Weber Smokey Joe 14-Inch Portable Charcoal Grill Review

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Jim Bob – A long-time contributor to GrillBabyGrill. Jim has had a lifelong relationship with the art of grilling, passed on from his father and grandfather to him.
Weber Smokey Joe

We have zilch qualms against modern grills and griddles that come with automatic features, but nothing is as gratifying as cooking over a simple charcoal grill. This type of grill lets you have more control on how well your food cooks.

You have to adjust the temperature manually, flip your steaks severally, add more charcoal if need be, and keep on checking on your meal until it’s ready. This hands-on style of cooking allows you to connect more with your food and grill, and you are solely responsible for how your food tastes and comes out.

If this kind of grilling appeals to you, then you need to get yourself the Weber Smokey Joe 14-Inch Portable Charcoal grill today. This grill is small, but it does the job of a large grill far much better, exceeding expectations.

The fact that it is portable makes the Weber Smokey the ideal grill for impromptu barbecues anywhere, anytime. The best part is that it goes for less than 40 bucks.

Weber 10020 Smokey Joe

Weber Smokey Joe 14” Review and Breakdown

The Weber Smokey Joe 14 is a compact and lightweight charcoal grill designed for small capacity outdoor cooking. You can use this grill in the tightest of spaces such as your front yard or even your apartment balcony and enjoy a splendid BBQ experience.

With its portable design, this charcoal grill by Weber is convenient for picnics, tailgating, or camping. Although it doesn’t come with wheels, the grill weighs only 9 pounds making it easy to take along in your trips and excursions.

This little grill is widely acclaimed for its simplicity and ease of use. Besides, it is very easy to assemble since it does not come with any complicated parts that will take ages to set up. Even if you are not a do-it-yourself enthusiast, fixing this model only requires less than fifteen minutes.

Despite its small size, this charcoal grill always finds a way to hold multiple foods at once. It can hold up to five burgers, a couple of steaks and chops just like the bigger models. Even though the Smokey Joe is marketed as a 14-inch grill, the diameter of the cooking area is actually 14.5 inches.

The plated steel cooking grate distributes and retains heat remarkably well, ensuring your steaks and chops come out perfectly cooked. Moreover, the unit features a porcelain-enameled bowl and lid that retain heat inside the grilling area. It also has a no-rust aluminum vent that helps maintain your desired grilling temperature.

The glass-reinforced nylon handle stays cool throughout the grilling process so you can use this portable grill safely without burning your fingers or scalding your hands.

When all the grilling is over, the Smokey Joe promises you an easy time cleaning up. It comes equipped with an aluminum ash catcher designed for easy cleanups.


Measures 14.2 inches by 14.5 inches by 17 inches.
Cooking surface is 14.5 inches in diameter and 147 square inches.
Weighs 9 pounds out of the box.
Flexible design uses either ordinary charcoal or natural briquettes.
Portable for use at picnics, beaches, campgrounds, and tailgating parties.
Heavy-gauge steel cooking charcoal grate.
Comes with two rust-resistant aluminum dampers.
Porcelain-enameled bowl and lid lock in the heat
Glass-reinforced lid handle.
No-rust aluminum vent for optimal temperature control.
10-year limited warranty.


Small, compact design – a perfect fit for patio dinners and travel adventures.
Weighs only 9 lbs for portability.
Very easy to assemble as it does not have complicated parts.
Three-legged design for added stability.
Can cook food for up to 6 people at a time.
Supports two-zone cooking for indirect heat grilling.
The grill heats up quickly for fast cooking.
Porcelain-enameled bowl and lid retain heat in the grill.
Has a glass-reinforced weatherproof nylon lid handle that stays cool throughout the cooking process.
Adequate cooking area holds up to 3 steaks or 5 burgers at the same time.
No-rust aluminum dampers adjust the heat the grill creates by adding or restricting airflow.
Finish is fused to the steel to prevent rust, general wear and burn-offs for years of heavy use and travel.
Has an aluminum ash catcher that prevents ash from blowing onto your food.
Available in gold and silver models to match your aesthetics.
Quality grill available at a fraction of the price of most high-end models.


Although it has a portable design, the grill does not have side handles, meaning you cannot move it to a different spot when the charcoal is already hot.
The Weber Smokey Joe does not come with a thermometer; you have to buy one separately to monitor and control grilling temperature.
Depending on the dish you are making, this grill can only cook for up to 6 people at a time.
Jim Bob

Jim Bob

Final Thoughts

The Weber Smokey Joe 14” is the ideal charcoal grill for anyone who would love to introduce a pinch of simplicity in his or her outdoor cooking. This grill is small enough to take along in your travels and it can handle just about anything that comes its way.

Whether you want to sear a couple of large steak slabs or make quick burgers for your friends, the Smokey Joe 14 has got you covered in nearly all fronts. Besides, it supports two-zone cooking just in case you need to use indirect heat for your dishes.

The only worry is that it does not come with a thermometer, but buying the best digital thermometer quickly fixes this problem, and you can look forward to cooking delicious meals without much fuss.

In terms of value for money, we cannot reiterate enough just how well this grill offers the best bang for your buck. It costs less than 40 bucks, yet it comes with all the features found in most of the bigger models. Besides, it comes with a 10-year bowl and lid warranty and 5-year coverage on all plastic components.

Considering all these, we highly recommend the Weber Smokey Joe 14” anytime, any day.

Jim B.

Jim has had a lifelong relationship with the art of grilling, passed on from his father and grandfather to him. To him, grilling is more than just a way to cookit’s a way of life, and his travels have taken him far and wide, around the country and beyond to find the best there is in grilling and techniques. Every product he reviews is painstakingly looked over and tested using his extensive knowledge of the craft and personal experience. He currently lives in Tennessee, though never stays in one place for long.