Big Green Egg vs Weber Grills Review

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Two of the biggest names in the smoking and grilling world are Big Green Egg and Weber. You might know Big Green Egg because the company makes combination products that work as both a smoker and a grill that literally look like a big green egg. Weber offers a number of great grills as well as smokers and grill and smoker combos.

We understand that picking a combo that will help you grill and the smoke food is hard, which is why we did some of the legwork for you. Not only can you check out a list of things to look for as you shop, but you can also see which models from both companies are worth the price.

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Comparing Big Green Egg vs Weber Grills

When you decide to buy a new grill, you might head to the nearest store and grab one that looks nice without thinking about whether it will keep up with the demands of all the backyard parties and barbecues that you want to host. Our list of what to look for and how to compare models from both companies will act as a starting point to ensure that you pick the top model from either company.


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Photo by Weber Grills (@webergrills)

In regards to cost, Weber will always win. The top grill and smoker combos from Weber cost in the $300 to $500 range. You’ll find smaller charcoal grills that cost $100 or less and larger propane grills that cost more than $500.

The cheapest option from Big Green Egg is its mini model, which is twice the price of most Weber grills. Big Green Egg refers to its grills by size and uses names like XX-Large or Mini. Those who purchased the grills in the past find that the grills are worth those high prices.

Legs and Support

Weber grills come with metal legs that snap onto the bottom and are strong enough to support both the grill and rack(s) inside as well as any food that you cook. Big Green Egg calls its legs “nests” because the pieces act like a nest to support the egg inside. The support pieces included with these models are usually stronger than those that come with Weber grills.


The handles found on Weber grills feature a material that is similar to plastic, which can reach a high temperature as you cook. Big Green Egg includes wood handles on its grills that will remain cool to the touch, even after hours of cooking. These grills often come with handles on the nests that let you move the grills while the inside or outside is still hot.

Cooking Methods

Depending on the combo that you buy, you may find that you can use more cooking methods than you expected. Weber grill combos are perfect for grilling, but you can also use some models with wood pellets or wood pieces to smoke meats. Big Green Egg grills can grill and smoke foods as well sear or bake dishes.


The 10-year warranty that Weber offers on its grills seems pretty impressive until you find out that Big Green Egg offers a lifetime warranty on its products. Keep in mind that this is a limited lifetime warranty that might not cover all types of damage. You may be responsible for paying the shipping costs to send back your grill.

Temperature Dial

Both Weber and Big Green Egg grill combos come with a temperature dial or gauge on the outside. The best thing about this dial is that it automatically changes based on the temperature inside. Keeping an eye on the temp will tell you when to turn down the heat or add more wood.


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Photo by Big Green Egg (@biggreenegg)

When you invest in a Big Green Egg grill, you’ll want to show it off to your friends and family, but many of its larger products are too heavy to move. If you want one that you can take to the parking or on camping trips, you should stick to the mini model. Weber grills are much more portable and generally weigh less too, making these grills best for those want to cook in their yards and away from home.

Cooking Space

It’s hard to say which company wins when it comes to cooking size because there are so many different products available from both companies. Big Green Egg wins because its largest grill has enough space inside to cook multiple dishes or to cook enough burgers and hot dogs to feed a large crowd.


You may want to check out some of the accessories that each company makes to go along with its grills too. You’ll find pots and pans for keeping sauces warm and cooking side dishes as well as tools and equipment for cooking poultry and other special dishes.

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In a direct battle between Big Green Egg and Weber, it’s hard to tell who really comes out on top. The grills from Big Green Egg are quite impressive and will wow anyone who comes over. There are a number of accessories available too for cooking special dishes on your grill, which gives Big Green Egg a slight advantage over Weber.

Weber has a great reputation online and a good history of helping its customers. The grill and smoker combos that it makes are more affordable and have lots of room for cooking too. To pick the best product for you, the low prices of Weber products may be the deciding factor.

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