The Best Propane Grills – For Ease & Convenience of Outdoor Grilling

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Quick to heat up, even heating and easy operation are some of the stand out features of our favorite propane gas grill. The Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill is the perfect pairing of function and affordability. This amazing propane grill is just one of many propane grills that we tested in search of the best propane grills.

When it comes to reliability you cannot beat the Weber name. The Spirit II E-310 grill is all of the things we like in a propane grill. It cooks evenly, is simple to use, and stands up to wear and tear with ease. For the backyard chef on a budget the Weber is hands down the best value for the price.

Our Top Choice

Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310
  • Cooks evenly. Perfect size. 10 year 100% Weber Guarantee.
  • Ignition is flawless, controls feel solid
  • It gets hot quickly- up to ~500 degrees in a few minutes
  • The heat is precise and cooks evenly




Weber 45020001 Spirit II E-310


  • Ignition is flawless, controls feel solid
  • It gets hot quickly up to ~500 degrees in a few minutes
  • Assembly was easy and cooks evenly
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Napoleon Prestige PRO 500


  • The construction is rock solid.
  • Less work in cleanup and maintenance
  • Looks great and it has all the options
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Blaze Premium LTE 32-Inch 4-Burner


  • Versatile, huge and can cook almost anything.
  • The interior is extremely well-designed
  • Huge and Practical
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Best Propane Grills

What You Need to Know About Propane

There’s really only three questions you need to ask yourself when buying a propane grill: how big, how hot, and how fancy do I want it?


How big you want your grill is going to vary by how big of a crowd you’re usually cooking for. For the average household of about four people, 450 to 500 square inches should work just fine. You also want to keep an eye out that your propane gas grill has enough burners to support whatever size you end up getting. You’re looking for three burners at that size, and an extra burner for about every 100 square inches you add to the size.



The standard measure for heat on most appliances is the British Thermal Unit (BTU). It’s especially important for cooking that you can hit and sustain the right number for your volume. Some might tell you bigger and hotter is always better, but like with anything it really depends on what you’re doing.


This is where you ask yourself whether you want nice extras like a side burner for heating sauces, a smoker attachment, rotisserie, extra counter space, tool racks, and things of that nature.

Accessories are varied and usually optional, so it’s really up to what you think you’ll need. If an accessory comes included in the grill I’ll generally point it out as a plus, but keep in mind that it does add a bit to the price, so if you want to save a little money on something you don’t need, you can try to find the same grill in its most bare bones model.

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Top 10 Best Gas Grills Reviews for 2023

1. Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310

Why you’ll love this:

This is a very nice propane grill; one of the Spirit models with all the trimmings. It includes everything you’d expect from a good propane grill: easy infinity ignition, two very high powered burners, flavorizer bars, and a grease management system that keeps everything easy to clean so you can get on with your life after cooking.

The power in particular is a standout feature, blowing past our expectations on how the heat from a burner should be distributed. All this at a great price means the Spirit II was an easy pick for our winner.

What We Liked

  • This is a thick grill. That’s the first thing that springs to mind when looking at it. The stainless steel construction manifests in what almost feel like steel girders propping this grill up from the bottom, and it makes this one of the most solid feeling grills we’ve ever reviewed. Despite this, the huge all terrain wheels make it easy to move around on both flat surfaces and grass.
  • The interior is very well made here, with huge flavorizer bars that not only help keep your food tasting extra nice, but make it very easy to clean due to both its shape and the nonstick porcelain coating. Rounding things out is a very nice grease management system that simplifies and speeds up a lot of the cleaning involved with grilling.
  • Convenience is sort of the name of the game of this grill, with its handy tool hooks on the side of the grill, one touch ignition, and other quality of life features.
  • This grill is extremely inexpensive compared to a lot of other models here and that affordability is one of its biggest draws. It has a lot more features than extremely low end grills, but you won’t feel a huge sticker shock for buying it. That makes this a great intermediate grill for someone who wants something a little fancier but isn’t sure about dropping thousands for a top of the line model yet.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Unfortunately, this grill is not without its flaws, and the actual grill part is the biggest one here. The burners clock in at 10, 000 BTUs a piece, and the three of them are serviceable for its 424 square inches of cooking space…but that’s all they are. This grill is weirdly small on the inside, and you’d think it would at least have perfect heat coverage to make up for it.
  • The flip side to that sturdy “girders on wheels” design we talked about above is that this grill is bulky and takes up a lot of space for a grill of its size. This would be fine if it was backed up by things that mitigate that, like spacious storage under the cart, but that isn’t the case here. There’s room for the propane tank and not much else.
  • Last, but not least, this grill is weirdly annoying to assemble. Most people report that the instructions are a bit confusing and you’re never entirely sure if you’re doing it right until you get it done…which can take hours. This is backed up by our own experiences with the grill.

