Camp Chef vs REC TEC Reviews

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There are hundreds of grill manufacturers on the market that are fighting for your attention. With so many advertisements and companies claiming they are the best, it can be difficult to sort through all the information. 

Grilling is an essential component of the American experience and backyard gatherings. Whether you are cooking for yourself, the family, or for the whole party, you are going to want a grill that can guarantee consistent results. A quality grill is necessary for serving successful meals time and time again

There are 4 main types of grills: Pellet, charcoal, gas, and Kamado. Each of these grills has a specific function and purpose for the type of food that is going to be cooked on it.

Gas grills are used for high heat and even sears when cooking meat. Charcoal grills provide extra flavor which mainly comes from the increased amount of smoke. Pellet grills use wood pellets to provide a distinct flavor that you can’t get from other types of grills. The sealed aspect of the kamado grill traps smoke and moisture for a unique flavor. 
While there are many kinds of grills to choose from, the REC TEC 700 is the best you can find for your next backyard barbeque.


Brand Overviews 

Both Camp Chef and REC TEC are known for their innovative features, durability, and versatility. It can be difficult to choose between the 2 brands, but with some research, you can decide on a make and model you’ll absolutely love.

Camp Chef

Woodwind WiFi pellet grill

Photo by Camp Chef (@campchef)

Camp Chef was established in 1990 with the goal of rethinking how camp cooking was done. It was started as a way to revolutionize the camp-cooking industry. The brand offers camping grill systems, cast-iron components, and pellet grills. 

Camp Chef prides itself on family, community, and customer service. It has a strong reputation with customers because of its products’ portability, versatility, and durability

If you are paying over $500 (which you will be if you choose either of these brands), it is important that you get the features you are paying for and not just the brand name. 

Camp Chef products tend to be slightly less expensive than REC TEC. All of the Camp Chef grills, even down to their smallest 20” grill, are designed to give you an excellent grilling experience while also helping you deliver excellent meals.

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rec tec

Photo by REC TEC Nation (@rectecnation)

REC TEC was founded in 2009 by 2 friends who wanted to build high-quality grills and sell them at a fair price. Although some of the pieces are built in China, they are assembled at their headquarters in Georgia. 

Like Camp Chef, REC TEC prides itself on community and making the customer a part of that community. It believes wood pellet grills are the best for flavor. What sets REC TEC apart from other companies is its careful attention to the technology it puts in its grills for optimal performance and controlled cooking temperature

Although REC TEC is younger than Camp Chef, it is known for its outstanding customer service that operates 24/7. The company truly embodies what it means to put the customer first. It is easy to see why it has such a loyal customer base. 

REC TEC’s Wi-Fi technology is more advanced than Camp Chef. REC TEC also overtakes Camp Chef simply on construction. Almost all of its grills are made completely of stainless steel and are built to last. Even if they don’t last for some reason, REC TEC’s unparalleled warranty has you covered. 

If you’re going to be making a substantial investment on a grill, then you want to make sure you are getting what you pay for. REC TEC is meticulous in its craft and painstakingly makes sure that every component on its grills is optimized for performance and bringing you the best experience possible.

Brand Comparisons

When you’re considering temperature control, you’re actually looking at 2 different aspects of the grilling process – how precisely you can set your temperature and how well the grill maintains that temperature. 

REC TEC and Camp Chef grills provide consistent temperatures because both of these brands produce extremely well-made grills that maintain heat consistently and well. Their stainless steel, no-frills construction makes temperature control one of their best functions.

For temperature precision, the older models of Camp Chef pellet grills could be set in increments of 25°F, which was standard. With the introduction of Wi-Fi capabilities, Chef Camp grills now can be set in 5°F increments, making them exceptionally precise

REC TEC does a superb job in temperature precision as well. These pellet grills let you set your temperature at 5°F increments, so you know exactly at what temperature your food is cooking. 

Temperature Range

When you’re smoking foods, you use temperatures between 225°F to 275°F. When you need to char or sear something, you’re working with temperatures above 400°F, and hopefully more like 500°F. 

Both brands soar to temperature heights of 500°F. On the low end of the spectrum, Camp Chef models tend to be able to go a little bit lower than REC TEC, at 160°F compared to REC TEC’s 180°F. For this small difference, Camp Chef is a superior model, especially if you smoke a lot.


Both REC TEC and Camp Chef pellet grills are incredibly user-friendly. Both produce models that have Wi-Fi capabilities to let you check the progress of your cooking remotely.

Camp Chef has a slight edge because they offer some features that REC TEC does not, like the sear box, side griddle, and flat-top grill accessory. Although both brands offer grills with built-in meat thermometers, Camp Chef has a model that has 4, which is an amazing benefit to any griller who has multiple types of meat on the grill. 

Hopper Capacity

This may not be one of your top concerns when looking at grills, but there’s nothing more annoying than having a too-small hopper and running out of pellets halfway through a grilling session. 

Camp Chef has pretty standard hopper sizes, ranging from 18 to 22 lbs. capacity. REC TEC, on the other hand, has more variety. Their smallest grills have 20 lbs. hoppers and their largest models have hoppers that can hold up to 40 lbs. of pellets


For grilling pros, a solid warranty is often the first thing that they look for when purchasing a new pellet grill. The industry standard for pellet grills is a 2-year warranty

Depending on the specific model you’re looking at, Camp Chef’s usually last about 3 years, whereas at REC TEC can have anywhere from 2- to 6-year warranties available for their pellet grills.

Final Verdict


The REC TEC 700 is hands-down the best pellet grill on the market. REC TEC continues to raise the bar and provide a superb grilling experience. You are going to be making an investment in this piece of equipment, but it is well worth the price. From its complete stainless steel body to its 6-year warranty, there is no reason that this grill should not be at the top of your list. 

This grill is built to stand the test of time. If something goes wrong or malfunctions, REC TEC will gladly replace it. They put the customer first and never take your business for granted. There are countless pellet grills on the market but this one is in a league of its own.

The choice is simple: If you are looking to make an investment on a grill that guarantees performance, durability, and efficiency, then look no further than the REC TEC 700.