Outland Living Series 403 Review: Sleek, Safe, and Snuggly Fire Table for Your Patio

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Last Updated on November 25, 2022

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Sleek, Safe, and Snuggly Fire Table for Your Patio

Nothing is quite as cozy in cooler months as an open flame. But wood and charcoal fires can be laborious to keep up and even dangerous. 

For supreme safety, warmth, and style check out the Outland Living Series 403 fire table. The propane powered flame is easy to use and convenient. And all their fire tables are even approved by third party organizations as safe to use even in drought and burn ban conditions.

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Outland Living Series 403: Review & Breakdown

We love the high quality of materials and construction on the Outland Living Series 403. The powder-coated aluminum is super strong, and more rust resistant than steel. 

And the sturdy resin, wicker-style sides will stand up to light weather with grace without requiring excessive cleaning. However, Outland Living does recommend covering this fire table with a waterproof cover in moderate to severe rain and snow, just to be safe.

We do wish that this fire table came with a cover or wind guard, but you can purchase one from the manufacturer for a reasonable price.

All the glass and burner parts are of highest quality as well. Black tempered glass has extreme heat resistance and an incredibly sleek look that won’t get visibly scorched over time.

Aluminum and resin are also significantly lighter than materials like steel, while still providing superior strength and weight load capacity. Some fire tables are so heavy they’re practically imobile after set up. 

But at under 100 lbs, the Series 403 is easily moved by two people. No more calling the neighbors when you need to rearrange the patio furniture!

Another feature of this snazzy fire table to appreciate is the versatility provided by the power output. This is measured in BTUs per hour, and the number of BTUs you should look for depends on the climate you are in and what you intend to use your fire table for.

Generally, the BTUs you need based on climate is something like this:

  • Warmer climates: 20,000 BTUs or so
  • Cooler climates: about 50,000 BTUs
  • Very cold or high altitude climates: between 50,000 – 70,000 BTUs

So, the Outland Living Series 403 fire table coming in at 50,000 means it has a wide array of uses. It’s great for warmer climates that want to have a super toasty patio in winter, and also works very well for cold or higher altitude locations.

Perfect for Southerners that always have cold feet, or the Northerner that wants a little bit of extra warmth in an aesthetically pleasing way!

However, the total heat output of the Series 403 may not be able to provide full on toasty toes in extremely high altitude locations, or folks in particularly cold places like the Upper MidWest and Canada.

Perhaps our favorite aspect of the versatility of the Outland Living Series 403 fire table is the ability to convert it to natural gas with a handy kit you can purchase from the manufacturer.

Over time, extensive use of a propane powered item like a fire table can become somewhat costly. But if your house is already hooked up to natural gas, you can use this much cheaper option for all your cozy, outdoor lounging needs.

Do keep in mind though, that if you choose to convert to natural gas you will need to pick the location of your fire table very carefully. The additional hoses may be a tripping hazard, which is the only real downside of a natural gas powered Series 403.

And maybe the best feature of all, this fire table is also one of the safest ways to enjoy an open flame in your outdoor living space. Outdoor Living’s fire tables are all certified by third party organizations like the CSA as safe to use – even during burn bans and drought conditions.

Whether you’re in California or the Carolinas, the Series 403 can add warmth & modern flair to your outdoor lifestyle.

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  • Weighs 96 lbs
  • Stands 24 inches high
  • Measures 44 inches long by 32 inches wide
  • Auto ignition, propane powered fire table
  • Burn at up to 50,000 BTU per hour
  • Compatible with any 20 lb or 5 gallon propane tank
  • Aluminum, high quality frame construction that also has protective powder coating
  • Resin wicker wrapping looks great and protects propane tank
  • Strong, modern looking 8mm black tempered glass with high heat resistance
  • Valve knob with chrome finish gives you infinite control over flame height and heat
  • Includes 15.5 lbs of Arctic Ice glass rocks for snazzy, sleek decoration and burner coverage
  • CSA approved and able to be used during most fire bans
  • Manufacturer has an impressive number of additional accessories and upgrades for purchase on their website, including natural gas conversion kit


High quality materials, sturdy construction.
Moderate-high powered, appropriate for multiple climates.
Relatively lightweight, can be moved by one or two people.
Internal propane storage does not pose tripping hazard.
Versatile, can be converted to natural gas.
Safe and reliable, CSA approved.
Excellent customer care, manufacturer works with you to fix any issues.
Reasonably priced for the quality.
Beautiful and functional.


Does not come with a cover or wind guard
Doug Stephen

Doug Stephen

Final Thoughts

This fire table is not necessarily the best option for extreme cold, high altitudes, and climates with extreme weather conditions.

But it’s great for almost everywhere else! The Outland Living Series 403 makes for a wonderfully warm fire table option for those in low-moderate altitudes. And the sturdy construction will stay strong and beautiful in all but the harshest weather conditions.

What are you waiting for? Experience the perfectly cozy porch or patio of your dreams!

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