7 Add-Ons for Your Kamado Grill Table Plans

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7 Add-Ons for Your Kamado Grill Table Plans

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Kamado grills are all the rage with BBQ enthusiasts nowadays. Made out of a ceramic shell and shaped like an upside-down egg, Kamado grills trap and circulate heat efficiently and cook a variety of delicious foods.  

If you’ve just purchased your first Kamado grill, you may want to build a table for it. A simple grill table can do the job, but adding storage space or unique features can take your Kamado grilling experience to the next level. If you’re up for the challenge, consider including a few of these seven add-ons for your Kamado grill table plans.

1. Storage

Believe it or not, many Kamado grill table plansdo not include storage space. The basic design is a simple four-legged table with an upper and lower table-top. You can set items on these surfaces, but open shelving is a far cry from functional, organized storage space.

Instead, consider building a Kamado grill table with cabinets as designated storage areas. Cabinets offer a clean look for your grill table. Cabinets allow you to keep the surface areas open for food preparation and ensure a clutter-free visual when the Kamado grill table is not in use. You can create cabinets to store items such as cleaning supplies, cooking and grill utensils, pans, and even dishware.

2. Countertops

Countertops can be a smart addition to your Kamado grill table plans. If you go the simple route, you’ll have a small tabletop space to work on, but you can include some countertop features that will make your grill table stand out if you plan carefully.

Built-in cutting board

You’ll want to have space where you can safely cut meats and veggies for the grill. By creating the countertop out of cutting board material or designing a space for a removable cutting board, you’ll avoid having to do food prep inside the house or harming your tabletop.

Another way to add a cutting board feature to your Kamado grill table design is to create a cutting board surface attached by a hinge. This cutting board “flap” can be lowered when not in use to save space and opened and propped up when needed.


Granite countertops add a luxurious touch to your Kamado grill table. Choose a pattern and color that fit in with your decor for a pulled-together look. Granite is also a good choice because it is easy to maintain and when sealed, works well outdoors.

Sink fixture

If you’re feeling fancy, you can add a sink fixture to your Kamado grill table. A sink is great for safe food handling and can make clean-up a breeze. However, a sink does require a water hookup and a stationary grill table.

More space

Since you are in charge of your Kamado grill table plans, add as much countertop space as you would like. Just make sure to consider this element when designing your grill table so that you end up with a piece that fits your needs.

3. Wheels

A small but helpful addition to your Kamado grill table are wheels. Adding wheels to your table makes it mobile, which means you can move it to clean, redesign the space, or just cook in a different area.

You’ll need to look for a piece called a caster, which is the wheel and bracket combo that attaches to the bottom legs of furniture. Make sure to purchase a caster that can hold the table’s entire weight, plus the Kamado grill.

4. Drawers

Drawers are another great add-on idea for your Kamado grill table plans. Along with cabinets, draws offer a functional space to organize utensils and store grill items. You can also use drawers to keep pans or pizza trays, as Kamado grills work great for cooking pizza, just like a wood-fired oven. If you want to setup your kamado for grilling pizza then read our grilling guide.

Buy a silverware tray and keep forks, knives, and spoons in your Kamado grill table so everyone can stay outside to eat instead of running back and forth to the kitchen. You can also keep lighters or matches close at hand in a drawer.

5. Ice chest or mini refrigerator

Purely for fun, these add-ons can make entertaining easy. You can include a space in your Kamado grill table plans for a mini-refrigerator, where you can keep food and drinks. If you’d rather have a cooling function without using electricity for a fridge, you can build a cooler or stainless steel ice receptacle into the countertop.

Make sure the cooling areas are not too close to the grill. Although the ceramic keeps the heat inside, it is better to keep your ice and electricity away from a Kamado grill.

6. Hooks and racks

Strategically placed hooks can keep your Kamado grill table organized. You can hang utensils, aprons, paper towels, and other necessary items on hooks. Hooks are an easy, inexpensive add-on for your DIY grill table.

Racks are another great add-on. Keep spices, grill rubs, and possibly even bottles of wine in racks. Racks can be attached to the sides of your grill table, underneath the upper-tabletop, or inside cabinets.

7. Receptacles

The final add-on idea is to include a garbage receptacle in your Kamado grill table plans. This garbage receptacle can be placed in a slide open cabinet for easy use. Including this detail makes clean up easier and saves you time from having to remember to drag a trash can over when you are grilling.

You can also add-on recycling and compost bins in addition to your rubbish bin.

Doug Stephen

Doug Stephen

Start Adding on to Your Kamado Grill Table Plans

Mastering the Kamado grill requires knowing how to use it as well as getting the rights accessories to improve your cooking experience.

These seven add-on ideas for your Kamado grill table are a good place to start customizing a simple Kamado grill table. They can help create a grill table that looks beautiful and functions as a full kitchen.

Remember, you don’t have to include all of these add-ons at once. A good way to start is to pick one or two that you love and work them into your Kamado grill table plans. You can always add more ideas later on as you discover what works best for your grill and your cooking style.