How to Build a DIY Fire Pit Table in 5 Easy Steps

Last Updated on August 17, 2021

Doug Stephen

Doug Stephen

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How to Build a DIY Fire Pit Table in 5 Easy Steps

Fire pit tables are a gorgeous addition to any backyard or patio. Fire pit tables create a luxurious atmosphere where friends and family can gather and spend time together, no matter the season.

Buying best patio fire pits for your home can cost anywhere from $300 to over $3,000. That is why when you buy these types of products you need to be sure that they are the best quality for your money. pro

The alternative to purchasing is making your own homemade fire pit. With just a little elbow grease and creativity, you can build your own fire pit table for much less money.

By taking time to plan your design and using repurposed material, your DIY fire pit table can be a unique centerpiece for your next gathering and the focus of all your backyard events or grilling events.

1. The Planning Phase

Planning is an important step in building a DIY fire pit table. Once you know the different types of fire pits, you’ll need to have a plan. Part brainstorming, part proactive problem solving, this phase helps you address important aspects of building your DIY fire pit table. Ask yourself the following questions during this brainstorming phase.

What do you want your fire pit table to look like? 

This is the most important factor to consider. Your fire pit table will be a large fixture in your yard or patio, so you want to make sure it fits in with your aesthetic. Fire pit tables can be round, square, or rectangular, so you need to figure out which shape is right for you.

You’ll also want to consider what type of material would look best for your DIY fire pit table. Do you like modern and sleek, industrial or minimalist, or perhaps even a rugged, outdoor look? Whatever your ideal is, it is important to have clarity here so you can pick the right materials.

Where do you want to put your fire pit table?

Decide where you’ll place your fire pit table. This will affect the shape you decide to make it, as well as the size. It is important to consider how big you want your fire pit table to be. It needs to fit into the space where you will put it.

Also, consider elements like height and bulk. You want to ensure the fire pit table fits comfortably in the desired space, leaving room for chairs and people to move around safely.

Do you want to use propane or natural gas?

This can be the most complicated decision about the DIY fire pit table. It is an important choice, so research each option to decide which is better for your environment and location.

Typically propane tanks are the easier option because they are simple to operate, can be quickly moved, and don’t require professional installation. They are also easily hidden inside the fire pit table’s design. However, they need to be refilled or replaced when they run out of gas.

Natural gas is a good option if you consistently use your fire pit and want it to be a permanent part of your outdoor set-up. You don’t have to refill anything, and once installed, the gas is always available. The biggest downside is that you must have a natural gas line professionally installed, which increases the cost of your DIY fire pit table.

Are there any legal regulations in your area? 

One final aspect to address in your planning session is to make sure there are no legal regulations that would apply to your DIY fire pit table. Check with your local fire department before moving forward with any plans to make sure you follow any guidelines.

2. Choosing the Materials

Choosing the right materials for your DIY fire pit table is an exciting part of the process. Depending on the visual of your fire pit table, you may prefer wood, concrete, stone, or tiles for the outer wall of your fire pit table.

While these materials are important to the look and feel of your fire pit table, ensure the inner wall of your fire pit table is constructed of a safe, fireproof material such as stone, brick, or flagstone. Do not use flammable material near the heat source.

Additionally, pick the right fire pit insert and burner for your table. There are many aspects to consider based on your design. The material, the shape, the size, and the type of starter, are all elements you’ll want to consider when choosing this material.

3. Building the Fire Pit Table

Once you have your design and materials ready, you can begin building your DIY fire pit table. The exact building process you follow depends on whether you are building from scratch or using an existing piece of furniture.

At a basic level, you want to build a reinforced table structure and ensure it meets the aesthetic you desire. Next, insert your fire pit insert and burner. Ensure it is connected to your gas source correctly. Then, insert fire pit fillers like fire glass or lava rock to cover the burner. You can now test your fire pit.

4. Fire Pit Table Safety

DIY fire pit tables are a great addition to your backyard, but they can be hazardous. Adhere to fire safety ruleswhen you are using your fire pit.

Never leave children or pets unattended near a lit fire pit. Always supervise if children or pets are near the structure and turn off the gas source when you are finished using the fire pit table. Never leave it burning unattended.

Schedule a check-up by a professional once a year to ensure your fire pit table is running safely with no issues. This is essential if you have a natural gas line.

5. Fire Pit Table Upkeep

To ensure your fire pit table operates efficiently and safely, perform regular upkeep on your fire pit table. Routinely clear out any debris on your fire pit table. Clean the burner with warm soapy water to remove buildup on its surface. You can keep the fire pit covered when not in use to lessen debris and buildup.

Doug Stephen

Doug Stephen

Enjoying Your DIY Fire Pit Table

Now it is time to sit back and enjoy your DIY fire pit table. Grab a snack and invite your friends and family to join you. Building a DIY fire pit table is an easy project that doesn’t take too much time or money. The result is an exceptional centerpiece where you can relax and build memories with those you love.

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