Flame Boss 500 Review: the High Tech Pit Helper

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Flame Boss 500 Review: the High Tech Pit Helper

Are you tired of standing over a hot grill all day to make your amazing brisket, or mouthwatering BBQ? Or maybe you’re a caterer looking to increase efficiency and performance of your smoker?

Then check out the Flame Boss 500! It can completely change your grill game by giving you the ability to monitor and adjust temperatures from a distance – and so much more.

In this Flame Boss 500 review we’re going to give you a detailed breakdown of what we love, the specifications, and the pros & cons of this handy pit helper.

Flame Boss 500 Review

Flame Boss 500: Review & Breakdown

Grill masters who want to be able to attempt lengthy or especially precise recipes without spending all day and night working over a hot grill will love the Flame Boss 500.

It is a completely wireless meat & pit temperature monitoring system that also allows you to change pit temperatures at the touch of a button. We are astounded by the precision this allows, as you can set all kinds of alerts and automatic programs when certain temperatures are hit.

We love the convenience and ease of use of being able to check and adjust your smoker from a distance. And the features just keep on coming! 

Grill geeks will especially enjoy the data collection function. The Flame Boss collects, stores, and displays a vast array of cooking data to help you learn more about the intricacies of grilling, prevent problems in future cooks, and build your grill skills to new levels.

The level of precision and information may be overwhelming to those very new to grilling and smoking, as the device is a little pricey and requires installation. For simple outdoor cooking needs it is not strictly necessary, just an amazingly handy upgrade.

But seasoned grill masters and pit bosses will find it an endlessly useful tool. You’ll never need to be stuck outside over the grill all day again to get delicious, perfectly cooked and smoked foods. 

The control afforded by the Flame Boss 500 is perfect for especially finicky, precise recipes that need exacting control exercised to succeed. And it even makes overnight or 12+ hour cook times feasible without losing sleep!

Also, for folks with high volume & performance smoking and grilling needs like commercial cooks and caterers it will make everything easier. You’ll be able to multitask without fear of ruining your roasts and smoked meats, which saves you stress, time, and money!

One thing to keep in mind is that the Flame Boss 500 is not waterproof or water resistant. The company specifies that this is because they have not performed the tests necessary to legally claim these designations, rather than that the product is completely susceptible to water.

However, we recommend taking measures to protect your Flame Boss 500 even in light rain. For small to moderate rain storms during a cook you can try placing an overturned, heatproof bowl on top of the controller. 

When not in use we recommend covering your entire unit. But, if you don’t have a cover yet you can use something as simple as a ziploc bag to protect the electronic portions of the Flame Boss 500 from weather.

If you are experiencing a storm with high winds during a cook session, consider using aluminum foil to make a wind barrier or “tent” around the blower. This will help keep water and excess air from infiltrating the air intake vent and causing problems for your recipe.

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  • WiFi enabled wireless smoker temperature controller and accessories
  • Obsessively engineered software and phone app combined with variable speed blower provides precise temp control from anywhere
  • Customizable text alerts when temps are too low or high, when cook is finished, & more
  • Monitors both pit and food temperatures and allows you to change pit temp from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Compatible with any kamado-style cooker and most offset, drum, and cabinet smokers
  • Comes with the WiFi controller, blower and grill adapters, one high temp meat probe, one high temp pit probe, two probe cable organizers, and a power supply
  • Improved, larger LCD display is easy to read and operate
  • Monitors up to three separate meat temps without cluttering your grill with Y-cables
  • Allows you to set alarms and automatically turn down pit temperatures when desired meat temps are reached to keep food warm until dinner time
  • Compatible with Google Home and Amazon ALexa for voice command controls
  • Online dashboard collects and displays cooking graphs and info for data lovers and grill geeks
  • Kamado version works with brands & models like the Big Green Egg, Primo Grills, Kamado Joe, Vision Grills, Sapphire Grill & Smoker Grill Dome, Char-Griller AKORN Kamado, Classic Broil King Keg and the 4000 & 2000
  • Universal version works with most drum, barrel, cabinet and offset style charcoal grills & smokers including Ugly, Weber Smokey Mountain, Char Griller offset & barrel, and Char-Broil charcoal grills and smokers.
  • Manufacturer offers additional accessories like high temp meat probes on their website


Easy to use, large LCD screen and compatibility with a huge range of grills.
Efficient, turns any compatible grill into a semi-automated grill & smoke machine.
Convenient, monitor & change temperatures on a variety of devices with just a WiFi connection.
Precise, lets you set desired temperatures and alerts to keep you informed and get a better end result.
Informational, educates you via graphs and a full display of cooking data.


Unit is not waterproof or water resistant.
May require protection from moderate to severe wind
Doug Stephen

Doug Stephen

Final Thoughts

The many functions and extreme control of the Flame Boss 500 may be overkill for folks just buying their first charcoal grill.

But for advanced smoking recipes, commercial level performance, and seasoned grill masters you couldn’t ask for a better pit helper. 

The Flame Boss 500 helps prevent and pinpoint cook problems, monitor and change temperatures from anywhere, and overall make your grilling experience easier and more precise.

We hope this Flame Boss 500 review will help you see that the smoked meats of all your wildest dreams really can come true!