Pit Boss Lockhart Platinum Series Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker Review

Last Updated on August 24, 2022

Jim Bob

Jim Bob

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Pit Boss Lockhart Platinum

Your BBQ weekends will never be the same once you get a hold of the Pit Boss Lockhart Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker. This 8-in-1 Platinum Series outdoor cooking apparatus is both a traditional grill and a smoker, designed for the ultimate backyard cooking experience.

From the aesthetics to the assembly to the overall design, this grill is just damn good. Its build quality is simply incomparable for a mid-range grill, and it comes equipped with everything you could possibly want in a pellet grill. Besides, you can use this machine to grill, roast, smoke, braise and bake different foods like a pro chef.

Most notably, the Pit Boss Lockhart is heavy and remarkably huge. It offers an expansive cooking area of 2,136 square inches. With all this space, you can tackle a wide range of different foods all at once and it can make delicious, great-tasting, smoky-flavor dishes every time, just the way you like it.

Whether you want to prepare a couple of mouthwatering double cheeseburgers or grill a gigantic slab of pork chops, the Pit Boss Lockhart can handle anything that is thrown its way. The grill boasts of a powerful temperature range of 180°F-500°F, hence it can cook well without burning your food.

With its Smoke IT technology coupled with its Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi capability, you can monitor the progress of the cooking process from over 50 feet away without leaving the comfort of your seat.

Let’s find out more about this incredible appliance….

Pit Boss Lockhart Platinum Series

Pit Boss Lockhart Platinum Series Grill Review and Breakdown

If you are an ardent BBQ enthusiast, then you probably know that infusing that authentic wood smoked smell and flavor into your meaty dishes is usually a long shot if you are using a traditional grill. It’s even harder if you are using a gas grill.

Apparently, you have to place your food in a smoker box that uses wood chips or go through the long process of soaking and drying wood chips, before placing them on your burner.

Thanks to the Pit Boss Lockhart Grill and Smoker, you do not have to go through this long and protracted journey. This wood pellet grill comes equipped with a double door smoker cabinet located in the upper chamber.

On this site we’ve reviewed a lot of great quality pellet smokers, but with the Lockhart grill and smoker combo, you do not have to buy a separate smoker, neither do you need to set up the machine and clean up (after cooking) as it is the case with traditional smokers. You can start smoking your food right away as soon as the appliance reaches your desired temperature.

Amazingly, this grill comes with two meat probes, but you can add two more to make it four. You can use the probes to know if your dish has reached the right temperature or you need to add more pellets. Besides, the smoker has six hooks, which you can use to smoke your sausages.

But that’s not all….

For those who love twilight barbecues, then this machine is exactly what you need. Both the grilling area and the smoking chamber have built-in lighting designed for nighttime grilling. The Lockhart is a grill that you can be proud where you can display it at your backyard.


Measures 55.12 by 31.50 by 66.93 inches.
Assembled grill and smoker combo weighs 275.58 pounds.
Solid, heavy-duty stainless steel exterior construction.
Cooking area measures 2,136 square inches.
Has a fully digital control panel.
Built-in lighting system for nighttime grilling.
Has variable temperature range of 180 – 500°F.
Features a key component alert system.
Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi capability.
Uses Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Technology for temperature control.
Has a slide plate flame broiler.
Uses 100% natural eco-friendly hardwood pellets.
The pellet hopper has a capacity of 40 pounds.
Features a heavy-duty shelf underneath for storing extra grates and pellets not in use.
The grill-smoker combo has an ash clean-out system with a pull handle.
Comes with two meat probes and six sausage hooks.
Smoking chamber has two parallel knobs that allow for more smoke and heat.
Comes with a 5-year warranty.


Comes with a detailed manual for quick and easy assemble.
Heavy-duty stainless steel body for maximum durability.
You can control the grill via your smartphone, thanks to its Smart IT technology.
Has a digital control panel for easy monitoring.
Expansive 2,136 sq. in cooking area for preparing different foods simultaneously.
Versatile grill suitable for various styles of cooking, including grilling, char-grilling, searing, braising, smoking, roasting, BBQ-ing and baking.
The hopper can hold up to 40 pounds of wood pellets at once.
The grill comes equipped with a lid to retain heat.
Has six sausage hooks and two meat probes for precise cooking options.
Ash clean out system makes it easy to clean.
The grill and smoke chambers have lighting for enjoyable nighttime BBQs.
The adjustable flame broiler makes it easy to switch from direct to indirect cooking.
The Pit Boss Lockhart offers so many premium features at a fraction of the price of most high-end grills.


The Bluetooth range is only about 50 feet, which is rather restrictive compared with what other models have to offer.
The hopper has a safety grill, which somehow prevents the pellets from sliding into the auger appropriately.
Jim Bob

Jim Bob

Final Thoughts

Do you want to have a reliable and easy to use wood pellet grill that will not bog you down on the instructions?

Look no further because the benefits we’ve listed above will undoubtedly tell you that the Lockhart is a perfect choice and worthy of buying. The Pit Boss Lockhart Platinum Series Grill is the ideal outdoor appliance for BBQ enthusiasts like you. It’s a pellet grill and smoker combo, hence you do not have to buy one separately.

This grill and smoker is made using high-grade stainless steel to enhance its durability. Moreover, it is very easy to assemble since it does not require anything more than a wrench and a screwdriver.

But wait, there is more….

The Pit Boss grill is extremely versatile, and you can use it with a wide range of cooking styles, ranging from grilling to baking. With its large cooking area, this combo grill can cook all your foods at once, making it the perfect choice for large BBQ parties and family gatherings.

This is not the first time we’ve reviewed Pit Boss products. Pit Boss has a number of amazing grills that we recommend to our readers. An example would be the Pit Boss 700FB model.