Rather than rehashing the exact specifications, a quick rundown of why this grill is good is in order. While there are some grills that do some things better than this Weber, it is one of the best overall packages on the market. It is sized perfectly for the majority of people, being neither too large nor too small.

It uses a reasonable amount of gas by not trying to sell you on more heat output than you really need. It’s constructed of sturdy, long lasting materials that you don’t have to worry about rusting or rotting away on your patio, while being small enough to wheel in and out of a garage for storage if circumstances demand it as well.

It has a fair amount of table space without extending the arms so far that storage becomes a pain or it becomes impossible to fit on smaller porches.In short, the Weber Spirit is the perfect grill for the average person, with everything you need and nothing you don’t, choosing instead to execute well on the fundamentals rather than trying to sell you on gimmicks and extras

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2. Napoleon Prestige PRO 500 Propane Grill

Napoleon Prestige Pro

Why you’ll love this:

This is a powerful, well built stainless steel grill that jam packs a lot of quality into a medium sized package. Most importantly, it comes in at a medium sized price compared to similar options out there for stainless steel propane grills. As an added bonus, the blue accent lights on the knobs are both practical (letting you grill more easily in the dark) and give it an added flair that other grills like this lack!

What We Liked

  • This grill has a lot of grilling area, boasting 500 square inches of primary grilling surface. This is more than enough to fit most meals, and feed even large parties of people. Even better, it has an unusually large warming rack surface, making up an extra 400 square inches of interior space for warming sauces, resting meat, and otherwise prepping dinner far away from the coals.
  • This grill offers a lot of quality of life features, with large and wide side tables for prep bolstered by the rest of the good features on the cart, like the smoothly gliding (and locking!) wheels, and very easy to clean grill bars.
  • This grill is powerful, with a large number of high powered burners that can cook pretty much anything you could want. 12, 000 BTU per burner is nothing to sneeze at, and spread across four burners is an amazing spread of heat. Rounding things out is a 14, 000 BTU side burner built into the right side table that can sear any meat with ease, and helps ensure perfect steaks every time.
  • A plethora of extra features rounds everything out and gives this grill a lot of staying power. Chief among them is the super powerful 18, 000 BTU rear burner, for use with the included rotisserie kit. But you shouldn’t overlook the very nice lighting and accents on the grill that not only make it look snazzy, but make it easier to use at night.

What We Didn’t Like

  • This grill is extremely expensive compared to other grills on the market, and is best bought on some kind of sale. It’s not the most expensive we’ve ever seen, but it’s definitely in the upper echelons in terms of price.
  • The rotisserie kit is a bit bulky and annoying in some cases. It takes up a lot of the interior space of the grill and can make it difficult to get some grilling or smoking tasks done if you’re trying to cook multiple bulky foods (like roasts, whole chickens, etc.).
  • The under part of the carriage is where you’d normally have a good amount of storage space, but the Napoleon is pretty cramped under there. There’s room for the propane tank but not much else to speak of, so you’ll have to find somewhere else to store your accessories.

The Napoleon Prestige line of grills as an interesting one. They’re a bit too expensive to call a “budget” grill without a large amount of irony, but they do still fill that niche in the subset of the market they call home: fully featured back yard“kitchens” masquerading as grills.

This grill is large, offering a very respectable 500 square inch primary cooking surface, alongside 400 square inches of warming space inside as well. It’s pretty rare to see a grill with almost as much space on the warming rack, but this makes it great for getting everything done quickly and efficiently, without letting any of the food get cold if it gets done before something else.

The burners are very solid, with four primary 12, 000 BTU burners, an 18, 000 BTU rear burner for use with its included rotisserie kit, and rounding things out is a 14, 000 BTU searing burner for getting perfect steaks.

Construction is of course solid stainless steel, but is easy to clean with the “self-cleaning” flavorizer bars and wide drip pan.

Finally, while the storage space under the cart leaves much to be desired, it has a number of great prep features: including very wide, foldable side tables and even a built-in ice bucket!

