9 Best Grill Cover Reviews – (Weatherproof & Heavy Duty)

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Grill covers are a must-have for any grill owner.

Leaving your BBQ grill sitting out all year long can lead to a number of problems, including animals building nests inside and debris ruining the grates.

A good grill cover ensures that your grill has the protection necessary for outdoor use and storage.

You’ll find covers designed for specific models from certain manufacturers and others that will fit a wide range of grills.

Our Top Choice

Classic Accessories Veranda
  • Easy to clean, just wash it with water
  • A customer favorite for its fashionable design and durability.
  • Made of strong polyester fabric material which is weather-resistant and dust-proof
  • Secure Fit & Easy to Clean
  • Great value for your money




Classic Accessories Veranda


  • Excellent product at an exceptional price.
  • Comes with 3 year manufacturer replacement warranty.
  • Durable and long-lasting. Easy to put and take off.
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Unicook Heavy Duty


  • Fits most gas grills up to 48″ wide.
  • Heavy-duty, robust and weatherproof materials.
  • Easy to use with the handles on top.
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Homitt Gas Grill Cover


  • Very heavy duty and waterproof.
  • This barbecue grill cover fits many brands.
  • Can sit outside all seasons.
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Grill Covers

How to Choose the Right Grill Cover?

The number one thing to consider when buying a grill cover is its overall size. Not only should you check the dimensions in terms of length and width, but you’ll also want to check the length. It’s better to have one that reaches all the way to the ground than one that leaves part of the grill exposed.

It’s also helpful to look at the type of protection provided. Does the cover keep the grill safe from all those wild animals in your yard? Does it have a waterproof or weatherproof coating to protect against the elements?

A weatherproof material is a great option for most homes because it will keep that grill safe during the off-season and protect it from the snow and ice. Most BBQ lovers like covers that are waterproof too because they don’t want to move their grills every time it rains.

You should make sure that you consider the cover’s ease of use also. The best grill covers have built-in handles that help you place the cover on top of the grill and pull down the sides to completely cover the appliance. Those handles also help you get the cover off when it’s time to cook.

From our short buying guide, you can get some tips on how to pick the best grill cover. You can then check out our number one choice and see others worth your time.

9 Best BBQ Grill Cover Reviews (2022)

1. Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover

Classic Accessories Veranda

Why you’ll love this:

Not everyone loves the look of black grill covers, which is why some shoppers prefer this cover, which comes in a neutral tan color. That color helps your grill blend into your outdoor space. This color also does a good job of hiding dust and other debris.

What We Liked

  • Uses a polyester exterior with a laminated backing for added waterproof protection
  • Features padded handles for easy use and adjusting
  • Uses a light and neutral color to hide dust and stains
  • Matches other covers also made by Classic Accessories

What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not fit all sizes or types of grills
  • Usually only lasts for a few years

Made from polyester, the cover has a laminated back that keeps water from seeping through and reaching the grill. That material does not use any carcinogens or other toxic substances.

Located on each side of the grill cover is a padded handle that lets you move and use it without any discomfort. You can use the cover on grills from Weber, Spirit and other top models. Classic Accessories also makes covers for patio furniture and other outdoor objects to help you create a pulled-together look.

2. Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover


Why you’ll love this:

If your looking for gift ideas, our value pick for the best BBQ grill cover comes from Unicook. It is compatible with top grill brands such as Weber and Nexgrill models and uses a waterproof material that protects the grill from snow and rain. This cover fits small grills that use either gas or charcoal.

What We Liked

  • Fits grills from top companies that include Weber
  • Made from a fabric material that is fade-resistant and waterproof
  • Includes fasteners for attaching to the grill
  • Has built-in straps on each side

What We Didn’t Like

  • May be too small for some grills
  • Can let some water seep through

Another nice feature it the fade-resistant material that remains just as dark black years in the future as it does today because it won’t fade in the sun. This fabric cover fits loosely over the grill and hangs almost down to the ground to offer more protection than its competitors can. It also has 1.5-inch wide straps that let you fasten the cover to your grill and keep it from moving.

