Review of the Best Camp Chef Grills

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Last Updated on November 28, 2022

Jim Bob – A long-time contributor to GrillBabyGrill. Jim has had a lifelong relationship with the art of grilling, passed on from his father and grandfather to him.
Camp Chef

Since 1990, Camp Chef has been well-known for bringing people together around a table to create lasting memories of full bellies and fun. Its products are revered among camping enthusiasts for being both well made and portable. You’ll see the Camp Chef difference no matter if you’re barbecuing in your backyard or hiking through Appalachia’s hills.

Because grilling is an essential part of our culture, it’s vital to get a grill that’s up to whatever task you demand. No doubt, the Camp Chef Woodwind WIFI 36 is one of the most highly recommended pellet grills on the market today.




Camp Chef Woodwind WIFI 36 with Sidekick

Camp Chef Woodwind WIFI 36 with Sidekick


  • Easily control via your mobile device using the Camp Chef App.
  • You control how much smoke and temperature tru PID controller.
  • Sidekick can be used as a powerful stove.
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Z GRILLS-1000E 8 in 1 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

Camp Chef Portable BBQ Grill


  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Easy to clean removable drip tray.
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Camp Chef PRO90X

Camp Chef PRO90X


  • 3 impressive 30,000 BTU burners.
  • Three-sided windscreen helps to protect against the wind.
  • Easy to use digital temperature controller.
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What Should I Look For in a Camp Chef Grill?

There are several reasons that someone may be looking to invest in a new pellet grill this summer. It could be because you’re a beginning griller just wanting to get your feet wet with something small, or you may already be a seasoned pro who wants to upgrade their current set up.

No matter the reason for purchasing a grill right now, there are some important factors to consider before making your investment.

Temperature Control

Having complete control over your cooking surface’s temperature may seem like a no-brainer to worry about when looking for a grill, but it’s a critical factor to consider. If your grill doesn’t have the proper functionality to retain heat, then your food won’t cook properly.

You’ll always want to look for great equipment with a chassis that has been finely crafted from materials like stainless steel. Cooking grates should be similarly manufactured, but cast iron is an even better option. If you can find grates that have been coated with porcelain or ceramic, that’s even better for cleaning.

Temperature Range

The temperature range of your grill is important because it directly dictates what you can do with your cooker. Gas grills are notorious for creating high heat with which to sear steaks, creating those grill marks that every pitmaster dreams of. They often struggle at lower temperatures when wanting to smoke brisket.

The opposite is true for something like a pellet grill that excels at the lower temperatures. These grills are great for smoking, roasting, and baking but if you want to quickly sear a steak to create the perfect blue rare, you may have a hard time on some models.

Cooking Surface Area

Cooking surface area is important because it affects what you cook, how much of it you can cook, and when you can cook it. This speaks specifically to personal preference and who you plan on consistently grilling for.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys inviting the entire neighborhood over, opt for a grill that can accommodate large amounts of food. Doing so can ensure that your guests stay full and happy during cocktail hour in your backyard or by your pool.

If you prefer more intimate settings, having such a large grill may be too cumbersome for your tastes. If this is the case, choose a smaller grill that won’t take up so much space on your deck or patio.

Top 9 Camp Chef Grills For 2022

1. Camp Chef Woodwind WIFI 36 with Sidekick

Woodwind WiFi 36-Inch

Why you’ll love this:

The Woodwind WIFI 36 model from Camp Chef is easily the largest and most diverse grill on the market. Add its sidekick along for extra grilling space, and you’ve got a winning combination that can keep you and your family from going hungry for years.

With the stainless steel cooking chamber and firebox, this wood pellet grill was built to get hot and stay hot. Complete with a full-color touchscreen display, PID temperature controls, and Wi-Fi capability, this grill has all the fantastic bells and whistles that tech lovers want in a grill.

All the smart tech featured in this grill translates into a fantastic set-it-and-forget-it attitude towards your beef ribs and brisket. You never have to worry about manning the grill again with the Woodwind WIFI 36. Just turn it on, select your temperature, and let the grill do the rest. The Ash Cleanout system makes getting your grill prepped for the next use a breeze.

Enjoy your afternoons in the pool, patio, or garage while your grill cooks up something wonderful.

What We Liked

  • 9-in-1 grill does it all on one cooking surface.
  • Ash clean out system makes dusting out the firebox easy.
  • Wide temperature range from 160°F to 500°F.
  • Direct flame grilling can reach up to 650°F.
  • PID controller controls temperature within +/- 5°F.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Higher price point may turn off novice grillers.
  • May be too large for those with smaller families.

2.  Camp Chef Portable BBQ Grill

Camp Chef Portable BBQ Grill

Why you’ll love this:

For the tailgaters, beach-goers, and picnickers comes this great Portable BBQ Grill from Camp Chef. It is lightweight and portable, featuring a small footprint and limited profile. Don’t let its size fool you. This little giant packs quite the punch for being such a great companion on-the-go. Pack it in your trunk, truck bed, or back seat and get ready for a delicious day.

