Z Grills VS Camp Chef: Our Latest Comparisons

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ZGrills and Camp Chef are leading innovators in the outdoor cooking industry. They consistently produce the most stylish, efficient, and effective pellet grills and smokers, and both have a legion of loyal followers. 

When choosing a model, there are some specifications and features that are essential for good grilling. However, there are other options that are a matter of personal preference, and these can be key factors when you make your purchase decision. 

For those who like to come home from work and instantly fire up the grill, a quick-start ignition system and automatic temperature control feature could be vital. If you like to turn a cook-out into an all-day experience, then perhaps you’d prefer being more hands-on, by loading charcoal into the heat chamber and adjusting the temperature manually.

When purchasing a grill you are making an investment in an item you want to use for many years. Ensuring the grill materials are durable, weather-resistant, and heat-resistant is essential. To help keep your grill in pristine condition, an easy clean-up system is crucial.

When you choose the features that your perfect grill must have, then the budget is important. Fortunately, there are many excellent and affordable grills on the market. 

Brand Overviews

Although there are many suppliers of outdoor grills, there are few with the trusted reputations of Z Grills and Camp Chef. Their incredible array of grills that range from the luxurious, down to budget, while still offering the highest quality of build materials and design, ensure they stay ahead of their competitors.

While each brand has a unique approach to creating the perfect grill, both produce grills that exceed expectations time after time.

Z Grills


Photo by Z Grills (@zgrills)

Z Grills aims to make the grilling process as easy as possible, while still cooking meat that has that unique outdoor grilling taste. The brand boasts that starting its grills is as simple as turning on your oven and the wood pellets provide the smoky flavor that is synonymous with grilling. 

If you enjoy relaxing with friends while your meat cooks on the grill, then you’ll love the automatic adjustment features that work together to ensure your meat is cooked at your desired temperature. Loyal followers also talk of the effortlessly stylish grill designs, and the incredible variety of cooking techniques you can use, all on the one unit.

A grill from this brand is also easy to clean, ensuring you can enjoy your cook-out, without dreading dealing with the mess afterward. The impeccable customer service from their representatives is an added bonus, and Z Grill’s staff are always happy to help if you have any questions. 

Before buying your next model, all outdoor cooking enthusiasts should check out the fantastic range of grills from Z Grill.

Camp Chef


Photo by Camp Chef (@campchef)

Camp Chef has been producing some of the finest grills on the market for 3 decades, and over the year a lot of popular Camp Chef products have been made. The adventure started in the great outdoors, when Camp Chef met the needs of grillers who already had great food but wanted better grilling equipment. 

Following outstanding success, the brand expanded its range into cookware and is now also legendary for its grills that are ideal for the backyard. Whether you are cooking in rugged environments or enjoying a relaxing few hours in the yard, Camp Chef has the grill that can meet your needs.

The brand has integrated modern technology into many of its grills, allowing you the convenience of adjusting your grill settings, even when sitting around the table chatting with friends. These visionary skills have kept Camp Chef at the top of the grilling game for many years, and each new grill seems to be better than the last.

When buying your next grill, you need to consider the fantastic options available from Camp Chef.

Brand Comparisons

Choosing between grills can be challenging because of the overwhelming amount of features that come with each model. However, every grill master has their own personal preferences, and you can narrow down your choices by deciding which grill has the most features that fit with your preferred cooking style.

Cooking Temperature

One of the most crucial factors in cooking the perfect piece of meat comes down to the cooking temperature. If it is too low, you can dry the meat out, and there may even be cold spots in the middle. Set the temperature too high, and the outside can char, while the inside becomes tough and chewy. 

The Z Grills ZPG-7002E Wood Pellet Grill maintains a steady temperature to within 10°F of your desired setting. This feature provides a fantastic level of consistency that ensures the grill cooks meats through to your specifications. 

However, for the ultimate in cooking temperature control, the Camp Chef Smoke Pro Pellet Grill comes out on top. The ability to connect to the grill using an app on your phone combines the best of modern technology with authentic grilling. You can easily change the temperature by individual degrees while sitting relaxing with friends. 

Because you can change between direct and indirect cooking, you can instantly increase the heat for searing, or quickly bring the temperature back down for slow cooking.

Cooking Surface Area

If you don’t plan on cooking for large groups, then the Camp Chef Pursuit Portable Pellet Grill is a great choice. The cooking surface area is still large enough to cook for up to 10 people simultaneously, but the compact and portable design means you can store it away after use. 

When cooking for social occasions or parties, the Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill Smoker provides plenty of primary cooking surface area and a generously-sized warming rack. The main enjoyment of outdoor cooking comes from sitting down to eat and chat with friends and family. 

The warming rack is ideal for keeping cooked meat on low heat while you prepare the rest of the meal. When everything is ready, you can lift the meat off and serve all your guests at the same time.

Value for Money

If you are shopping on a budget, then the Z Grills ZPG-7002E Wood Pellet Grill is an affordable model. However, the best value for money doesn’t always mean the cheapest option. Although more expensive than many rivals, the Camp Chef 24 in. Wi-Fi Woodwind Pellet Grill comes with an amazing range of features that justify the price tag

The ability to control the grill from an app on your phone, the automatic temperature and smoke settings, the enormous expanded chamber for increased capacity, and the patented Ash Kickin’ clean-out system make this one of the best grills on the outdoor cooking market. 

While you pay more for these features, the convenience, style, and ability to cook meat to your precise preferences mean that you’ll have no complaints about paying the extra money.


Z Grill and Camp Chef continue to produce some of the finest grills on the outdoor cooking circuit. While each model can produce fantastic, flavorsome meats, there is one grill that stands above its rivals. 

Bringing the ultimate in convenience by integrating with modern technology, a beautiful flavor with the adjustable smoking level, the ability to cook for large groups with the expanded cooking chamber, and the easy ash cleaning system, this grill is simply the best in class.

While there are several excellent models, for the best grill on the market today, buy the Camp Chef SmokePro DLX.