3. Blaze Premium LTE 32-Inch 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill

Blaze LTE 32-Inch 4-Burner - BLZ-4LTE2-NG

Why you’ll love this:

This is the extra large grill that every grilling fanatic dreams of, with a massive grilling area and a ludicrous amount of general quality in construction. Everything here is top-of-the-line and designed for maximum grilling power with excellent all-around performance and heating power. Best of all, it’s designed to not only be easy to clean but to resist any kind of staining or discoloration! With minimal maintenance it will stay just as shiny as the day you bought it.

What We Liked

  • This grill is absolutely, almost unreasonably huge with 715 square inches of cooking space; almost half again as large as the average full sized grill on the market. This isn’t quite an industrial sized grill, but you could easily open a small business on the back of this puppy, and it would last you a decent while. 
  • In addition to the size, the construction is impeccable. Powerful stainless steel construction means this grill is built to last, not only from resistance to wear and tear but to corrosion with even minimal concern for the upkeep of this grill. As long as you’re not leaving it in the rain all day, every day this grill will keep in good condition and looking fine pretty much forever.
  • The interior of the grill is extremely well designed, with triangle shaped bars that not only “flavorize” your food by vaporizing any drippings and reincorporating the juices back into the meal, but they also encourage what’s left to slide off more easily, reducing the amount of cleanup you need to do.
  • The under cart storage here is spacious and easy to use for any purposes you’d need. It’s one of the best on the market in this regard, and fitting given how the rest of the grill’s theme seems to be “go big or go home”.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The main issue with this grill is the lack of quality of life features. For how big everything else is, the side tables are awfully skimpy, and this extends to a lot of other things about the grill beyond its basic functionality.
  • Likewise, it lacks any big draws in terms of extra features like a rotisserie or other huge bonuses, which makes it a bit hard to recommend unless the only thing that matters to you is the size of the grilling space inside.
  • The final kicker is the price on this grill, which is as huge as its interior grilling space…and significantly less exciting. As a business expense this grill isn’t so bad. As something you want to pick up for home use…maybe reconsider whether you actually need something this huge and expensive.

This grill is both huge and practical, which is always a nice mix.

With 715 square inches of primary grilling space, you can potentially run into issues. It takes a lot of power to heat that much grill, and excellent placement of the burners to do it evenly and without “spillover”.

Thankfully, Blaze went above and beyond on this one to produce a grill with perfectly even heating from its four 14, 000 BTU primary grill burners. The slightly angled grill bars combined with the flame separators let you cook any food, at any temperature in each of the zones.

Things are perfectly balanced to ensure that using one zone to sear your steak and the other to cook your veggies results in sad, overcooked vegetables. It’s a big deal, and something a lot of grills sadly get wrong. The complete stainless steel construction is of course nice, and it’s great that it’s easy to clean and very stain resistant to boot.

The only real gripes I’d have is that it lacks a lot in the frills department, with no real extras to speak of. Everything here is extremely high quality, but for the price they’re asking you’d usually expect to see stuff like rotisserie attachments.

4. Weber Summit E-670 Propane Gas Grill

Weber Summit S-670

Why you’ll love this:

This is the extra large grill that every grilling fanatic dreams of, with a massive grilling area and a ludicrous amount of general quality in construction. The Weber Summit is the ultimate fully featured grilling machine, with the ability to cook just about anything with ease. The sheer number of features is impressive, but it’s fit into a package that isn’t super bulky or hard to move around.Night grilling is also a snap with convenient tool hooks and automatic interior lighting that saves energy when the lid is closed!

