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Jim Bob – A long-time contributor to GrillBabyGrill. Jim has had a lifelong relationship with the art of grilling, passed on from his father and grandfather to him.
char-broil grill2go x200 review

This is a really intriguing little portable gas grill.

In most respects, it’s fairly average. Nothing about it stands out as particularly bad or anything, it just doesn’t stand out from the crowd in most of the core features you look for in a grill.

Grill Capacity


In terms of capacity, it’s solid but not groundbreaking. 200 square inches of cooking space is serviceable, enough to cook a meal for about 2 to 4 people (depending on whether you’re just cooking the main course or tossing sides on there too) but you’re going to have a hard time cooking for larger groups if this is your only grill.

On the bright side, the grill is relatively compact, being only a little over a foot high and about twice that wide. It’s small enough to easily fit in most vehicles and even some backpacks if you’re packing for a longer trip. The only drawback is the legs don’t fold, which makes it a little bit more of a pain to pack up than some other grills of this type.

Grill Construction

The material ensures it’s lightweight as well, being made entirely of die cast aluminum. In terms of durability, it’s not the greatest, but it’s not too bad, and it’s naturally immune to tarnishing. As an added bonus, aluminum heats up and cools down VERY quickly. In terms of cooking this doesn’t help you too much, for a few reasons (one of which we’ll talk about below), but it does make it perfect for relatively quick cooking trips. Since it cools down so fast, you can pack it up and be ready to move again within minutes of finishing cooking without worrying about burning up the inside of your car or backpack.

The locking lid likewise aids with travel, and lets this act as storage for all your grill accoutrements (spatula, other utensils, even some food that can keep without refrigeration like potatoes and the like) to save a bit of space during travel.

Everything else is pretty much standard, with push button ignition, a thermometer built into the lid, and a decent enough carrying handle.

The Advantage of the Tru-Infrared Feature

Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The interesting part about this grill comes in with the “Tru-Infrared” technology, though it is a bit of a misnomer. This is not in any way an infrared grill, it’s a propane gas grill through and through.

However, it has a unique heating method, with a number of smaller burners located under the solid grates (with flavorizers included) that ensure even heating all across the grates. These in turn pass that heating directly onto the food.

This does two things: it prevents flareups (since the grease isn’t going to drip into the fire) and it mimics some of the properties of infrared cooking to ensure faster, even heating among the meat without unduly heating the interior of the grill otherwise. This aids immensely with the aforementioned benefit of the grill cooling down very quickly so you can pack it up faster and get on the road when needed.

This feature is going to be the make or break of this grill for you. Everything else about it is fairly middle of the road, with not much to write home about. It’s good, mind you, but in the same ways many other grills are good.

But the Tru-Infrared technology really is a standout feature, equivalent to other successful gimmicks in portable tabletop gas grills like this one that help them stand out a bit more. Of those gimmicks, this is actually on of my favorites by far. It’s immensely practical, aiding in the main thing you’ll want a grill to be doing: cooking your food. It is also, as the tagline says, a very forgiving system. It makes it extremely easy for even beginner cooks to get excellent results out of the grill, since ethe heating is perfectly even; there’s not sussing out where the best spots to place certain types of food is going to be or any of the other little bits of the metagame to grilling you may have become used to with other grills.

While it does have its drawbacks, mostly in terms of cleanup, since the flavorizers under the grates also act as a sort of grease trap and can be hard to wipe off, it’s ultimately one of those things I would not be surprised to see become a widely adopted feature for most grills in the future; it’s just that good of an idea to be iterated on.

That alone I think justifies considering this grill over other options. In the same price bracket, its performance is stellar compared to its competition.

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Jim Bob

Jim Bob

Expert’s Opinion: Should You Get It?

While there are grills that are more durable, or are cheaper, or that have more power or cooking CAPACITY, I can’t think of another grill of this type that’s as good at cooking EFFICIENTLY as the Grill2Go x200.

Of course, if you NEED those features, such as the higher capacity for large social grill gatherings like at a tailgating party or something like that, those eons are probably going to be better for you. It doesn’t really matter how well your grill cooks if it just doesn’t cook ENOUGH food for your needs, for example.

But I think for most people the slight lack of other standout features is going to be more than made up for by how easy it is to make good food on (a rarity for portable grills in general), making this by far one of the best choices on the market for a mid-price range portable grill.

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Jim B.

Jim has had a lifelong relationship with the art of grilling, passed on from his father and grandfather to him. To him, grilling is more than just a way to cookit’s a way of life, and his travels have taken him far and wide, around the country and beyond to find the best there is in grilling and techniques. Every product he reviews is painstakingly looked over and tested using his extensive knowledge of the craft and personal experience. He currently lives in Tennessee, though never stays in one place for long.