Thanksgiving is always an exciting time of year, but what are people most excited for?

Thanksgiving is already one of the biggest events in our calendars, and after such a difficult year, it’s even more exciting than usual. The beautiful fall colors, chilly Sunday afternoon walks and cosy nights by the fire make it even better. In fact, searches for ‘Thanksgiving sides’ on Google started as early as October!

Remembering what we’re thankful for after such a difficult year has never been more important, and with so much to look forward to on the big day, it’s hard to pin down exactly what makes America’s favorite holiday so great.

Is it all the mouth watering food everywhere? The fun family games we get involved in? Dressing the table with beautiful decorations? Or maybe it’s the delicious leftover recipes we get to try? For some people, it’s even choosing which beautiful nail designs to have for the occasion! 

With all these exciting traditions to look forward to, we at Grill Baby Grill wanted to find out exactly what our fellow Americans are looking forward to the most, and where across the nation they are.

To find out which elements of Thanksgiving people are most excited for, we delved into Google Trends data and found some interesting results!

Who’s most excited for Thanksgiving?

We had a look to see where people were searching for ‘Thanksgiving’ on Google the most this year and those in Hawaii are at the top of the leaderboard! People in Massachusetts and District of Columbia were the other states who were just as excited as Hawaiians. 

But were they just as excited last year?

The data actually revealed that people in Montana actually searched for ‘Thanksgiving’ the most in 2019, with Alaskans and Wyomingites closely following.

Who doesn’t love a slice of pie during the festive season? For some of us, baking a Thanksgiving pie is a family tradition, with many of us claiming to have the best pumpkin pie recipe. But where in the US are people planning to save some time on the pie?

Knocking up a delicious, crumbly pastry is quite a mystery to even the best of us, so maybe this year is the year many of us turn to the professionals for the perfect pie.

People in Minnesota, Colorado and Florida have clearly got the right idea for saving some time, as they are the states where people searched ‘Order pies for Thanksgiving’ the most.

We all know a huge Thanksgiving feast is something that can make even the toughest of years slightly easier, with yummy sides like mashed potatoes, stuffing and green bean casserole being at the top of the comfort food list. 

But exactly which side dishes should grace the table is often hotly debated.The holiday is steeped in tradition for millions of Americans, and sticking by the book when it comes to what’s on the menu is incredibly important. 

People in Connecticut, Wisconsin and Oklahoma searched the term ‘Traditional Thanksgiving sides’ the most, but for some Americans, spicing up the usual feast is all the rage. 

Those living in California and Texas searched for ‘New Thanksgiving sides’ the most. Maybe after such a strange year, it’s time to start looking up some new uniquely delicious dishes to add to your repertoire, such as pumpkin pecan bread pudding or a Greek stuffed acorn squash!

In fact, cooking up a Thanksgiving feast that is less traditional is quite common. According to Vegetariantimes, a study showed that a huge 7.3 million Americans are vegetarian with an additional 22.8 million following a vegetarian inclined diet.

But where in the US are people most likely to be chowing down on a slightly different Thanksgiving meal?

It’s veggies galore in Vermont, the District of Columbia and Delaware as they are the top three states where people are searching for a ‘Vegetarian Thanksgiving.’ 

If fish is your thing, California is the place to be if you’re on the lookout for some exciting pescatarian Thanksgiving dishes, as Californians are searching for ‘Pescatarian Thanksgiving’ on Google the most this year.

Shaking up a festive cocktail to impress your loved ones is a great activity and honestly, what’s better to wash down all of this food? People in Georgia, Virginia and New Jersey are clearly in agreement, as they searched ‘Best Thanksgiving cocktails’ the most, compared to the other states. 

Creating all of these delicious dishes takes lots of time and effort, but it’s all worth it when you finally place the plethora of side dishes, turkey, ham, bread rolls and drinks onto the table for your loved ones to enjoy. But having a beautifully dressed dining table to present your feast on is even better!

Those in the District of Columbia, Maine and New Mexico are clearly those who take a lot of pride in decoration, as they searched ‘Thanksgiving table decor’ the most on Google.

For some people, it’s not the food and drink that’s the most exciting thing to look forward to! Having the perfect outfit for those festive pictures is very important and for people who live in Oklahoma, Nevada and Utah having the best Thanksgiving nails is at the top of the list as they searched the term ‘Thanksgiving nail designs’ the most on Google this year.

Once you’ve cleared the table and wrapped up all of the leftovers (if there are any!) it’s time to start thinking about all the different leftover recipes you can come up with.

In fact, people are planning early this year, as searches for ‘Thanksgiving leftovers’ began increasing on the 11th of October, with those living in Vermont, Montana and West Virginia searching the term the most.

If you’re looking for some weird and wonderful leftover ideas to mix it up, you’re in the right place.

Why not try Thanksgiving nachos, all you have to do is line a baking dish with tortilla chips, sprinkle your leftover meat and vegetables over the chips. Drizzle over some cranberry sauce and top with cheese and jalapenos for that extra bit of spice!

If nachos aren’t your thing, why not put a twist on an American classic! Thanksgiving French toast is an easy and quick thing to knock up when you’re looking to nurse that hangover.

Assemble your favorite Thanksgiving leftovers between two pieces of sturdy bread and dip into French toast mix. Then all that’s left to do is fry until it’s cooked through!

Having leftovers last as long as possible is the best way to get back into the festive spirit when you’re looking for a snack. 

Mash bombs are a perfect choice! Just freeze gravy and then wrap with leftover mashed potatoes. Bread and deep fry as and when you want them!

So if you feel like it mixing it up this year you know what to do! Why not try a new pescatarian main mixed in with some veggie sides? Or perhaps you’ll host a ‘table decorating’ competition over video call with your loved ones.

Enjoying the festive season in its full force has never been more important this year! So take advantage of every snack on the table, every drink offered and make sure to laugh at the same stories your loved ones tell every year. Happy Thanksgiving!