Weber Q1200 Review: Travel-Ready Grilling Power

Last Updated on August 10, 2022

Doug Stephen

Doug Stephen

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weber q1200

Are you seeking a travel ready grill of impeccable quality that operates simply and smoothly? Well, with the Weber Q1200 you may have found the perfect match.

Before we get into a thorough Weber Q1200 review, let’s look at a highly abridged history of propane to see how far it has come to make such a handy machine possible.

The propane powered grill was invented in the 1930s by Don McGlaughlin and the Chicago Combustion Corporation. And with their short prep time and responsive temperature controls you can see why they eventually changed their name to LazyMan!

These first as grills were originally stationary cookers, often built into larger kitchen setups and attached to gas mains in much the same way ovens are. 

This new type of grill did detach from the wall and reach backyards across America until somewhere in the 1960s. Previously the hook ups necessary made them prohibitively pricey, or simply too luxurious for most home BBQers.

But once bottled propane came onto the scene, it was off to the races for gas grills. These grills take a fraction of the time to preheat and are much easier to care for than their charcoal or wood burning counterparts.

As technological advancements have been made this type of grill has become the essential tool for low maintenance, easy clean up, and travel ready cookouts. 

When it comes to taking your gourmet cooking skills out of the kitchen, propane is the way to go. And Weber delivers one of the most compact grills without sacrificing quality to get you wherever you want to grill.

Camping? Check. Neighborhood get togethers? You betcha. Parks and beaches and lakes too! having a Weber means that nowhere that allows propane usage is off limits for home cooked meals anymore.

Read on for a full rundown on specifications, what to watch out for, and our grill guru’s thorough Weber Q1200 review.

Weber Q1200 Review

Weber Q1200: Review & Breakdown

We’re huge fans of the Weber brand’s commitment to quality materials and ease of use. And this grill is a great example of that. 

Everything is built to last: from the cast aluminum body, glass-reinforced nylon frame, porcelain-enameled steel grates, all the way down to the knobs and dials. And the 5-year warranty further ensures that this rugged appliance will work for years to come.

Our next favorite part is the size. It’s small enough to fit on a small patio, urban balcony, or pack into a camper. But it’s also large enough to accommodate an entire meal for two.

And that compact size doesn’t mean it’s just great for apartment dwellers, but also glampers, RV enthusiasts, and outdoorsmen. We love the thought of being able to take delicious, home cooked meals anywhere you can take a small suitcase.

One feature that detracts a little from the overall versatility of the grill is the single gas burner. With the compact cook space the placement of the burner makes it challenging to do any kind of indirect heat cooking. Smoking, for example, is not really an option.

But the trade off for the extreme utility of being able to travel so easily with it may outweigh the limited range of cooking style for some customers.

Overall, the Weber Q1200 is an ideal little grill for travelers, propane newbies, and those with limited outdoor space available to them.

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  • Weighs under 30 lbs
  • Measures 15.5 inches high, 40.9 inches wide, and 20.5 inches deep
  • Propane powered grill
  • Main burner input of 8,500 BTU-per-hour makes propane tanks go further
  • Total cooking area of 189 square inches
  • Light & compact design perfect for taking camping, to parks, or parties
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron grill grate and stainless steel burner are sturdy and easy to clean
  • Cast aluminum body and lid for strength and durability
  • Built in thermometer allows you to check temperatures without lifting lid
  • AAA battery powered electronic ignition so you can truly tote and grill anywhere
  • Glass-reinforced nylon frame can withstand rough travel and shocks
  • Designed with handy side tables to hold tools and ingredients
  • Includes grease catch pan to facilitate clean and safe operation
  • Cookbox, lid assembly, stainless steel burner tubes, and cooking grates all under 5-year no rust or burn through warranty
  • Plastic parts under 5-year warranty
  • Everything else under 2-year warranty
  • Lots of accessories available from manufacturer
  • Compatible with a number of propane brands and sizes
  • Manufacturer sells almost every replaceable piece imaginable on their site
  • Free shipping and returns from the manufacturer


Easy to operate
Long, comprehensive warranties on parts
Compact, fits in a suitcase or large backpack
Doesn’t sacrifice power for portability
High quality materials and construction
One of the best grills around for tailgating
Reliable performance
Exceptional customer service
Bold, eye catching colors available


Single burner makes indirect cooking tricky
Gas connector position necessitates small tank or hose
Doug Stephen

Doug Stephen

Final Thoughts

Love being able to grill up the perfect kebab or burger everywhere from the backyard, to your RV, to the middle of the woods?

Then the highly portable and powerful little Weber Q1200 may be your dream grill. It’s made from rugged materials to withstand some serious use, and so simple to operate.

Whether it’s your tiny apartment balcony or the top of Niagara Falls, Weber has thought of all the details to make your grilling experience easy and delicious.

Plan your next adventure or rooftop picnic today with the Weber Q1200!

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