10 Newest Weber Grills To Upgrade Your Grilling Game

Jim Bob – A long-time contributor to GrillBabyGrill. Jim has had a lifelong relationship with the art of grilling, passed on from his father and grandfather to him.

From burgers and hot dogs to chicken and steak, there’s nothing that can’t be cooked on a Weber grill.

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“Grilling, broiling, barbecuing – whatever you want to call it – is an art, not just a matter of building a pyre and throwing on a piece of meat as a sacrifice to the gods of the stomach.”

So says James Beard, an American culinary expert, a champion of American cuisine and lover of the grill.

Do you agree?

I do!

But for the art of grilling to come full circle, one thing must be part of the equation: the very best Weber grill.

Weber produces high quality grills that use charcoal, LP propane, natural gas or electricity for fuel. Our guide shows you the best grilling options from Weber and we tell you why we think the Weber Original Kettle is the one.

But first, are you ready to find out what types of grills Weber has in store for you?


Our Top Choice

Weber Original Kettle
  • Grill all the time, in any season
  • High quality constructions with thick heavy metal gauge
  • Exceptionally well designed. No need to replace it any time soon
  • Versatile and this grill keeps stable temperature!




Weber Original Kettle

Weber Original Kettle


  • Durable and high quality. Easy post-grilling clean-up.
  • For serious griller who expects high end performance
  • Excellent charcoal barbecue
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Weber Spirit II E-210

Weber Spirit II E-210


  • Easy to follow instructions. Assembly was straightforward
  • Heats up quickly and cooks evenly
  • Comes with the 10-year warranty
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Weber 51010001 Q1200

Weber 51010001 Q1200


  • Nice look and style. The black is very sleek.
  • Super easy to put together 
  • It heats up fast and is a nice size for 2-3 people
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weber brand

But first, are you ready to find out what types of grills Weber has in store for you?


Gas grills

Weber gas grills are the most popular ones with buyers, because they use natural gas or LP propane.

So what if they use propane or natural gas, I hear you say?

Well, both types of fuel are clean and highly portable. Natural gas grills especially cater to grilling enthusiasts who want to leave a small carbon footprint.

But I have also discovered the real truth behind their popularity.

I believe it lies in the fact that gas grills fire up quickly, so a backyard barbeque or a grilling during a camping trip can be organized in a matter of minutes. There is nothing holding you back from a barbeque every other day.

Electric grills

As the name suggests, these are electricity-powered grills that are fitted with grill plates. The grill plates are heated up electrically, so no fire is needed to grill.

Just like with gas grills, there is no messy cleanup process after using the grill.

Weber produces both indoor and outdoor electric grills.

Who is the best clientele for an electric grill?

Urban dwellers living in a condo or apartment love these types of grills. They are the best option if you live within an area with strict fire regulation laws. These regulations typically prohibit the use of gas or charcoal in grilling.

Charcoal grills

Have you ever had grilled steak with grill marks and a charred smoky flavor? Then you know that charcoal is the best grilling fuel on the planet.

I know. It is a festival of smoky flavor in your mouth.

Forget the grill marks with no charred flavor that you find with other grills. Charcoal grills are for the purist grilling enthusiast who understands the importance of searing meat to lock in the juices while the high temperature burning charcoal imparts its signature smoky flavor.

But with a charcoal grill, you need time and patience and some mastery in handling the meat on the fast burning fuel. So, if you like to take your time grilling, a charcoal grill is your trusted partner.

There is the downside of cleaning up and disposing of the charcoal and ash after use. This is perhaps the number one reason why most people prefer the cleaner electric and gas grills.

Another disadvantage of using charcoal grills is that charcoal is expensive compared to propane or natural gas.

In the next section you are going to learn about our top 10 picks of Weber grills and what makes them stand out.

Top 10 Weber Grill Reviews This 2023

1. Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

Weber Original Kettle

Why you’ll love it:

Sometimes, you don’t need a fancy grill with a thousand different features. For those times, it’s great to have the option of grabbing something like this kettle grill. Quality here is the focus. No real frills, just durable steel construction, lots of quality of life features, and a good amount of space to grill one. Really, everything you need. A place to put your fire, and a place to put your meat, in a small enough package that you can enjoy anywhere.

For smaller option see the Weber Smokey Joe 14.

