Masterbuilt 20078715 Smoker Review

Last Updated on August 9, 2022

Jim Bob

Jim Bob

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Masterbuilt 20078715

Digital smokers offer the ease of use and the convenience that you need. You can set the temperature and the timer and let the food smoke as you get the house ready for a party or make a few side dishes. One of the best digital smokers now available is the Masterbuilt Front Controller Smoker.

This smoker comes with a digital controller on the front that makes it much easier to check on your food and four racks that fit inside. You can remove those racks and use as many as you need when smoking. With our Masterbuilt Front Controller Smoker review, you’ll understand why this smoker is so popular today.

Masterbuilt 20072115

Masterbuilt 20078715 Detailed Review & Breakdown

The Masterbuilt Front Controller Smoker is one of the best digital smokers on the market and one that is easy for anyone to use. It lets you select the best woods that will complement your favorite ingredients and whip up dishes for parties and family dinners. There are a few key reasons why this ranks as a top smoker and some impressive features you need to know.

First is the sheer amount of space for smoked foods available inside the appliance. It has 721 square inches of space spread out across four different racks. If you want to smoke a turkey, you can remove a few of those racks. You can also use each rack for a different type of food and cook up to four ingredients or dishes at the same time.

Each rack has an open design that allows the smoke coming from the bottom of the appliance to slowly rise and surround the foods. That ensures that each bite you take has the same amount of smoky flavor as the next. These racks also have a chrome coating that makes them easier to clean and prevents stuck-on food. You only need to soak the racks for a few minutes to remove all the grease and food particles that you see.

Located on the top of the smoker and right above the door is an LED display that shows information in a bright blue color. Whether you use the smoker on a clear and sunny day or a cloudy afternoon, you can easily see the display. Next to the display is a single button that turns the smoker on and off and arrow buttons that turn the temperature up and down. The smoker has a temperature range of 100 to 270 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thanks to the wood chip loading system, you no longer need to risk letting out the smoke when you need more wood. This system sits on the side of the appliance and close to where the door opens. Once you open the side of this box, you’ll add more wood chips and snap the door shut. The system will automatically add some of those wood chips when the appliance starts running out of smoke.

This is also one of the best constructed digital smokers on the market. Not only does it use stainless steel, but Masterbuilt added insulation to the sides and on the door. That insulation ensures that the temperature inside stays consistent and that your foods come out with the perfect amount of smoke.

Buying the wrong smoker can be a waste of money, but you may not want to do as much research as the purchase requires. We took some of the hard work out of the equation by finding affordable options. The result of our search is this review of the Masterbuilt 20078715 Electric Digital Smoker, which includes pros and cons and detailed specs.


Features more than 720 square inches of interior smoking space.
Comes with four coated and removable racks.
Smokes at temperatures of between 100 and 270 degrees Fahrenheit.
Includes a new drip pan that you can remove when you open the door.
The door locks firmly to keep the smoke trapped inside.
Measures 19.6 by 16.9 by 32.1 inches.
Weighs just over 50 pounds.
Can smoke up to 80 pounds of food on one cycle.
Made from durable steel.
Includes an air damper.


The LED display uses blue lights that you can easily see in natural sunlight.
You can remove and rearrange the four racks to make room for your foods.
Adds a naturally rich and smoky flavor to vegetables and other types of foods.
Requires just a few steps to use.
Works with any standard outdoor outlet.
Includes a deflector that pushes grease splatters and other liquids into the drip pan for convenient cleaning.
Lets you use different types of wood chips to experiment with new flavors.
You can use the included manual or access an online PDF of the instructions.
Available with a window in the front that lets you check on foods without opening the door.
You can choose between black and stainless steel finishes.


Checking on the progress of your food is difficult unless you buy the model with a front window.
The temperature the smoker shows is not always accurate.
It only comes with a 90-day warranty.
Jim Bob

Jim Bob

Final Thoughts

Why waste a lot of time researching before you buy a new digital smoker when you can trust our feedback and advice. We recommend the Masterbuilt Front Controller Smoker with Viewing Window and Remote for shoppers looking for a smoker that uses food chips and offers the convenience that they need. This smoker has tons of cooking space as well as plated racks.

Thanks to the loading system, you can add more wood chips as needed without opening the door and letting out all of that smoky flavor. It also has a drip pan that works with a deflector piece to collect fats and other juices. With the Masterbuilt Front Controller Smoker with Viewing Window and Remote, you can make all the smoked dishes you want at home.