What We Liked

  • In terms of size and heat, this is one of the best grills on the market. With 624 square inches of grilling space, it’s bigger than average, and the six burners (each with a solid 10, 000 BTU of heat output) help distribute heat evenly. Don’t let the individual burners being weaker than average fool you; the two extra primary burners more than makes up for it, since the full 12, 000 BTUs of the average burner never really come to bear in most situations.
  • The extras here are not only nice, they’re downright exciting. The 12, 000 BTU side burner for searing is fairly par for the course, but still nice. Even better is the excellent smoker box attached to the grill, and the rotisserie that hangs out with it that really gives this grill a ton of oomph. The rotisserie even folds away when not in use so you don’t run into the issue of the rotisserie getting in the way when you’re cooking something else.
  • The cart here is also excellent. Not only do you get a ton of under cart storage space (fairly rare, surprisingly) but huge, wide side tables that make prep work easy and give you a lot of wiggle room to do whatever you need to do.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The only problem with the interior of this grill is that the grill bars are weirdly…standard. They’re the same cylindrical grill bars you’d expect to see inside of a cheap kettle grill, and are very out of place for such a high end and otherwise excellently designed, luxury grill.
  • Perhaps a weird criticism, but the grill almost has too many great features. Using the grill, especially over in the smoker box area, can feel really cramped at times due to just how much stuff is crammed into this package. And the package is by no means small to begin with…but maybe it could have stood to have a bit more breathing room.
  • As with a lot of these types of grill, this is an extremely expensive option. You want to think very carefully on whether you actually need everything this grill offers before you commit to taking out a second mortgage to buy it.

Weber is often known for budget grills, but their occasional forays into top end grills like the Summit show that they’ve got it when it counts.

This is an interesting “light heavyweight” grill with a more than respectable, though not astoundingly huge, 624 square inches of primary cooking space.
This space is serviced by six 10, 000 BTU stainless steel burners that provide very even coverage over the size of the grill. 10, 000 BTU per 100 square inches (give or take a few) is an amazing amount of coverage, and actually comes out to significantly better cooking power than having fewer, more powerful burners like a lot of these extra-large grills go for.

All stainless steel construction is here, as expected, though the grill grating on this one is surprisingly…standard for such a high end grill. Not subpar by any means, but there are no real standout features you could remark on here. But what gives this option a leg up over others is that it not only has a plethora of additional features, but makes them convenient as well! The 12, 000 BTU side burner is great for searing or heating up sauces and soups on the side. It’s also flush mounted and has a cover on it that turns it back into a side table if needed.

The side tables are spacious and perfect for helping with prep on a grill this size.

But the big feature here is probably the smoker box, which not only comes with a rotisserie attachment, but allows for it and the rotisserie motor to be tucked away when not in use, freeing up extra space!

5. Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Char-Broil Classic 360

Why you’ll love this:

This is a very minimalist propane gas grill, with no real fancy features. It has a very rudimentary design, with thin and lightweight construction, but more than anything else: it gets the job done.

For such an inexpensive grill, this is a surprisingly rare quality. It’s built well enough to last, light enough to move, and with enough performance to cook anything you’d ever want, so if you find yourself with a tight budget or just lower needs, this is a great pick.

For family dinners and entertaining, you can’t go wrong with the 360 from Char-Broil, which features porcelain-coated grates. The grate found on the bottom offers 360 square inches of cooking space and places foods as close as possible to the heat source for fast and even heating. With the swing-a-way rack, you get an extra 170 square inches of cooking and warming space. That grate has a porcelain-coated surface too for easier cleaning.

Thanks to the three burners and control knobs, you can set up areas for different foods. This ensures that all foods come out perfectly cooked and lets you use more than one temperature as you grill. The control knobs are easy to reach as you stand next to the grill too.

Prepping for a cookout is easy thanks to the side shelves attached to the grill. Each shelf measures 12 by 13 inches and has a flat and level surface to keep bottles of marinades and other ingredients from falling over. Char-Broil used the same type of metal on the wheels as it did on the shelves. Those wheels make it easy to transport the grill to any spot in your yard.

The Classic 360 is perfect for amateur grillers who just want something they can turn on, occasionally throw a burger or a steak onto, and enjoy a home grilled meal once in a while. It’s less good for true grilling aficionados, but it isn’t made for them.

6. Weber 51060001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill

Weber 51060001 Q1200

Why you’ll love this:

The Weber Q series are some of the best portable gas grills on the market, and the Q1200 is no exception. While it’s not one of the best Q series models, it does have a much more reasonable price than many, with decent cooking power.

Primarily though, its strength lies in how durable and compact it is, while still allowing a compact tabletop model to provide extra utility in the form of the side tables and cast iron cooking grates, which add to the overall quality of the grill. A fine choice if you need a portable gas grill, though it’s no replacement for a full sized model.

The best you can get for camping with propane. Weber Q1200 is one of the best small gas grills for those with small outdoor spaces. It has a great design that lets you make all your favorite BBQ dishes without taking away space from your guests. Though the compact design makes this an easy grill to store, it gives you 189 square inches of cooking space.

