The Most Searched for BBQ Types and Recipes Revealed

Here at Grill Baby Grill, we love all things BBQ. We also wanted to find out what our fellow  BBQ fans are searching for online, from some top tips, recipes to BBQ types and tools. 

For that reason, we looked into Google Trends and analyzed some of the most popular BBQ related searches and how much these have increased since lockdown.

So, what has our research revealed?

The data shows that BBQ lovers have made increasingly frequent searches online for how to enhance their BBQ skills at a time when many people are forced to be at home due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

Here are a few of the most popular trends we found.

The term “BBQ recipes” saw a 226% increase in Google searches between late March and late May. The top 3 states searching this term were Montana, Wyoming and Oregon.

“Korean BBQ recipe” saw a 163% increase, with Hawaii, California and Nevada searching this recipe the most. “BBQ sauce recipe” experienced a 144% increase and the three states searching this term the most were Montana, Alaska and Vermont. 

“Family BBQ recipes” saw a 98% increase.

The term with the biggest increase in searches was “Pit boss smoker” which saw an increase of 292% and the top three states searching were North Dakota, Wyoming and Oklahoma. 

Californians were most likely to search “How to BBQ at home” with a 191% increase or “DIY BBQ ideas” with a 96% increase. The term “lockdown BBQ” also saw an increase from March to May, of 220%.

To celebrate what we love the most – BBQ! We created this fun brainteaser. 

This “puzzle” features an ocean of burgers, steaks or ribs, but there is a BBQ hidden somewhere. Can you spot it?

Here at Grill Baby Grill HQ, it took us on average 30 seconds. So how long will it take you?

Can’t see it? Here is a little hint, focus on the lower right side of the image. 

Still nothing? Nevermind, here is the revealed version.






We hope that this little brainteaser made you smile and now you are ready to have some amazing BBQ!