What we liked

  • Solid Construction. Everything about this grill’s construction screams “quality”. From the aluminized steel exterior to the porcelain coated interior, this grill is made well, built to last, and easy to keep clean as an added bonus.
  • Compact. This grill is built small, allowing for easy storage and letting you take it pretty much anywhere with no hassle. From backyard to the beach, it works out well, and still manages to provide a solid 363 square inches of grilling space inside to use.
  • Easy to clean. The One Touch cleaning system makes cleanup a snap, and the design ensures you never have to worry about ashes whipping around in windy weather, since they drop into a receptacle in the bottom that can be closed for convenience.
  • Inexpensive. While a bit more expensive than the average kettle grill, it’s not beyond the pale, and the added quality justifies the slightly higher price point over smaller, flimsier, and overall less capable grills.

What we didn’t like

  • Lack of Features. There’s nothing really that this grill does besides, well, grill. That’s good in many ways, but can mean this isn’t what some people are looking for.

The kettle design is synonymous with most charcoal grills from Weber. This design makes it easy to enjoy a barbeque grill on your patio or small backyard, because it makes the grill more compact. The big dome is not only stylish, but it also facilitates faster cooking.

It has a hinged grate that stays in place even when you are stoking the fire and adding more charcoal to the grill. This may seem basic, but after using grills with unstable grates that sacrifice my meat to the ashes below, I appreciate one that stays in place.

The cooking surface area is 363 square inches, and allowing users to put on multiple foods. The use of porcelain enameled grates ensures the grill retains heat throughout the grilling process. And thereafter it is very easy to clean.

2. Weber Spirit II E-210 2-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

Weber 44010001 Spirit II E-210

Why you’ll love it:

This is a very nice, budget friendly propane grill. While not without its flaws, it does the job well and should last you a long time with its durable steel construction, easy to use burners, and open cart design.Of special note is the slim profile that lets it fit in even small spaces.

What we liked

  • Excellent Construction. The big selling point here is the materials. From top to bottom this grill is built to last and for maximum performance. The steel cart rolls well on its two wheels and requires minimal maintenance and care. Even better are the cast iron grates which provide maximum heat distribution, and are covered in a porcelain enamel to prevent rust.
  • Great Price. Most propane grills of this size are very expensive, but the Spirit II is surprisingly affordable, in part due to having a slightly smaller 355 square inches of cooking space…but that’s a fair tradeoff for costing about a third of what some 500 square inches grills would run you.
  • Quality of Life. This grill makes your life easier with its spacious side tables, built-in thermometer, and compatibility with the iGrill 3 system (though you’ll need to get the device itself separately).

What we didn’t like

  • Burners. The burners are a bit too small and weak for a grill of this size, and aren’t arranged perfectly either.

The Weber Spirit II range is an entry level series developed to cater to someone learning to grill. It is also ideal for a small family. The overall construction is sturdy and although it lacks the features that most seasoned grillers are accustomed to, it does a good job of searing and evenly grilling the meat.

Even a seasoned grilling enthusiast like me can’t fault its performance. I haven’t come across a neater Weber gas grill than the Spirit II E-210. It is more compact than the Spirit II E-310, and has fewer knobs, giving it a very clean interface.

I believe it was a great idea to have the porcelain enameled cast iron grates on this particular model, because it makes it easier for a beginner to achieve an even grill. Plus, we don’t want to scare beginners away from grilling by giving them the hardest grill to clean. This model is easy to clean and maintain.

3. Weber 51010001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill


Why you’ll love this:

This beauty of a portable grill has one primary goal: packing as much grilling power in as small of a space as possible. This is a grill with some seriously meaty burners behind it, especially for something that is meant to be a travel grill. It has a solid amount of interior space to boot, and is quick to cool down and easy to clean up when you need to hit the trail again.

What We Liked

  • Powerful Grilling. The Q1200 offers an impressive 8500 BTUs of cooking power in such a small frame, spread over a modest 189 square inches of cooking space. This means it heats up fast and cooks perfectly evenly every time.
  • Purposeful Construction. Aluminum isn’t the material of choice for durability to most people, but it’s surprisingly strong when treated right and has another key advantage: heat conductivity. For a portable grill, an aluminum exterior ensures that it cools down within minutes of the heat being turned off and can be stowed away without fear of burning your other supplies.
  • Fully Featured. Despite being a portable grill, it still offers pretty much everything you’d find in a kettle grill with a cart, like side tables and tool hooks.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Bulky. The Q1200 packs a lot of punch in its frame, which means that frame needed to expand a bit. While by no means huge, this grill is a bit bulky and heavy. It’s meant more for RVing or packing in some other vehicle rather than backpacking or hiking.

Great addition to bring for your outdoor activities. Here is why:

First, it ticks all the boxes on functionality and practicality, which are crucial considerations when you are out in the wild with a grill. The construction is sturdy and it is easy to clean. It can fit on a patio or small backyard and it fires up fast.