The drip tray is removable, allowing for easy cleaning no matter if you find yourself camping at the Grand Canyon or just grilling on your neighbor’s front stoop. The matchless ignition is a great part of this grill because it takes all the guesswork out of start-up.

Even with such a small grill, heat retention isn’t a problem, thanks to the stainless steel and porcelain manufacturing materials.

Share your favorite kabob, sausage, and marinated chicken recipes anywhere with friends and family over this terrific little grill. Since it works on a disposable propane bottle, you’ll be ready to go whenever they are.

What We Liked

  • Lid locks in place for easy storage or transportation.
  • Stainless steel lid helps retain heat.
  • Matchless ignition makes start-up easy.
  • Lightweight and portable solution for tailgates or picnics.
  • Drip tray is removable making clean up super easy on-the-go.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Runs on disposable propane bottles which aren’t sustainable.
  • Grates are nickel-plated which isn’t as good as other materials.

3.  Camp Chef PRO90X (PRO 16)

Camp Chef Pro 90X

Why you’ll love this:

Great for the active campers who are away every weekend, this grill is portable and ready to get started whenever you are. Camp Chef Pro90X cooking system can be used for anything from traditional grilling, or add a grill box and you’re set up for more barbecuing options.

Camp Chef has been setting a golden standard for outdoor cooking for well over 25 years. It has honed its craft with its accessory-driven cooking systems available in both 14” and 16” versions. These portable grills excel at campgrounds and tailgates, but if you’re new to grilling and just hoping to learn something new, this could be a terrific investment because you don’t have to feel pressured to buy everything all at once.

The newly designed folding shelves, built-in leg levelers, and folding legs make your grilling experience easier than with other portable cookers.

What We Liked

  • Features quick folding legs for fast and easy storage.
  • Each leg has an adjustable leveler so you can grill on hills or gravel.
  • Cast aluminum burners get hot fast and retain heat well.
  • Great portability for travelers who like a bigger grill.
  • Appliance-grade ignition and temperature control keep you in charge.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Portable grill has add on accessories instead of incorporating everything together.
  • Waiting for grill to cool down before storing it takes some time.

4. Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24″

Smoke Vault

Why you’ll love this:

Veteran and beginning smokers will fall in love with the fantastic flavors that the Smoke Vault 24” can provide. If you’re ready to smoke hickory, cherry, or mesquite into your meat, then you can be grateful that you have the Smoke Vault.

The straightforward and simple design cooks your favorite meals low and slow using your favorite wood burning pellets in a heavy-gauge steel tray. The water pan keeps your meat moist and flavorful so you don’t have to worry about it drying out.

Don’t feel confined to just smoking meat in the Smoke Vault. Infuse your favorite wood flavors into pizzas, pies, or pot roasts. Bake mac ‘n’ cheese or beans as side dishes to complete your entire meal in just one appliance. You can’t lose with this terrific vertical smoker on your deck, and because it’s a Camp Chef, you can enjoy many years of great smoked meals.

What We Liked

  • 2 adjustable smoking racks holds a lot of ribs, chicken, and brisket.
  • Removable porcelain base tray makes clean up super easy.
  • Protected burner drum for maximum heat control and retention.
  • Easy to read door thermometer from 50°F to 350°F.
  • 3 adjustable damper valves; one on top and one on each side.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lower heat temperature range cannot grill or sear.
  • No way to monitor cooking process without opening the door.

5. Camp Chef SmokePro SG 24 WIFI Pellet Grill

WIFI SmokePro SG

Why you’ll love it:

Similar to the SmokePro DLX, the Smoke Pro SG is long loved and appreciated by many grillmasters, old and new. With smart tech becoming more prevalent in the world of grilling, Camp Chef has had to reimagine its well-loved design to include Wi-Fi capabilities and Slide and Glide technology.

Temperature control has never been easier. You can monitor and control temperature, timers, settings, and hopper capacity by downloading the Camp Chef app to your smartphone or other Wi-Fi capable device.

Customize the Smoke Number setting as high or as low as you please to enjoy smoking ribs and other meats just how you like it. When you’re done smoking for the day, all you have to do is tap a button on the grill to have it enter Shutdown Mode and use the easy Ash Cleanout feature to your advantage.

Don’t take time or attention away from your kids, friends, or neighbors to monitor your grill. With the SmokePro SG, all of your work is done for you. Feel free to crack open some cold ones while you enjoy hours in the sun or start a low and slow meal in the morning and go about your day until it’s ready in the evening.

What we liked

  • PID controller for consistent temperatures (+/- 5ºF ).
  • 160º F – 500ºF temperature range.
  • Ash Cleanout System.
  • Cord Management System.
  • Grease Management System.

What we didn’t like

  • Might be too much grill for novice pitmasters.
  • May be too heavy to move around regularly.

6. Camp Chef SmokePro SE 24 Pellet Grill

SmokePro SE

Why you’ll love it:

For those who are new to pellet grills or would just prefer a smaller grill due to limited space, the SmokePro SE is the ideal backyard companion. The lower price point is both appealing and affordable, but don’t get distracted by the cost. This grill comes fully loaded with a huge temperature range, great heat retention, and even offers some storage solutions.

The Smart Smoke Technology works hard to keep the chamber temperature exactly where you set it, so you never have to worry about temperature variations. Your food is always succulent and never dried out, no matter how long you smoke. If you’re more interested in baking or roasting on this grill, you can do that as well. Just set the temperature and forget it.

Cleaning up with the SmokePro SE is always easy thanks to its fast cleanout system. No getting your hands dirty here, just pull a lever and the ash empties from the firepot. You’ll be ready to use it again in just a few minutes.

What we liked

  • Lower price point is great for those just starting out.
  • Compact design is perfect for smaller decks, patios, and backyards.
  • Internal temperature gauges regulate and controls interior temps.
  • Wide temperature range for 160ºF to 500ºF.
  • Utility rack is great for storage purposes.

What we didn’t like

  • May be too small for serious smokers and pitmasters.
  • Accessories require additional purchases.

7. Camp Chef Pro 30X

Pro 30X

Why you’ll love it:

Don’t let the small profile of this burner trick you into thinking that it isn’t as powerful as any other cooking system. The Pro 30X is compact, but it’s ready to do jobs twice its size. Use it to cook up huge pots of chili or put it to work using cast iron Dutch ovens for delicious apple crumble desserts.

It can pan-fry burgers for dinner, or fire it up to make delicious pancakes for the masses before they even wake up in the morning.

Any outdoor kitchen can benefit from this compact and portable burner system. The snacking potential is endless with this single burner as well. Tackle breakfast, lunch, and dinner with this hard-working sidekick but don’t forget about snacks and dessert. From stovetop popcorn creations to roasting marshmallows with precision unseen from wood, your limit is only what you can think up.

When you’re done using it, fold it up and put it in its portable carry bag. You’ll be all set for next time.

What we liked

  • 3 ft. hose and regulator makes connecting the fuel source easy.
  • Includes steel detachable legs and folding side shelf.
  • Cast-aluminum burner resists rust.
  • Appliance-style temperature controls make cooking easy.
  • Great add on to create soups and stews when camping.

What we didn’t like

  • Single burner limits what you can cook and how.
  • Creates high heat so safety may be an issue.

8. Camp Chef VersaTop Grill

VersaTop 250

Why you’ll love it:

Enjoying a few days at a lakeside camp with friends doesn’t mean having to leave all of the creature comforts of delicious meals at home. Bring your favorite breakfasts, brunches, lunches, and dinners to cook up on the Camp Chef VersaTop Grill. This awesome grill can keep your belly full of French toast, pancakes, eggs, and bacon for as long as the 1-pound propane tank has fuel.

This portable grill can go anywhere with you. It is compact and transports easily. No matter if you set up on gravel, asphalt, or a grassy knoll, the leg levelers can keep your grill top even so you won’t worry about it tipping over or spilling.

The True Seasoned nonstick cooktop makes cooking without butter or oils easy, giving you a healthier meal, fewer things to pack, and easier cleanup. When you’re done, just fold it up for easy storage.

What we liked

  • Flat top griddle is great for bacon, pancakes, toasting bread, and burgers.
  • Maintain complete control over the cooktop with knob controls.
  • Leg levelers make it easy to cook anywhere.
  • Nonstick surface makes for great cooking experience and easy cleanup.
  • Grease management system holds up to 24 ounces.

What we didn’t like

  • Grill top may be too small for larger groups.
  • The 1-pound propane fuel tank is not included.

9. Camp Chef Monterey Fire Table

Monterey Fire Table

Why you’ll love it:

Gather the friends and family around this beautiful decorative patio fire table. Crack open a few cold ones, toast up some delicious marshmallows for s’mores, and enjoy some music in your backyard. The Monterey Fire Table is a fast track to relaxation and great memories.

The matchless ignition features a safety shutoff to prevent accidents, while the heat control knob keeps you in complete control of how high or low the flames get. If you have limited space on your patio, don’t worryーthis great natural gas fire table has a built-in propane tank compartment that ensures it is kept out of sight and away from feet that could trip over it.

You’ll have a great time in the early hours of the evening following a long day of swimming or barbecuing in your backyard around the Monterey Fire Table. When it’s not in use, just cover the embers with the included fire glass to protect it for years to come.

What we liked

  • Beautiful patio centerpiece to gather around.
  • Converts to a patio table with protective fireglass.
  • The matchless ignition with safety shutoff prevents burns.
  • Fully adjustable heat-control knob helps you control flame.
  • Built-in propane tank compartment to keep it hidden and safe.

What we didn’t like

  • Decorative patio centerpiece is not for intense cooking.
  • Assembly can be challenging.


Woodwind WiFi 36-Inch

Jim B.

Jim has had a lifelong relationship with the art of grilling, passed on from his father and grandfather to him. To him, grilling is more than just a way to cookit’s a way of life, and his travels have taken him far and wide, around the country and beyond to find the best there is in grilling and techniques. Every product he reviews is painstakingly looked over and tested using his extensive knowledge of the craft and personal experience. He currently lives in Tennessee, though never stays in one place for long.