Each side of the grill has a small table that is the perfect size for prepping veggies and other ingredients. Those shelves fold flat against the grill too when not in use. No matter where you want to store the grill, you’ll find that it can fit.

Fully assembled and ready to go right out of the box, this grill uses a simple AAA battery to run. It comes with cast iron cooking grates that have a porcelain enamel coating on top. That coating helps your food come away easily without sticking and makes the grates easy to clean.

Designed to work with small liquid propane cylinders, the Q1200 is a good grill for camping and tailgating too. You can take a few cylinders to make sure that you have enough gas to last for the weekend or more.

7. Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill

Coleman RoadTrip 285

Why you’ll love it:

As far as portable propane gas grills go, this is an interesting one. If you want something with a built in cart that can be used at the same height as a normal grill, this has you covered.

Simultaneously it maintains a relatively compact profile when folded up, and takes up about as much space as a small suitcase. However, in terms of performance it falls well short of other models, with a two burner system that is simply too weak to properly provide heat for the entire oversized grilling space.

A great grill for use on campgrounds and tailgating.

You no longer need to spend a lot of money at restaurants when you take road trips because you can take this Coleman grill with you and cook anywhere you go. As one of the most portable grills, it weighs less than others and has a compact size that lets you store it in your trunk, the backseat or even on the roof of your car. It takes only minutes to set up when it’s time to cook.

With 285 square inches of cooking space and 20,000 BTUs, this grill lets you cook and start eating in less time than it would take to find a restaurant and place an order. It has three independent burners each controlled by a knob that lets you select the right temperature. There is also a push-button ignition start located between those knobs.

Thanks to the integrated thermometer, you can now test your meats without lifting the lid and letting the heat escape. It also has two side tables that you can use to keep your utensils nearby and for prepping. When cooking fatty cuts of meat, you’ll like that the water pan collects all that liquid for easy disposal.

8. Best Gas Grill Under $200 – Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet

Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet

Why you’ll love it:

Extraordinarily light and portable.

The bright red color of this grill will catch the eye when tailgating and make others come over to see what you have on the grates. That bright red finish is durable enough for daily and regular use and won’t peel or chip away from the surface. It uses shades of both red and silver to give it a sleek look too.

Designed for use on the go, the 180T comes with folding legs that provide stability to the grill and fold out of the way for storage. Weighing less than 14 pounds, this grill is easy to move because it folds to the shape of a briefcase. You can even use the handle to carry it as you would a suitcase.

With a porcelain grate inside that offers 145 square inches of cooking space, this grill can make up to cook burgers, 10 pieces of chicken or eight steaks at the same time and can also accommodate a full four pounds of fish and seafood. The porcelain enamel coated grates keep the 5,000 BTUs close to your food to help it cook evenly and properly. It also features a locking lid that keeps the lid securely shut.

9. Coleman Roadtrip 225 Portable Propane Grill

Coleman Roadtrip 225

Why you’ll love it:

Small in price and size, but good value.

From tailgating in parking lots before the big game to cooking in campgrounds without power, this little Coleman grill can handle it all. It has a compact design that can fit into the trunk of your car but features all the cooking space that you need. When you lift the lid, you’ll see grates inside with 225 square inches of space for all your food.

Cooking for a crowd or a group is easy with this model because it features two burners that each have a control knob on the outside. Coleman added graphics that show you which way to turn each one to increase and decrease the heat. It also features a push ignition that brings the grill to life in seconds when you hook up a propane cylinder and press down on the button.

When it comes to cooking greasy and fatty foods, you’ll like the grease collection pan located on the base of the grill. All the grease and other liquids that fall off your foods will land in this pan. You can add some water to keep the grease from sticking and dump the pan when you finish cooking.

10. Broil King Porta-Chef 320 Propane Gas Grill.

Broil King Porta-Chef 320

Why you’ll love it:

One of the best grills for camping and tailgating comes from Porta-Chef. The 320 has three stainless steel burners and a total output of 18,000 BTUs, which makes it one of the strongest grills around. Thanks to the handy knobs on the front, you can easily increase and decrease the heat for each burner to cook multiple foods that all come out perfectly cooked at the same time.

Broil King has very few products to choose from, so by default the Porta-Chef 320 is its best product. Thankfully that product is good, and fills a unique middle ground between small but weak portable grills and large but nearly immovable full size grills.

It’s functional enough to serve as your home grill, and is a great value for tailgating or camping on campgrounds or near a cabin (I wouldn’t lug one out into the woods, though).

