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Smoked Salmon Maple Orange Glaze

If you are a fish lover, you may want to thank me later for this recipe. The smoked salmon with maple orange glaze may take a bit of your time in preparation, but it is definitely worth the wait.

The maple orange glaze and hours of smoking will result in the soft melt-in-mouth salmon, with a flavor you’ve probably not experienced from any other fish recipe.


Top Turkey Injection Marinade

You no longer have to wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy a scrumptious dish of smoked marinated turkey.

Smoked Canadian Bacon

Would you have believed it if we told you that you could make smoked Canadian bacon at home?

a rib eye and asparagus

Easy Rib Eye Roast Recipe

While the ribeye roast has been hailed as being the best beef cut, the way you prepare your roast matters a lot. 

Grilled Candied Bacon and Egg Bread Bowl

Waking up to the inviting smell of grilled candied bacon and egg bread bowl is what everyone desires…

Best Smokers & Grills of 2024

Here you’ll find different types of smoker and grills in the market today.

outside built in grill

Best Built in Gas Grills

The outdoor kitchen is becoming an increasingly popular addition to many homes. And, because more and more people are wanting to enjoy cooking outdoors, there are more and more built in grill options on the market.

When shopping for these outdoor appliances you’ll find that many come with great features like lighted knobs, auto-ignitions, and rotisserie motors.

delicious smoked ribs

Best Pellet Smokers

You get deliciously grilled meat, cooked to perfection, with very little effort.

grilling meat in gas grill

The Best Propane Grills

Quick to heat up, even heating and easy operation are some of the stand out features of our favorite propane gas grill.

Best Tabletop Gas Grills

Are you an avid camper? Maximize limited outdoor cooking space, the solution can be…

Best Charcoal Grills

If you’re in the market for a charcoal smoker or grill, keep reading for an in-depth look at some of the best…

Best Kamado Grills

Kamado grills are quite an interesting little beast. They offer a unique advantage…

using a smoker grill combo

Best Smoker Grill Combo

Smoke your favorite meats in the off-set smoker, while grilling fan favorites like…

Outdoor Living

Here you’ll find different types of outdoor kitchen appliances and furnitures.


Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens: Top 13+ Picks to Impress Your Guests

Pizza is a fascinating food. There are few so versatile and universally appealing in the entire world. Some chefs dedicate their entire lives to the craft of the perfect pizza; ratios of sauces, topping, temperature variants, crust consistency and thickness…the list goes on practically forever.


Best Propane Fire Pits

A propane fire pit provides most of the advantages of a traditional fire pit without any of the drawbacks…

black fan

Best Outdoor Floor Fans

Floor fans come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so let’s go over what makes one great..

Roast Chicken

Best Rotisserie Ovens

Rotisserie ovens are one of the best ways to cook food, resulting in delicious, moist meat every single time.

Certified Barbecue Experts

Where else should you get your grilling news then from the mouth of experts.



Before I launched AmazingRibs.com in 2005 I was the syndicated wine critic for the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and other papers. I published a magazine about wine…


Grilla Grills

We always loved BBQ and food in general, but before we were a grill company, we actually started out in the Pellet Furnace business. After seeing some of the earlier…


Budget Bytes Inc.

When I first started my blog I was working in the prepared foods department at Whole Foods Market. During the first few years that I was blogging…


Grilla Grills

We always loved BBQ and food in general, but before we were a grill company, we actually started out in the Pellet Furnace business. After seeing some of the earlier…

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