Ooni Koda VS Ooni Pro: Find Out Which One is Better

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Ooni pizza ovens can provide a simple way to upgrade your patio parties and family pizza nights. The space-conscious styles can serve as statement furnishings as well as the guest of honor when entertaining.

A pizza oven can be a great way to make pizzas healthier, cheaper, and more delicious than the order-out pies. If you’re wondering what brand of pizza oven to purchase, Ooni is a safe bet.

The Ooni Koda Portable Propane Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven tops the list of portable pizza ovens, although the Ooni Pro provides stiff competition. This Ooni Koda vs Ooni Pro buying guide can help you discern your optimal pizza-making companion.


Product Overview

Portable pizza ovens from Ooni can make pizza-making an accessible evening or weekend endeavor.

Pizza Size

Although the Ooni Pro has a much larger pizza stone, both the Koda and Pro pizza ovens accommodate a single pizza at a time. You can cook large pizzas, as well as skillet desserts and entrees, in the Ooni Pro.

Pizza Oven Construction

Ooni pizza ovens are well-made products from Scotland that make use of steel exteriors for durability and appearance. While the Ooni Koda is insulated with rock-spun wool, the Ooni Pro uses a ceramic interior for insulation.

Both insulation methods keep the pizza ovens safe at high temperatures, but the Ooni Koda is much lighter than the Ooni Pro.

The pizza ovens both come with stone baking boards that allow amateur pizza chefs to make crispy, thoroughly-cooked pizzas in a matter of minutes.

Easy to Control Cooking

The Ooni Koda is recognized as the superior product for people new to the art of pizza cooking, but both pizza ovens provide excellent temperature-control features. The Ooni Pro comes with a thermometer and two-way airflow system so you can regulate the temperature to cook pizzas just the way you like them.

This also makes it possible to cook food other than pizzas in your Ooni Pro pizza oven. Chances are, most of the foods you’d like to cook are best done at temperatures lower than 900°F.

The Ooni Koda, on the other hand, excels at keeping the temperature consistent. This is ideal for large batches of pizza that should all be cooked similarly.

Entertaining with an Ooni Pizza Oven

A backyard pizza oven can instantly elevate your hosting prowess. Because you can cook a 12” pizza in a single minute with the Ooni Koda and Pro pizza ovens, you can feed a large party quickly.

How to Choose Between Ooni Koda vs Ooni Pro?

In the list of great products for pizza crafts, Ooni Koda and Ooni Pro are among the best. However, the pizza oven that will be best for you ultimately depends on the most features you plan to use.


If you want to take your pizza oven tailgating or to your neighborhood cookout, the Koda is the way to go. The propane-powered oven doesn’t require any clean up after use, so you can pack up and head home without worrying about where you’re going to dump the ashes.

The foldable legs and matching Koda carrying case seal the deal to make the Koda a better option for portability.

The downside of the Koda’s smaller size is that you can’t cook extra-large pizzas in such a small space. The Pro accommodates up to 16” pizzas and makes cooking smaller pizzas less stressful.

Ease of Use

The Ooni Koda comes with a built-in knob to make it easy to start up the oven and adjust the temperatures. The Ooni Pro isn’t difficult to start, especially with food-quality fire starters, but when it comes to ease of lighting the oven, the Koda wins the day.

It’s easier to maintain a consistent temperature for a perfectly cooked pizza with a propane-powered oven, as you don’t have to worry about stopping to refuel the fire or temperature variations based on the level of fuel. The Koda is propane-powered.

A gas burner attachment can be purchased for the Ooni Pro if you’d prefer to power it with propane, but this adds an additional expense to the already more costly pizza oven.


The Ooni Pro is a more versatile pizza oven. You can choose between burning propane, wood, or pellets depending on what you have available and what you prefer.

The Ooni Pro is also better at cooking deserts than the Koda. The larger size of the Pro can accommodate skillets and dishes and allows for thorough, even cooking with cobblers and crisps.


If you’re looking for a permanent addition to your patio, the Pro is a great choice. The sleek exterior and traditional pizza oven shape can make for a statement piece in the backyard. In contrast, the Koda shouldn’t be stored outside, so you’ll have to move it to your garage or inside after every use.

Some people prefer the smell and crackle of wood for cooking pizzas; if you’re looking for your pizza oven to make a big impact on the evening’s vibe, the Ooni Pro is an excellent option.


Ooni pizza ovens are excellent products that make cooking delicious pizzas quick and easy. Both products make for a great purchase, but the Ooni Koda noses out the Ooni Pro for the average pizza enthusiast.

At the end of the day, the Ooni Koda Propane Portable Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven can help pizza chefs make consistently delicious pizzas without the added hassle of feeding the fire that can take hosts away from the guests. The smaller size means you’ll have to stick to medium-sized pizzas, but the added portability makes this sacrifice worth it.

The Koda is significantly more affordable than the Pro, making this the easy choice for people new to the pizza cooking scene.

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