The Most Visited Fast Food Chains During Memorial Day in the U.S.

Memorial Day is a once-a-year opportunity to connect with your family, friends, and honor those who gave everything for the cause that they believed was right.

Leading up and around this day, American shoppers are showing significant change in their spending habits and how and where they decide to spend their time.

For example, New York, Washington, and California residents (among others) prefer a more casual approach, showing interest in some coffee and a bagel from Starbucks – and perhaps a chat or two with their friends.

On the other hand, Florida, North + South Carolina and Alaska (among others) show a greater preference towards Domino’s Pizza compared to the other fast food giants in the States.

Thirdly, shoppers from Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Stephen King’s own Maine (among others) are more inclined to spend Memorial Day at – you guessed it – McDonald’s. A Big Mac and some fries for the win.

What’s interesting however are the two main Memorial Day outliers:

New Hampshire residents are more interested in the spherical delicacies of Dunkin’ Donuts, while Georgia is the single state that shows preference for Chick-fil-A’s specialties compared to the other significant fast food venues.

The full results are shown below, courtesy of Google Trends data: