Do Misting Fans Work in High Humidity? What To Consider When Investing in an Outdoor Cooling System

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Do Misting Fans Work in High Humidity?

Summer is the time for backyard cookouts and soaking up the sunshine, but when humidity rises, it can turn a blissful outdoor experience into an uncomfortable event. Whether it’s deterring you from hosting summer parties or you simply can’t get through the day because of the relentless heat, you’re going to need a solution to beat the humidity.

Investing in outdoor cooling technology is the answer you’ve been searching for. Systems like misting fans provide cool relief on those hot summer days, so your social calendar will soon be filled up with patio parties for your friends and family.

1. How Does a Misting Fan Work?


A misting fan works using a water supply, a pressurized pump, and a regular blowing fan to pump water out of misting nozzles to produce a fine spray. This spray is then released into the atmosphere, and the airflow from the fan spreads the mist, cooling down the surrounding air. 

There are three types of cooling you can benefit from when using a misting fan, including: 

  1. Conduction – This occurs when the heat from your body is transferred to the cooler surrounding area. 
  2. Convection – This refers to the transfer of heat in the atmosphere due to the movement of the air and water vapor molecules caused by the fan’s oscillation. 
  3. Evaporative cooling – This occurs when the water vapor from the misting fan makes the air cooler. 

Evaporative cooling provides the biggest difference and ensures relief from the oppressive humidity. This is because the process requires energy to take the heat from the air and make it cooler.

What’s more, these systems use small water droplets that evaporate faster. This means the cooling process is quicker. In the highest quality misting systems, the water droplets create mist that is so minuscule – 10 microns or smaller – that flash evaporation happens instantly. This means the mist evaporates instantly in the air before it even reaches the ground. Not only does this cool the air, but it also ensures there is no water left to wet you or any surrounding areas.

2. How Does Humidity Affect Misting Fans?

In hot, dry conditions, more water can be held in the air, meaning evaporative cooling can occur more effectively. In comparison, humid environments make it harder to instantly evaporate water because the air is already extremely damp. This may raise the question, “do misting fans work in high humidity?”

Misting fans will work in humid conditions; they just may not operate at such a high rate compared to dryer environments. For example, in areas such as Louisiana, where humidity levels can reach a staggering 60% on a 100°F day, a high-quality misting fan can still cool the air by up to 15°C.

3. Choose the Right System for Humid Environments

Unlike other areas where humidity levels aren’t a concern, there are some factors you should consider for your environment, specifically. 

In particular, you should ensure you’ve chosen the right fan for your location and made sure it was installed correctly. When choosing the right fan for you, make sure you consider these factors:

  • The type and density of the mist
  • The water source, whether from a storage tank or water line
  • The dimensions of the fan relative to your outdoor space
  • The number of fan speeds to adjust the misting output for different humidity levels

Industry professionals recommend that people who live in incredibly humid environments invest in high-pressure misting fans. This is because they have the ability and power to reduce air temperatures more than regular misting systems. This is hugely beneficial when trying to cool down on the most humid of days.

For the most effective cooling, opt for a unit that connects directly to your water line for uninterrupted use, and select a model that not only features adjustable misting settings but also comes with a high-quality filter to remove allergens and microorganisms from the air.

4. Hire Professionals for a High-Quality Installation

So, when the question “do misting fans work in high humidity?” arises, the answer is yes. But, be sure to do your research, and if you choose a wall-mounted option, hire a professional to install it, as their skills, experience, and knowledge will guarantee your misting fan will work to the highest quality. 

As evaporative heating in humid environments is the most effective through high-pressure misting fans, invest in one of these systems to ensure you stay cool all summer long.

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