Alcohol and Hard Liquor Consumption During the Covid-19 Pandemic

About a month ago, we asked a simple question: Which states are drinking the most during the Covid-19 outbreak? We know that there is a longstanding link between high stress and increased alcohol consumption, and wanted to know which states were hitting the bottle hardest during this time of unprecedented uncertainty.

After analyzing hundreds of thousands of Tweets, we discovered that these states were drinking the most:

1. Texas
2. California
3. New Mexico
4. Hawaii
5. Arizona
6. Nevada
7. Louisiana
8. Mississippi
9. Idaho
10. Georgia

coronavirus drinking states

We then wanted to take this one step further, and asked a follow-up question: What liquors are Americans drinking?

After analyzing Google search trends, we found that whiskey is the dominant drink preferred by Americans during the Covid-19 outbreak, except in the Northeast where there is a preference for Vodka. 

Kentucky stands out as the outlier as the lone state with a preference of Bourbon over Whiskey and Vodka.