The Porta-Chef is great for the person that just wants to buy one grill they can use in any circumstance, which is something you don’t see very often.

Designed with portability in mind, this grill has legs that snap into place on the base. When you need to carry it, you can remove those legs, which will also reduce the overall size of the grill for convenient storage. The legs lock in place too when you set up the grill. Also included are metal shelves for prepping ingredients that fold flat.

Suitable for those who want to make amazing grilled dishes away from home, the 320 portable grill has six flames inside that provide heat to the grates through each of the three burners. It also features a linear flow valve that works in all weather conditions to keep the flames alive as the wind blows.

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Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310

These are all the propane grills we’re looking at today, but hopefully it gives a wide enough selection to allow everyone to make an informed choice no matter what your purpose.

We’ve got portable grills, home grills, and even grills that fall in between here, so there should be something for everyone. If you’re not sure what to get, the Spirit II is still your safest bet, being by far the highest quality here, but if you’ve got a specific preference anything here should do.

Pros and Cons of Propane Grills


  • Gas grills may come with side burners or smokers – These options make your grill versatile with the ability to cook diverse foods on the same appliance.
  • Healthier – Cooking over natural gas and propane does not emit carcinogens related to burning wood or charcoal.
  • Cooks food quickly – Natural gas and propane burn easily at higher temperatures, giving the griller total control over searing.
  • Gives food an authentic barbecue flavor – As the grill plates and burners become more seasoned, the flavors infuse into grilled food. Additionally, gas grills are awesome for cooking ribs and other sloppy sauce foods.
  • Gives food an authentic barbecue flavor – As the grill plates and burners become more seasoned, the flavors infuse into grilled food. Additionally, gas grills are awesome for cooking ribs and other sloppy sauce foods.


  • Not portable if attached to a natural gas line – Once these grills are attached to the gas line, they become permanent fixtures in their outdoor space, much like a gas stove.
  • Usually larger than charcoal or electric grills – Because of their additional features, gas grills may be more cumbersome and clunky than their easily moveable counterparts.
  • Require a lot of space and may not be allowed at some housing complexes – Cooking with gas can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing and fires can start easily if you’re not careful.
  • Propane tanks can be dangerous – For on-the-go grillers, it’s important to remember to secure your propane tanks while traveling to and from the stadium after a tailgate. Hooking the tank up to your grill must be done correctly so a fire hazard isn’t presented.
  • Hard to achieve a smoky flavor in your meats – Without the benefit of wood or charcoal, that famous smoky flavor is difficult to incorporate without the help of a smoker box.

How To Turn On Your Gas Grill

Grillers and gas grills are like a match made in heaven. In any case, these grills come equipped with high-end features that make them easier to operate, and you can cook delicious meals without having to stock a fire.

However, do not be mistaken. Lighting up a gas grill is not as straightforward as it looks, and it takes more than just turning a knob.

In this post, we discuss how to turn on a gas grill safely and precautions to take when operating your grill.

Can You Add Charcoal in a Gas Grill

If you intend to add charcoal to your gas grill, you have to invest in a dual-fuel grill that comes with a charcoal basket or tray. Such grills are not only expensive to buy but also costly to maintain. With this in mind, it is a good idea to buy a smoker box or tube to obtain the smoky flavor you want instead of adding charcoal to your gas grill.

If you prefer charcoal we have the latest best charcoal grills reviews.

How Many BTU Does Your Propane Grill Needs

Science and technical terms are often a source of confusion when researching potential purchases. In terms of propane grills, BTUs are widely discussed without discerning what significance they actually have.

Once you’re aware of what BTUs are and their importance to a grill’s performance, you can buy with confidence. While the number of BTUs is important, the grill’s overall quality plays a huge part.

General rule of thumb is looking for 80-100 BTUs per square inch of space, per burner. Any more than that is overkill and risks burning your food, any less and you’ll find yourself cooking longer and often drying out your meal just getting it to the proper temperature.

Using Gas Grill on a Wooden Deck

While cement patios or outdoor kitchens located away from the house are ideal for grilling, wooden decks attached to the house provide unique challenges. Grilling here is convenient but can also lead to fires. Follow safety precautions diligently, and you’ll worry less about a fire breaking out when enjoying that next meal grilled to perfection.

We have here the complete gas grill on wood deck safety tips

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