How well do you know your BBQ?

Updated: 11/03/20 •  1 min read

Last Updated on September 8, 2021

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, and with that comes plenty of family meals. Whether you’re having your entire extended family over or it’s just you and your pets, there’s never a bad time to fire up the BBQ and get cooking!

But how well do you know your way around your backyard grill?

We asked 1,500 people across America to name a specific part of this BBQ in order to find out just how good their BBQ knowledge is!

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Out of all those surveyed, not one person managed to guess what part number seven is correctly, with 19% of people even admitting to not knowing what the part is.

6% of people guessed it was a lever, and 3% said it is an ignitor, with a further 3% of people saying it was a knob.

2% thought it could be a grill, and 2% guessed it was a vent.

None of these guesses are correct, so if you can correctly guess what part seven’s function is, it’s fair to say you are definitely a grill master to be contended with!

Do you know what the other parts are?

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