Interview with Dominic Trimboli-Rowe of Grilla Grills

Dominic from Grilla Grills 

1. What sort of work or play were you doing with food before you started your blog?

BBQ has always been a passion of pretty much everyone who works here at Grilla Grills, so that is really where our food love lies. We’ve all been grilling or smoking for years, and once we came out with our line of pellet grills, we all dove even deeper into it. It’s pretty cool to have an entire office full of people to bounce different recipes off of, or get tips from. Makes the blog a whole lot easier to run!

2. What drew you to food as a hobby or profession?

We always loved BBQ and food in general, but before we were a grill company, we actually started out in the Pellet Furnace business. After seeing some of the earlier Pellet Grills out there almost a decade ago, we thought we could change the game. The rest is history!

3. Why did you decide to start a food blog over other food-related businesses or professions?

Well, we started our blog real soon after starting the company. We realized if we’re going to be selling grills, and talking about how great the food is, we should probably be able to show people exactly what we’re talking about! So our food blog is sort of a journey through our cooks throughout the life of the company.

4. What was the most difficult part of starting your own food blog, and how did you overcome that challenge?

The most difficult part is really just coming up with new, interesting recipes as often as possible. It’s one of those challenges that never really goes away. It’s important to pay attention to the trends, and really try to take inspiration from anywhere to find a new way to make an old standard seem fresh and exciting.

5. When did you realize that your food blog was successful?

That’s not something that we really think about all that often to be honest. As long as people want it, we’re gonna keep coming up with new recipes to share.

6. What is your favorite food or type of food to cover on your blog?

Definitely BBQ of course, but to be more specific, protein is always on the menu here at Grilla Grills. Whether it’s a giant tomahawk steak, racks of ribs, wings, pork butts, brisket … sorry what was I talking about again? I started daydreaming about lunch and couldn’t help but drool on my keyboard.

7. How do you discover or create new recipes and foods to cover on your blog?

That’s the million dollar question! It’s definitely not easy, but it really comes down to keeping your mind open to new things. If you see something that grabs your attention at the store, or a video that gives you an idea, GO FOR IT! Try something new, combine two older recipes that you haven’t tried in a while. If it doesn’t work out, oh well, the good news is that you’ll be hungry again in a few hours.

8. Which of the foods on your blog do you eat most in your own kitchen?

That’s gonna change quite a bit depending on who you ask here, but I think the most common answer is gonna end up being ribs or pulled pork. They’re just so easy to do, and they always turn out well. Just hit them with some of your favorite rub, salt and smoke ’em for hours. Other than spraying them down with some apple cider vinegar or a mixture of your choice, there’s really not much else to it other than eating! Food doesn’t have to be complicated to be good!

9. If you could only recommend one recipe or dish to your readers, which recipe or dish would you recommend?

Well, we’ve already talked about ribs and pulled pork, so we’ve gotta talk about burgers. We’ve got an awesome No-Flip Burger recipe on our website that might change the way you do burgers for good. These things are NOT for the faint of heart, or the small of stomach. These are some king-sized burgers for an extra-large appetite. Check out this recipe, and all of our others by going to our website, and clicking the “Recipes” button at the top of the page!