shot.

The completely automatic design does not allow for the hands on, craft coffee experience that baristas and coffee professionals may seek.

Dose weight is pre-set to the American commercial cafe standard at a whopping 22 grams. And though there are a large range of adjustable variables (grind fineness, milk temperature, etc.) it isn’t the right machine for those looking to try small, the Italian style “normale” shots.

But for those that appreciate quality, consistency, and efficiency the Breville Oracle Touch may be the perfect way to get your favorite cafe drinks right in your own kitchen.

With its self cleaning steam wand, super easy to use touch screen, and create & save drink menu it’s like having your own on-call barista.

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  • Weighs 37.3 lbs
  • Stands 17.9 inches high
  • Measures 15.4 inches wide by 14.7 inches deep
  • Automatic espresso machine with built in grinder
  • Runs on 1800 watts of power, voltage of 110-120 volts
  • Bean hopper capacity of ½ a pound
  • Water tank capacity of 84 oz
  • Pre-programmed with 5 popular cafe beverages
  • Touch screen interface that is clear and easy to use
  • Dual, stainless steel boilers, heated group head, and PID digital temperature control technology keeps water at optimal heat
  • Over Pressure Valve provides perfect water pressure during extraction every time
  • Dedicated steam boiler allows for precise milk steaming and delivers silky, micro-foam
  • Internal memory allows you to create, name, and save 8 new drinks
  • Adjustable grind fineness and milk temperature & texture for abundant customization
  • Integrated automatic conical burr grinder grinds, doses, and tamps fresh for each shot
  • Pulls a 22g triple ristretto shot in the American style
  • One touch automatic programs and handy self cleaning steam wand take the work out of your morning coffee
  • Includes additional accessories like water hardness testing strips, cleaning kit, and spare steam wand parts
  • Under a 2-year repair warranty through manufacturer
  • Longer, more comprehensive warranties available for purchase through manufacturer


Fully automatic, lets you set your drink and go about your morning.
Water heat and pressure optimized for every shot.
Combines performance and consistency for the perfect drink every time.
Steam wand creates exceptional micro-foam texture for velvety mouthfeel.
Grinds beans fresh for each shot, preserving flavor.
Conical burr grinder designed to not overheat during grinding, preventing bitterness.


Sub par customer service.
Uses more coffee per shot than Italian style machines.
Doug Stephen

Doug Stephen

Final Thoughts

Though it does not offer the hands on approach beloved by coffee geeks and professional baristas alike, this espresso machine makes up for it with ease of use and the luxurious convenience of full automation.

You’ll never have to decide whether it’s worth putting on real clothes to get your morning latte again! Caffeinate when you need it. No shirt, no shoes, no problem.

With Breville Oracle Touch you can get the perfect robust, American style espresso drink every time – all in the comfort of your own home or office.

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