Second, it has cast iron grates for even grilling. It also has a porcelain enameled cooking surface that is easy to clean after use. Plus, 189 square inches of cooking space is more than adequate for a portable grill.

And third, as if all the above wasn’t enough; it looks great in any color!

This is the grill to carry when you have a small group of campers, because you can cook enough without slaving over the grill in small batches to get everyone fed.

4. Weber 15502001 Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill

Why you’ll love this:

The performer is mostly unique, being essentially a middle ground between a cart grill and the classic kettle grill. This weird mix of the two ends up being greater than the sum of its parts, as you get the simplicity of grilling on a charcoal grill, with some of the amenities of a propane grill. Chief among them: one touch ignition that gives you a quick burner flame to set your charcoal alight.

What We Liked

  • Easy to Use. This is a charcoal grill with extra gizmos attached, and that’s its greatest strength. The one touch ignition system is amazing for taking the frustration out of charcoal grilling, and the easy to remove ash tray at the bottom helps the cleaning go smoothly as well.
  • Convenient Cart. The cart attached is super wide, and makes for the perfect prep space for your grilling needs. It’s one of the best attached tables I’ve seen for any kind of grill, since it doesn’t split the space between two smaller tables.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Timer. Cooking timer can only go up to 99 minutes
  • It’s a bit pricey. The Performer does indeed perform, but whether it’s worth tripling the cost over a similarly sized kettle grill is going to be up to you.

The cooking surface area on the Performer Deluxe grill is 363 square inches, meaning it is not tiny, but it is not too bulky either. It is just enough to hold food for a small party. I have come to understand the dome design of the kettle charcoal grill. That dome traps the smoke and soon the meat soaks up the flavor and tastes like it was roasted on open camp fire. I didn’t get it before and would bypass such grills when shopping in the past.

I am also impressed by the ignition mechanism which is just a button. If you know how messy lighting charcoal can get, then you understand my enthusiasm over a button.

The grill offers users prep room, so that you can do all your food preparation in one place.

But my favorite aspect of this grill is the cart bottom that Weber used instead of the traditional three legs. It looks like a gas grill with a charcoal grill top. However if you want to achieve the smoker wood fire taste then you might want to check the Weber SmokeFire Pellet Grill.

But here is the best part:

This model has an aluminized steel one-touch cleaning system. Combine that with the porcelain enameled grate and this is a very easy grill to clean after use.

5. Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

Why you’ll love this:

The large cousin to the E-210 really brings the heat with three powerful burners, an infinity ignition system, flavorizer bars, and all the other trimmings you’d expect from a top of the line propane grill…except it comes in at a much less eyebrow-raising price than a lot of its peers. This is a great entry level propane grill that really doesn’t need to be traded up unless you crave a specific feature a more expensive grill might offer.

What We Liked

  • Huge cooking power. The very solid 529 square inches are serviced by three powerful 10, 000 BTUh burners that can ensure even cooking over such a surface. Each burner is individually adjustable, so you can even set up different heat zones for foods that have slightly different cooking times.
  • Sturdy Construction. Much like the E-210, this grill is built like a truck. With a powerful stainless steel frame and porcelain coated cast iron grill bars, it’s built to last. The grill bars are improved here with the addition of “flavorizer” technology that helps vaporize meat drippings for extra flavor, and also ensures easier cleanup by making sure all the drippings land in the drip tray rather than spattering everywhere.
  • Convenient Cart. The cart here works nicely for what it is, with great wheels and handy tool hooks. The side tables round things out, providing a lot of room to work with. You also have your choice of an open or closed cart design, depending on your preference.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Annoying Assembly. Consider taking the offer of “assembly available on delivery” from wherever you order this, because it’s a real pain in the neck to put together when it comes in pieces. The 3D assembly instructions are an interesting idea but in practice are confusing to look at and no more helpful than just putting the instructions on paper.

After a few uses, I can tell you with utmost certainty:

The Spirit II E-310 Weber grill is capable of producing the most amazing ribs.


The Spirit II and Genesis II Weber grills have two things in common: first, they both come fitted with the Weber GS4 high performance grilling system. Second, they are both compatible with the iGrill 3 temperature probe. This means you can grill your meat at the right temperature without over- or undercooking.

I found the experiencing of using the Spirit II to be much more enhanced that its predecessor because of these upgrades. The grill ignites faster, since it uses the GS4 infinity ignition which is part of the GS4 high performance system.

