Christmas Turkey or Christmas Tofu? Which US states are abandoning tradition for the festive season?

After such a stressful twelve months, we can all breathe a sigh of relief, as the most wonderful time of the year is finally here.

There are so many wonderful things to look forward to, getting into the festive spirit can put a smile on even the most stubborn resting Grinch face.

Everywhere is decorated with sparkles, baubles, ribbon and tinsel. We even get to change out of our work from home pyjamas and put on our best glad rags for our (virtual) Christmas parties.

Oh, and of course, who could forget, the delicious food!

It’s quite easy to work up a huge appetite when you spend your entire Christmas morning opening up plenty of presents, so it’s no surprise that Christmas dinner is the highlight of many people’s holiday. 

Tables across America will be piled high with a delicious feast for us all to sit down and enjoy, but an unconventional year brings unconventional Christmas dinners.

So where in the USA will people be tucking into a slightly different Christmas dinner this year?

To find out, here at, delved into Google Trends data, to see which states have been searching key phrases the most.

Making a huge Christmas dinner for all of our loved ones can be quite the time consuming task, making it easy to overlook other elements of the holiday. But for some people, what’s on the menu for Christmas eve is at the top of the priority list. 

People in Montana, Delaware and North Dakota searched for “Christmas Eve dinner ideas” the most this year. Preparations also seem to have begun early, as the searches began to rise a whole month before the big day.

Some of us don’t really fancy spending all day in the kitchen, and who can blame them! But it’s those in Hawaii, Oregon and Indiana that have decided to skip cooking all together this year. People in those states searched for ‘Order Christmas Dinner’ the most this year, so they can focus more on relaxing during the holidays. 

Whilst ordering a Christmas dinner is a sure way to give your kitchen a break over the holidays, some people want to really treat themselves for Christmas and make new traditions!

For people in Florida and Texas, making new traditions might be on the cards, as they searched for ‘Restaurants open on Christmas day near me 2020’ the most this year. 

If you’re expecting clear skies on the big day, maybe it’s time to get your grill on! Christmas dinner on a BBQ is a great way to get your loved ones involved in the cooking, and introduce some new delicious dishes to the menu.

In fact, those in Texas, South Carolina and Arkansas are prepping the backyard BBQ for Christmas this holiday season, as they searched for a ‘Christmas BBQ’ the most on Google this year.

Getting your to-do list done early is a great source of satisfaction, especially for those living in Kentucky, West Virginia and New Mexico, as for them, preparations began early.

People living in those states searched for ‘Christmas sides’ the most and searches began rising as early as the 22nd of November.

With all this talk of the side dishes, we can’t forget the main centrepiece of the table! The term ‘Christmas turkey’ was searched plenty of times, with Wyomingites getting ready to buy the bird early, as searches peaked on the 22nd of November.

But in the spirit of an unconventional year, some people are looking for something a bit different to the standard turkey. 

Searches for ‘Vegetarian Christmas’ began rising on the 29th of November, and people in Vermont, Montana and the District of Columbia searched the term the most. So perhaps we’re going to be seeing more nut roasts instead of turkeys on tables this year. 

People in Hawaii, Oregon and Rhode Island are also looking for a meat free Christmas this year as they searched for a ‘Vegan Christmas’ the most on Google this year.

What would a succulent Christmas feast be without a delicious cocktail to wash it down with? Adding a bit of edible glitter to your drink or some festive spices makes it even more special.

Those living in Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts, are getting ready to have a Christmas tipple as they searched for ‘Christmas cocktails’ on Google the most this year. 

Once everyone is stuffed and the drinks have been finished it’s time to wrap up the leftovers, if there are any!

People in Ohio, Virginia and Florida are already getting excited for turkey sandwiches and reheated figgy pudding, as they searched the term ‘Christmas leftovers’ the most.

After such a difficult year, this Christmas is extra special, no matter where you’re celebrating the festive season. Whether you’re looking forward to the food, the presents or spending time with your loved ones, make sure to stay safe.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!