Charbroil Classic 360 Review: Affordable and Easy Propane Grilling for Under $200

Last Updated on August 18, 2022

Doug Stephen

Doug Stephen

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char broil classic 360 review

Are you new to grilling, or looking for a less laborious prep and clean up option than charcoal or hardwood cooking? With warm weather just around the corner, a propane powered grill may be your new best friend.

The Char-Broil company was founded in 1948, the same year that they came out with one of the first affordable charcoal grills on the market. In the following years they have introduced innovations and changed standards for both charcoal and propane powered grills.

For decades the company has prioritized making grills easier to use and less expensive so that families from all walks of life can come together over the joy of good food and good company.

And in this article we’re going to give you a Charbroil Classic 360 review – one of their standby designs that has been updated to make the freestanding gas grill even more convenient and affordable. 

Keep reading for tips, our favorite features, and what to watch out for. We hope this no nonsense, objective breakdown from our grill guides will help you decide if the Charbroil Classic 360 might be the right choice to bring your backyard BBQ dreams to life.

Charbroil Classic 360: Review & Breakdown

We love how easy the Charbroil Classic 360 is to use, and highly recommend it for new grill chefs looking for a good option under $200.

Many features enhance this model’s convenience beyond the simplicity of propane. 

The starter is incredibly reliable, and it is quick to preheat. And the dials make adjusting the heat nearly as simple as using your oven. Sturdy side tables on each end are handy for storing tools, spices, and toppings.

Another valuable aspect of the grill is having the security of purchasing from a respected manufacturer. Charbroil includes warranties on every part, with longer and more comprehensive warranties on the pieces more likely to sustain damage or have problems.

But, depending on what you want to use this gas grill for the relative ease of use and low price may not be worth the downsides we noticed.

Our main issue with this grill is how challenging it is to regulate the internal temperature. This may be due to a number of factors including thickness of the lid & firebox, permeability to wind, and lack of internal probes.

We were unimpressed by the overall seal achieved by the Charbroil Classic 360 when fully closed. There are enough openings and unsealed seams that on gusty days the flames can get blown out, necessitating constant upkeep.

The fact that this model does not come with an internal temperature probe is also disappointing. You must lift the lid to check and release much of the built up heat in the process.

And these all contribute to poor temperature regulation and retention, which in turn makes your grilling more laborious and less consistent.

So, while the Charbroil Classic 360 may be fine for basic grilling, it simply does not have the consistency of performance to tackle more complicated or precise recipes.

As an affordable patio staple, however, there are few gas grills that can offer the size and manufacturer warranties of Charbroil. 

The combination of reasonable price, shallow learning curve, and relative simplicity makes this a great choice for the fledgling grill master on a budget. We think it’s great quality for an entry level appliance.

But it is unlikely to appeal to those with grander plans than simple fare like burgers and kabobs. Those seeking versatility and more accurate temperature controls should set their sights and budgets on a more expensive model, or look into charcoal and hardwood grills.


  • Stands 43.5 inches high
  • Measures 24.1 inches deep and 51.2 inches wide
  • Total cooking space of 360 square inches
  • Propane gas powered grill
  • Has 30,000 BTUs of cooking power
  • Rust-resistant, stainless steel burners provide even heat
  • Porcelain-coated grill grates don’t get food stuck on and are easy to clean
  • Firebox and lid made from porcelain-coated steel for superior durability and weather resistance
  • Piezo, push button ignition ensures quick and reliable lighting
  • Sturdy wheels make it easy to reposition
  • Metal side shelves give you handy prep or toppings storage
  • Includes small secondary cook grate for warming or indirect heat cooking
  • Burners under 5-year warranty
  • Firebox under 2-year warranty
  • All other parts under 1-year warranty


Easy to operate
Quick to preheat
Super reliable startup
Generous total cooking space
Durable construction
Fuel easily found at any grill or hardware store
Less expensive than your dog’s next vet visit


Does not include internal meat probe, must open lid to check
Does not seal when closed, high winds can extinguish flames
Grease and juice drainage issues can cause small fires
Doug Stephen

Doug Stephen

Final Thoughts

The Charbroil Classic 360 is easy to start, clean, and use. It is relatively inexpensive for the size, and has excellent customer support.

However, we were overall underwhelmed by the heat retention capabilities and versatility. One cannot expect a freestanding propane grill for under $200 to stand up to the quality of those double the price. But the lack of internal thermometer and drafty seal can create problems.

Basic backyard cookouts will be enhanced by this old standby model from a respected company. But seasoned grill masters may be better served by checking out the further selection on Char-Broil’s website.