I enjoy using Weber grills that have porcelain on the grates, and this model has porcelain enameled steel grates. That type of grate guarantees even grilling of the meat, because the entire grate heats up at the same time and retains heat evenly.

Other Products To Consider

6. Weber 7170001 Summit S-470 4-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

Weber Summit S-470

Why you’ll love this:

Look, I can tell you right now that this propane grill is a crowd puller. It can smoke, grill, and rotisserie your meats and birds to perfection. This is the type of grill that inspires weekend hangouts at your place.

What We Liked

  • It has plenty of grilling options for various foods
  • Made with heavy duty steel and cast aluminum: guaranteeing longevity
  • Has an excellent BTU rating for each of the burners, providing even high heat
  • It is multi-functional
  • Has a 10-year warranty

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is the smallest size in the Weber Summit range
  • No cover included

Wondering why it is called the S-470?

Because the Weber-Summit S-470 offers users 470 square inches of cooking space, so you can grill up a storm. The warming rack is 112 square inches, so you have no excuse to serve cold food, ever!

This grill is perfect for someone looking for an average-size grill, with features like a side burner and a smoker burner. My favorite feature on it is the sear station burner. This guarantees that the meat will have a perfect sear on the outside, and juicy tenderness on the inside.

When it comes to its construction, the height is comfortable without making in necessary for tall people to hunch. It does not have a very sleek design, but at least it is not boxy.

Still on the fence about it?

What if I told you that they sweetened the deal by putting in an infrared rotisserie burner?

Yes. The rear-mounted rotisserie burner is indeed infrared, meaning natural gas heats up the infrared element, which in turn radiates heat to your bird, slowly cooking her.

7. Weber 7470001 Summit S-670 6-Burner Natural Gas Grill

Weber 7470001

Why you’ll love it:

This range of Weber grill has the best functionality and features.

Take this Summit S-670 grill for example.

Not only is it a beast in size, it is fitted with the best features that I love on a grill.

From having 10 burners to the closed cart where I can store my grilling tools, I find this grill convenient and fast.

Over and above the features, which truly shape your grilling experience, the fact that this grill uses natural gas over propane makes it a winner for me.

What we liked

  • Stainless steel construction that is easy to clean and remains scratch-free
  • Sizeable cooking space
  • Has storage space in the enclosed cart
  • Removable grease tray and catch pan
  • Environment-friendly fuel option

What we didn’t like

  • Because of the many burners, even the generous cooking space can get crowded when cooking lots of things at once.

Think about it:

You can feed an entire village on natural gas! How environmentally-friendly and efficient is that?  I love clean energy, and this grill feeds my love for the environment and my stomach at the same time.

I promise you that you can cook everything and anything on the Summit S-670.

And yes! The “670” stands for 670 square inches of cooking space.

Plus, it also has the infrared rotisserie burner

8. Weber 61016001 Genesis II E-335 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

Weber 61016001

Why you’ll love it:

There are few things that are equal part delicate and hard as porcelain. Which begs the question: why would Weber use a delicate material on a grill?

Let me break this down:

The porcelain on the grates is of the highest grade, which also happens to be the hardest and strongest.

But that is not the reason it is used here.

Porcelain is a good conductor of heat and it retains heat very well too. Cast iron is also revered for its ability to conduct and retain heat. Porcelain and cast iron together keep the grate at an even heat, guaranteeing that your meat will be grilled evenly as well.

What we liked

  • Cost includes a porcelain-enameled lid for the grill
  • Has a built-in lid thermometer
  • Features a great sear burner
  • Has a 10-year warranty
  • Compatible with iGrill 3
  • Utilizes high quality material like porcelain and cast iron in the construction

What we didn’t like

  • Has fewer features
  • It takes long to assemble

Here is why this is so important:

It gives the meat the perfect sear. That is why I call this grill the sear master.

The total cooking area is 669 square inches, enough room for you and your best friend to grill some burgers and assemble them side by side while catching up.

When it comes to the design, I like the fact that the propane gas tank is side mounted. Before they changed this configuration (myself and others among you) would always, without fail, have difficulty finding where we should put the gas cylinder.

9. Weber 62006001 Genesis II S-435 4-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

Weber 62006001 Genesis II

Why you’ll love it:

The genesis II S-435 has four burners and it heats up fast and easily. But then gas grills always do.

What they don’t do, however, is sync your grill with your phone, so you can keep tabs on the grilling and cooking from anywhere in the house (and a few places outside). The Genesis II E-335 above does though.