You’ll also like the 90-day guarantee that comes with it.

3. Homitt Gas Grill Cover, Heavy Duty Waterproof BBQ Cover


Why you’ll love this:

For large grills that you keep outside all year, you can’t go wrong with this runner up, Homitt cover that fits most gas grills. This is a cover that you can use during the long winter and when you leave your grill sitting out during a hurricane. It offers almost all the protection that you need and is available at a low cost.

What We Liked

  • Resistant to high winds
  • Features attached straps and handles for attaching to the grill
  • Includes a 60-day guarantee
  • Easy to use

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can fade faster than other covers do
  • May not properly fit some Weber grills

With a length of 48 inches, this cover wraps around your grill and touches the ground on all sides. That design can keep animals from climbing inside. It also uses a dark type of fabric that won’t change colors when constantly exposed to sunlight.

Thanks to the attached straps, this cover is resistant to the wind too and won’t blow away. It has straps and handles that keep it attached to your grill and make it easy to remove when needed. The cover comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee too.

4. Kingkong Gas Grill Cover for Weber Genesis E and S Series 


Why you’ll love this:

If you want to save money and get the best grill cover for Weber Genesis that includes other accessories, you should consider this Kingkong set. It comes with a thermometer for testing the internal temperature of your grilled foods and a brush for easily cleaning your grill. You also get a set of tongs for flipping ingredients and taking them off the grill.

What We Liked

  • Has both a full warranty and a money-back guarantee
  • Features extra grilling accessories, including tongs and a thermometer
  • Resistant to the sun, cracks, dust and water

What We Didn’t Like

  • Only fits select grills from Weber
  • More prone to tears than other covers are

Designed specifically for the E and S series grills from Weber, it will fit those grills without leaving any fabric overhanging. The cover does a good job of protecting the grill from the elements because it fits loosely over the top and sides.

Both crack and water-resistant, this cover is also resistant to dust and UV rays. The Velcro straps let you adjust the fit of the cover to make it work with your grill. It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and a three-year warranty.

5. Classic Accessories Ravenna Grill Cover

Classic Accessories Ravenna

Why you’ll love it:

Another top grill cover from Classic Accessories is the Ravenna, which comes in a medium size that will fit the Genesis II from Weber and similar models from other manufacturers. This cover comes in the classic black color found in other models, which lets you use it daily without seeing dust and other debris clinging to the surface. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty from Classic Accessories.

What we liked

  • Has a limited lifetime warranty
  • Includes a laminated backing that protects against water damage
  • Comes in a dark black color that hides dust and other damage
  • Has an elastic cord on the bottom that you can adjust as needed

What we didn’t like

  • Only fits a handful of grill models
  • Can start coming apart over time

The material used in this grill cover is much heavier than those found in other covers and is more durable too. It has a unique coating on the surface that protects against sun damage caused by UV rays.

There is also a laminated backing on this cover that stops rain and other moisture from getting through. This backing lets the moisture pool on the top and stops it from getting to the grill.

6. Grillman Premium (58 Inch) BBQ Grill Cover


Why you’ll love it:

BBQ enthusiasts know the name Grillman because the company makes a number of different accessories that include this BBQ grill cover. Designed to work on Brinkmann, Char-Broil and Weber grills, it works on those with burners on the sides and tops. It has a 58” length that offers more coverage for your grill too.

What we liked

  • Attached straps provide a tight fit
  • Waterproof and both sun and tear-resistant
  • Includes a limited lifetime warranty

What we didn’t like

  • Fades fairly quickly in the sun
  • Is thinner than it looks online

The heavy-duty material used in this cover features an Oxford liner that is waterproof to keep your grill safe during any type of storm. This material is also waterproof and resistant to both UV rays and tears. No matter how active you are or how quickly you remove the cover, you won’t damage it.

