How We Test Our Products

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At, we take pride in providing information about high-quality products that are best suited to your needs. Our skilled team scours the web in search of the top brands to share with you. We start by looking at the most recommended products on the barbecue market and reviewing item specifications along with user feedback.

In addition to seeking out popular products, we aim to ensure that items we secure for testing are high quality and reasonably priced. The GrillBabyGrill team does this pricing research so that you don’t have to. We want you to feel confident knowing that the products recommended on our site have been carefully curated to filter out the flashy, overpriced gimmicks, leaving you with the best of the best.

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Our Testing Process

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When we find what we’re looking for, the products undergo a meticulous testing process to ensure they live up to the reputation that precedes them. Products are tested by our team of seasoned experts who bring years of personal grilling and smoking experience to the table. Testing weeds out the barbecue market products that aren’t living up to the hype when used in real-life situations.

Grills and smokers that possess features that are unnecessarily complicated or that our team doesn’t find effective can be filtered out so the products we deliver to you via our website are the most user-friendly.

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Our Team

The team testing products at Grill Baby Grill also possesses a wealth of knowledge about current market products through extensive research, which can be used in combination with their own product experiences to make accurate recommendations.

Ideal product testers are passionate about the product, which is why our team is made up of meat lovers who thrive on new grilling and cooking experiences. Their perspectives provide helpful information that can make your grilling experiences better.

A Love for BBQ

After 30 years of grilling, it’s become clear that each state and each individual has its own barbecue style, and the best way is how you prefer it. That’s why our recommendations can help you find the barbecue or smoker best suited to your needs, but it’s hard to get grilling advice, even from an expert. Your personal tastes dictate what product is best for your needs.

Our skilled team of researchers and testers is here to guide you and offer advice along the way, but we are eager for all our customers to explore the products and find what works for their unique grilling needs and budget