What we liked

  • Compatible with the iGrill 3 app
  • All stainless steel work surfaces are easy to clean
  • Has a fuel gauge
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Quick ignition

What we didn’t like

  • No grill light included in this model
  • Grill cover not included with this Genesis model

This is the biggest incentive for me to get this grill. It is perfect for a multi-tasker like me, and it’s all courtesy of iGrill 3.

I can grill several meats, sauté veggies on one burner and simmer some sauce in the side burner AND still have room left for more cooking.

I know. Sounds like I am a crazy scientist on the grill, but the Genesis II S-435 is highly efficient, so you can get it going on different fronts simultaneously. Read on for the pros and cons to learn what makes this grill infamous.

10. Weber 57067001 Q3200 Natural Gas Grill

Weber 57067001 Q3200

Why you’ll love it:

Another contender for my affection for portable grills is the Weber Q3200. What can I say? I like to take my grilling with me everywhere I go.

This model has a futuristic look which if you ask me adds to its charm.

But here is what it can really do:

It offers users two stainless steel burners, so you can cook entire meals for a large group. I appreciate the workhorse nature of this grill and clearly Weber created it to withstand consistent use, because the body and lid are both cast iron.

What we liked

  • Safer ignition process externally
  • Sturdy construction with high quality materials
  • Eco-friendly fuel choice
  • Highly portable

What we didn’t like

  • Cooking space is constrained

Why does that matter so much? Stay with me for a moment.

We have established that cast iron retains heat. This grill’s grates are made from cast iron and porcelain which also retain heats. If the overall construction is aimed at retaining heat, that means this grill is built to be a very fast cooker!

Pure genius on the part of Weber!

Plus, it is environmentally-friendly because it uses natural gas.


Weber Original Kettle

You have an array of excellent grills ranging from the simplest to the more complex, feature-packed options. I highly recommend the Weber Original Kettle 22 inch, because it is has the perfect balance of features and functionality. If you are looking for a medium sized charcoal grill from Weber, for this holiday season I highly recommend the Weber Original Kettle.

But whatever you choose, you are guaranteed an excellent grilled feast.

How to Get the Best Deal on a Weber grill?


There is one rule to remember when shopping for a Weber grill: you get what you pay for.

Weber grills are not cheap grocery store models, but they aren’t ridiculous $10,000 grills either. They are efficient and modern with excellent features to enhance the grilling experience, giving them a mid-range price point.

Depending on the model, you could spend between $500 and $2000. When comparing the costs, look at what is included in the price, like propane tanks or grill covers.

If these are included, that is a generous offer. Don’t pass it up!


I love a portable grill. Just the thought of firing it up to barbeque some tender steaks fires me up (pun intended).

And Weber offers some of the best ones on the market.

The brand also has larger grills and their gas grills are their biggest models. Some of the best Weber gas grills feature up to 10 burners making them ideal for cooking for large groups.

The charcoal grills are medium in size and have a Kettle design. They can cook for small groups and families. The portable grills are the most compact, meaning they are not built to cater to crowds.


There are only two materials that you should even remotely consider in a grill, and Weber grills have them. One is cast aluminum which will probably outlive you and a few more generation after you. And the second is stainless steel. Both materials are easy to clean, corrosion resistant and durable.

For grates, the brand offers three choices in materials: porcelain enameled cast-iron, stainless steel and porcelain enameled steel.

Porcelain enameled cast-iron and porcelain enameled steel are easier to clean compared to the stainless steel.

The main frame of the grills is made of heavy duty steel and cast aluminum, and this applies to all their grills.


Weber grills are either gas, charcoal or electric. For a traditional grilling experience, you can use charcoal, but for a modern one, gas or electric grills are more than adequate.

It is important to consider what type of fuel is readily available to you when choosing a Weber grill. Also, research regulations about certain types of fuel in your neighborhood.

Heat rating

If you want a grill that gets the job done quickly, then choose a smaller, compact model with a high BTU rating. The higher the BTU number of the burners, the higher the heat capacity. However, if the grill is too big, the heat is quickly lost. But with a compact model, most of the heat is retained, allowing you to cook faster.


A grill can get upgraded so that it becomes more efficient and fun to work with. For example, it can be fitted with a smoke box, or a rotisserie burner or a side burner. And it can also come with multiple levels of cooking surfaces.

What you choose will depend on your needs. Because here is the truth:

The more features, the higher the cost!

Who needs a rotisserie burner that drives the price up by $50 to $100 dollars, when you can grill your chicken the regular way?

After reviewing Weber grills, we can say that Weber is one of the top grills sold at stores today. But we also wanted to know how Weber matches up to Big Green Egg, and compares with PK Grills.