Beginner’s Guide To Smoking Meat


There are different types of smokers from offset to pellet smokers. We’ve done several reviews trying to find the best brand with the best priced products. Professionals like smokers based on quality and performance while regular home users like convenience. Here are all the most popular smokers that you can own. 

This page is designed for bbq beginners (but useful to advanced pit masters too!)

So, let’s start!

What Are Smokers?

Smokers are cooking tools that allows you to cook slow and low and in a controlled temperature. Smoking meat is quickly replacing the summer tradition of hurriedly searing and grilling burgers, chicken, and veggies over an open fire. The low-and-slow technique of roasting delicious food until it falls off the bone is an art to be mastered by only those who are the most dedicated to serving food that makes their family and guests happy.

How To Choose

A lot goes into designing and manufacturing a superior smoker. Some examples of things to think about when buying a new smoker include cooking chamber material, temperature controls, and technology needs.


The best materials for smokers always have a remarkable ability to retain heat. Components like aluminum and steel excel at building and retaining heat because they don’t allow heat transfer or escape.

Temperature Controls

Temperature controls for a smoker are vital. Using simple methods like buttons and knobs on a smoker allows a pitmaster to easily control their masterpiece’s temperature without fretting about drying their meat out or undercooking it. Look for an option with digital readouts


Some of the best and newest smokers can connect to your Wi-Fi and your home assistant. You get bonus points if you can monitor temperatures with a smartphone app.

Types of Smokers

Introduction to Pellet Smokers

Pellets smokers are thermostatically controlled. Plug it in and it will do the rest. Get ready to smoke, barbecue, boil, broil, roast, and sear. Clean up couldn’t be more straightforward with its easy access ash box. Just sweep out the ash after a grilling session, and you’re ready to go for next time.


Recommended Pellet Smokers

Most Popular Pellet Smokers Brands

Introduction to Offset Smokers

Offset smoker is perfect for old-school grillers who are comfortable adding wood to fuel their fire by hand while monitoring their temperature gauge on the grill lid.

How to Use an Offset Smoker

Recommended Offset Smokers

Introduction to Electric Smokers

This smoker uses wood chips, water, and a heating element to produce smoke

Recommended Electric Smokers

Introduction to Drum Smokers

Gateway 559FB

Recommended Drum and Vertical Smokers

Introduction to Propane Smokers

smoking a food

Recommended Propane Smokers

Introduction to Charcoal Smokers

grilling with charcoal

To help and guide our users we also have these products compared to each other based on their quality, price and features.