Camp Chef vs Pit Boss Reviews

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When picking a grill, you won’t go wrong with either Camp Chef or Pit Boss. Both companies make grills that are excellent for cooking in the backyard or while camping. While each has certain advantages and disadvantages over the other, both companies offer versatile solutions for every kind of grill master.

Whether you are a camper looking for a cooking solution, a casual burger flipper, or a Sunday barbeque regular, both of these grill makers are great options. 

delicious smoked ribs

If you are looking for an all-in-one grill that can do everything to put in your backyard or something small and portable to take with you on trips, you can find what you need with Camp Chef or Pit Boss grills. Both brands are well-reputed among both veteran grillers as well as campers who frequently travel and cook

Convenience, price, and portability may be factors in your decision to purchase a grill. If you are looking for flavor enhancing or hi-tech features, both Camp Chef and Pit Boss make pellet grills and smart grills.

For a great all-around grill with excellent options, the Camp Chef PG24MZG SmokePro Slide Smoker with Fold Down Front Shelf Wood Pellet Grill can provide easy, all-day cooking for your favorite foods.

Brand Overviews

When it comes to grills, not all are created equal, and the best are known for certain features and high-quality products. Both Camp Chef and Pit Boss are grill makers that fall into this category. Reliabilityconvenient featuressize, and cost are important factors for a grill and these two brands provide excellent options for all grillers. 

When you are using your grill, cooking space and temperature control may be key factors for your entrées. If you don’t use your grill every day, you’ll want something that packs up nicely or does not take up a lot of space. Alternatively, if you grill every weekend, you may be more concerned with durability or how easy it is to clean. 

With both Camp Chef and Pit Boss grills, you are buying a grill that has been designed by grillers, chefs, and campers, in order to give you the best outdoor cooking experience at home or away from home. While both brands make great grills, each is well-known for certain features.

Camp Chef

camp chef

Photo by Camp Chef (@campchef)

Camp Chef grills, as the name suggests, are built for the outdoors. Camp Chef has been an industry leader for over 20 years, bringing people together to cook for all kinds of outdoor gatherings. Through its long history, Camp Chef has been compared with other brands, and at the end, Camp Chef is at the top tier of grills to buy. Camp Chef grills come in a variety of sizes, models, and price ranges. The designs are simple and pragmatic, perfect for the modern camper, traveler, or backyard griller. 

If you are looking for a new camping grill, explore the range of grills offered that are very portable and highly durable. For a more conventional grill for your backyard, Camp Chef offers all-in-one solutions with features you’ll love to use. Camp Chef makes a lot of accessories to use with your grill as well.

Pit Boss

pitboss grills

Photo by Pit Boss Grills (@pitbossgrills)

For the barbeque aficionado who really embraces the grilling lifestyle, there’s Pit Boss. This brand is all about grilling done right and professional techniques. Founded by two pitmasters, Pit Boss grills are built with a high degree of craftsmanship by grillers for grillers, and its value is built into every aspect of its products. 

This brand is about family, bringing people together, and sharing great food. These grills are high-quality and versatile, able to grill and smoke meats and vegetables to perfection. A comparison of other brands will prove that this is true. If you are seeking that tasty barbeque flavor, Pit Boss is well-known for its pellet grills. However, the company also makes great portable options that are perfect for campingtailgating, or picnics.

Brand Comparisons

Both Camp Chef and Pit Boss offer a lot of choices when it comes to grills. There may be certain factors that are more important to you than others, depending on how you plan to use your grill throughout the year. Some aspects may be only a preference for you, while others are requirements. Here are some key factors that may affect your choice for either of these brands or grills.

Temperature Control

With both brands making propane-powered and pellet-burning grills, temperature control is comparable between the two. The all-in-one digitally controlled pellet grill by both brands can offer the most flexibility and precision.

The portable grills are controlled by valves, so the temperature control is not as exact. However, side by side, the Pit Boss grills offer a slight advantage when it comes to managing temperature.


What makes a grill worth buying? Both kinds of grill are good quality and built for the outdoors. Camp Chef grills are made to be used, moved, packed, and carried, and their construction can handle rougher environments

Pit Boss grills are more aimed at home grilling and backyard use. Because they require assembly, they are best built and set-up once, and may not be as conducive to travel, or disassembly and reassembly in some cases. 

For this reason, Camp Chef grills offer slightly better quality when it comes to durability. 


Camp Chef stands by their affordable products so they offer a No-Hassle warranty. They promise that your product will be free from defects in all materials and workmanship, excluding paint, and offer complete replacements of parts and repair. Pellet grills are covered for 3 years and propane cooking systems are covered for 1 year.

Pit Boss proudly offers a 5-year warranty on all their products. This warranty is a new policy and covers everything except paint and rust. 

Pit Boss has a more comprehensive warranty between these 2 grill makers. 


While both manufacturers offer large and small grills, Camp Chef grills definitely have the advantage of portability. They offer more choices for portability and are generally lighter than their Pit Boss counterparts. Camp Chef’s lightest grill weighs only 12 lbs. and has a handle, designed to be taken on picnics, hikes, and camping trips. 

Camp Chef also makes a number of compatible accessories built for their portable grill, including a portable Italian pizza oven. A number of Camp Chef grills use propane as well, making them more portable.

For versatility and flexibility, Camp Chef offers more options for the on-the-go grillmaster.


The flavor from a good barbeque meal comes from the smoke. Both brands offer pellet grills, which flavor your food while cooking. Camp Chef offers an excellent option for a hi-tech pellet grill that has smoking capabilities as well. However, Pit Boss offers more of a variety of pellet grills and smokers for people looking for different options. 

In terms of delivering flavor, both grills do an excellent job, providing straightforward ways to load, burn, cook, and clean with pellets to get that extra delicious taste.

Final Verdict

You won’t be disappointed by any of these grills, or by either of these brands. Both are crafted around the idea of bringing people together to enjoy good food and good times

While each brand has its own take on grilling, both offer versatility, durability, and premier grilling experiences. Both brands offer larger, more complete grills, as well as smaller, more minimal setups for those who travel. 

For a grill that can do it all, the Camp Chef PG24MZG SmokePro Slide Smoker with Fold Down Front Shelf Wood Pellet Grill is a great choice that you and your family will love. If you get it with the side attachment sear box it can be compared with other great searing grills that can reach high-temperature cooking.