Our Editorial Process

At GrillBabyGrill, we want to ensure you are getting the best reviews and guides with the most accurate information possible. Our team rigorously researches and tests each grill, smoker, and barbecue accessories, so you know what to expect when you buy one of our recommended products.

We Do Our Research

We start by looking at the top-recommended products on the barbecue market and from our affiliate partners, reading reviews, and looking at the item specifications. We look for products that really wow users and provide all the size, power, and quality you want in a barbecue product for your home at an affordable price. We make a list, and we start testing.

For our guides to gear, safety, and grilling, our experts have years of experience under their belts. Pitmasters to the highest degree, the GrillBabyGrill team uses their expertise, combined with plenty of research, to ensure we’re delivering the most accurate information to keep your grilling experiences safe and fun.

Writing and Editing Process

Once our writers craft the review or guide, they run them through editing software to catch any grammar mistakes and ensure their content is unique. We then have two professional editors line-edit each piece, double-checking for accuracy, ensuring the products align with GrillBabyGrill readers’ expectations for quality.

The editors send the finished products to Chet Daly, owner, and visionary of GrillBabyGrill. He reviews the content for accuracy and ensures each piece meets his exacting standard for his loyal audience.

Once the article gets the green light, Chet sends it to our web specialist, who gives the piece a final glance and adds our high-quality images. The finished result is an informative blog with plenty of images that enhance your understanding and reading experience.

Reviewing Old Articles

While our team does their best to deliver up-to-date information, the barbecuing world is continually changing and innovating. Sometimes old models of grills or smokers fall out of favor. We spend time each month reviewing product reviews and guides to ensure the information and products are current.

If we see a product link is no longer active, or the reviews have suddenly taken a dip, we investigate. Has the product quality dropped? Why is our affiliate partner no longer interested in carrying this model? Is there a newer, better model we should review instead? Armed with our knowledge and research, we continually check articles to ensure our readers get the inside scoop on everything barbecue first.