Several straps located on the edges of the cover use a series of hooks and loops to help you tie it to the grill and keep it from moving. You can tighten those straps as needed to keep it safely in place during high winds. Grillman includes a limited lifetime warranty on this cover.

7. Kingkong Grill Cover 7106 Cover for Weber Spirit

Kingkong 7106

Why you’ll love it:

If you have a Spirit 200 or 310 from Weber and need a new grill cover, look no further than the Kingkong 7106, which the manufacturer designed specifically for those grills. It has a durable and rugged design to protect against all types of storm damage, including wind and rain. The cover is resistant to UV rays too.

What we liked

  • Includes multiple BBQ accessories
  • Features Velcro straps for a perfect fit
  • Has a three-year warranty from Kingkong

What we didn’t like

  • Can develop leaks after just a few months
  • Does not fit all grills from Weber and other manufacturers

This cover fits tighter than others do and comes with Velcro straps to help you get the right fit. Once you slide it over the grill and pull down the sides, you can adjust the Velcro straps to make sure that it doesn’t slide out of place.

The included accessories make this a good value too. You get a grill brush that makes it easy to clean your grill and tongs that are perfect for adding and removing food from the grill. The set also features a thermometer for cooking foods to the perfect temperature.

8. Classic Accessories 55-140-035101-EC Ravenna Water-Resistant 58 Inch

Classic Accessories 55-140-035101-EC

Why you’ll love it:

Classic Accessories takes the guesswork out of picking a grill cover because it gives you the dimensions of this medium cover, which are 58-inches long by 26-inches wide by 48-inches long. As long as your grill fits within these dimensions, the cover will fit it. The company designed this grill to match the size of the Genesis II grill from Weber.

What we liked

  • Includes a limited one-year warranty
  • Features Velcro straps for a perfect fit
  • Uses a durable material to protect against sun and other conditions/damage

What we didn’t like

  • Only fits a few models of grills from Weber
  • Fades from a dark black shade to a pale gray color

The one-year limited warranty that comes with this cover lets you get your money back if you aren’t satisfied or if the cover doesn’t meet your needs. It has elastic loops on the bottom that you can wrap around the legs/wheels and base of the grill for a better fit. Those loops also keep the wind from ripping off the cover.

Shoppers also like the air vents that keep the wind off the grill and stop condensation from building up inside. The tough material used in this cover is resistant to snow, dirt, sun and rain.

9.VicTsing 600D Heavy Duty 58-Inch Waterproof BBQ Grill Cover

VicTsing 600D

Why you’ll love it:

A great choice for those who grill frequently and love having guests over is this cover from VicTsing. It comes in 58” size that fits most standard grills and is easy to use. You can put it on and take it off with minimal effort.

What we liked

  • 58” size fits gas grills with three to four burners
  • Resistant to dust, UV rays, weather and water
  • Easy to clean and maintain

What we didn’t like

  • Can fade in the sun
  • Not well suited for colder climates

Designed for grills that feature up to four burners, it covers the top of the grill and hangs down around the sides to protect the storage area below. You can safely use the cover on grills from Char-Broil, Holland and other top brands.

This is one of the only BBQ grill covers on the market that is rip-resistant, making it a good choice for homes with animals or kids. No matter how much action takes place around the grill, the cover won’t rip. This cover is also resistant to both weather and water and prevents damage caused by dust and UV rays.


Classic Accessories 73912 Veranda

Our choice for the best grill cover is the Classic Accessories 73912 Veranda Water-Resistant. The material used in this cover is resistant to the UV rays produced by the sun, which means that it won’t fade and it will keep your grill safe from natural light or an artificial source like grill lights.

Compatible with grills from Weber and other top manufacturers, it will work on any pellet grill and can fit others that you buy later. There are handles on each side for easily draping it over your grill and removing it before you cook too.

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